Saturday, September 18, 2010

Awake from the Dream

I kinda feel like I just woke up. (even though i got up at 6:15 this morning) I mean a world I used to love and be obsessed with is now alien. A lot has changed for me since starting wizards. I guess what I'm trying to say is sometimes I do miss it and all of the awsome people I've meet. However I am SOOOOOO much happier with out it.

as Sabrina said best

"mentally you are a big more grown up then most people our age."

I really guess I am unlike most girls my age I really don't want a boy friend (My main complaint is the effort it takes:)  I don't care! It is pointless, at our age anyway.

School I  care a good bit about I think about my futcher I consider grades a good deal.

I'm not a face book addict.

I guess I'm just kinda floating around waiting for everyone to grow up.

well I have a reaserch work book due for studio (art) and I gotta do a lot of cutting and pasting to do X( I hate cutting and pasting. And coloring color just messes up a drawing! You know that?


Thursday, September 16, 2010

I feel amazing!

I am back in school taking 4 high school courses so that means at the end of this year


REGENTS EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol volleyball tonight

soo much homework :D soo happy

new friends this year

JOJO AND I HAVE THE SAME EXAT SCHEDUAL!!!!! XD I'm so happy it is gonna be hilarious

I'm sorry to have been away its just I'm not a blogger any more I'm an author I write about what DOESN'T happen :D man I love the song Breathe by Ryan Star

Derik is so weird XD he calls a teacher a whole bunch of inapropriate terms AND SHE LETS HIM XD

man I am in such a good mood


hahah man :) I think listening to music is my natural high X thinky look X  nah.

LONGBOW IS COOL sorry wow I'm so happy .... dang I've hit my crazy time that is why I'm soooooo happy and crazy.

Where I live there is something in the water that gives everyone a crazy time mine is a little before 5 I kinda like it :)

You can't feel down no madder what

you can't feel stressed life is just too good

you can only see the good in life

worries vanish :)

ahh good moods :) so enjoyable



P.S. Just the school water. you should see my spanish teacher first thing in the morning!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today I start school

and today is my first game too!

ugh spanish first thing in the morning o well I end the day with Algebra so YEAH AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!  \

:) I enjoy Algebra


(the studio art taken)