Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Life, volleyball, braces and My dead dog.

This is my last day of summer and I woke up and thought, hey great way to break in a new laptop is to blog on something you haven't in like a year :D. So I made my school's varsity volleyball team, which is not really uncommon for my school. I have the biggest Jersey since I lost a serving contest. My braces are going to come off soon. And My dog Molly, yeah, she is dead. So is one of my grandfathers they both died in spring two weeks apart. Sad but not all that supprising. My grandfather's mind was compleatly gone (he tried to stab my grandma) and My dog had a tummor in her mouth.... so yeah. I have a new dog an english setter named Tabby. She likes hugs and danceing (literally) I am still working on my book as well as three others. I have a new obsesion. Anime shows. right now it is a tie between Soul Eater and Kaze No Stigma. well, good bye

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I have holes in my cheeks and braces on my teeth

I got braces and the hooks for the rubber bands are rubbing through my cheek. I got them yesterday and I am going back today so they can look at it. In my volleyball turnament we didnt come home with medals this time (tear) but we where higher up in the turnament instead of being 17th we tied for 3rd woot go Flare!
I got a bit of home work (including some Spanish I cannot translate) house work and preparation. We finally might have a snow day. I live like 2 hours south of Canada and we haven't used one snow day yet my cousin in Kentucky has used five!Meh my face hurts :(
I didn't go to school today my teeth hurt too bad and the bite plate gives me a lisp and makes me make sssss noises a lot so.

Lyssie (number 7)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One more day!!!!

Just one more day till break. tomorrow is my family Christmas then we are going downstate for my whole family Christmas. We would have had my family Christmas on Thursday  but I've got volleyball, which reminds me. I STINK AT BASKETBALL!!!! (yes that is related. when ever we have basketballs out I play volleyball with them :) well, i can make baskets just not very consistently.

Today in spanish we listened to spanish christmas music and we had a consert today for the middle and high school courses, man was it funny to listen to the difference between the two!!!!! the middle school all squeaky and the high school really good (my school is really arts and music oriented, even though we are a public school. sports go first then at last resort we cut art then music haha)

well later

-Lyssie (Waterlow) 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Greasers and Raggers, Waterlows and Bayars

Well I have been reading The Demon King (again) and They have two wizarding familys Waterlows (currently my signature on my phone) and Bayars (these people are annoying)

Also in my english class we are reading The Outsiders i sould be on chapter 5, I've been done with the book for over 12 hours. It was a good book but boy are me and Sabrina gonna be bored the next 4 weeks while all the slow people read.
well later y'all

Lyssie (Waterlow)

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Today is the birthday party of Keira (turning the same age I will be in march)and Brenna(turning the age I (and keria) are now) (they are both in my grade) today at 7 is their party SO HAPPY!!!!!!!! so many awsome people will be there (and a few I'm not so thrilled about but hey its not my party)

 on wednesday my baba brought my christmas present down with her it is in a big box under a table in our front hall.... wonder what it is...

I know some of the stuff I'm getting for christmas (since I picked them out XD haha old tradition) lol anyway happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

well I finished my 3D cell for biology and I have only 1 more side to paint on my portfolio the wolfs snout is carved as are its teeth and toung still gotta make the eyes atach the handle and outline the head.... man I've got a lot to do before friday .

-Lyssie (silverheart)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm sorry but this school year has been very hard for me and I really don't like it. The courses aren't too hard but I've been having some friend problems and it is not a good year for family in my town (mine is fine but some of my friends have some problems like HUGE problems going on) I have had no time to write and I'm at a total rode block. But I love to blog I really do I miss wizard101 but there are a lot of complicated reasons I quit maybe over the summer I'll pick up a bit of it. if I can get help on the stupid labrynth or what ever it was I was stuck on. I love every part of my life and one just had to go but know I do miss the bloggers and they are awsome people. but for now I have to go catch a bus...... sigh Iwish it was last year.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Done till furthur notice

Well I'm done folks.

Till I become a more intersesting person anyway.

I leave you with this ALEGRIA!!!!!!!!!!