Monday, August 31, 2009

the 8:00 news with me Silverheart

Tonight we are talking with my friend Pico (P-e-co)
Me: so Pico what video game do you play?

Pico: Millsberry, webkinz, Moshi monsters, and on Shockwave.
Me: wow! I’m a Moshi monster gamer too but mine is mean to me x pouts x. On too the next ???? What is your favorite color of hair?
Pico: IDK That’s an odd question! HEY guess what?
Me: 1 I know it’s an odd question that’s why I asked it and 2nd I’ll be asking the questions here! wait your turn!!!!!!!!!!
Pico: :p (sticky mi tung out @ u) I like pugs!!!! ( i will ask another question, why are all my friends insane? will someone tell me pleeze? do i attract weirdos?)
Me: well let’s see 1 any one who knows you knows you loves pugs and after the pug collage I think the whole school will. 2 the reason that you attract odd balls is the fact that you your self is some what normal and that fascinates us weirdos. I am speaking from how I feel as your friend and as an odd ball. HEY didn’t I say I would be asking the questions!?!?!!!!!!!
Pico:So? It’s a free country =^..^=
Me: >:P I should have seen that coming this is random. Tim OWNS sarcasm!!!!
Pico: Who’s Tim? Is he your boyfriend? Can I buy the sarcasm? (LOOK WHO’S ASKING QUESTIONS NOW BOULANGERIE)
Me: 1 why in the French world did you call me a bakery? 2 I don’t think Tim is selling the sarcasm right now check back in 4-5 months when the sarcasm market opens and the economy is better. 3 you know I don’t have a boy friend. Tim sat behind me in math class last year and I saw him today he got a hair cut. That was off topic. (:P)
Pico: Yeah U are off topic ALWAYS!3 yea I did 2 okay 1 because hawk girl calls her brother random spanish when she gets mad at him.(mom! hawk girl called me a zapato!!!(shoe))
Me: This not going as planned. STOP POKING ME AND CALLING ME A SHOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND A BAKERY!!!!!!!!! . . . why are you calling me a shoe any way?
Pico: Even though it is Spanish and I take French, ZAPATO sounds cool!!!!
Me: ummmmm. . . . yes?
Well we are out of page so bye. Pico: meep to you all!

my adventures

well I have had a lot of fun this week end and school comes closer a week has hit it's mark oh well below is two pics from my friend's house Megan Bluemask. MEGAN ROCKS!!!!!!!!
where can a storm wizard get one of these guys?
We disturb Lord Shadows lunch to show you my grave yard.
My wall around my sprial door is also a prizon.

here you can see my house can you guess whats comeing up in my pics heres a hint look at my tital. :P

If you guessed I battle the Jade oni than you are corect!!
HI ONI!!!!!!!!!!

Hey that cut weeks off my farming list!

Well for now my wizards done clothes dyed nice badge and awsome friends I am good but I won't leave for ever nope I'll be around on Alyssa I shall stay.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Iie what is it?

Remember: what would make sense for normal people does not make sense for me.

1 I eat a whole lemon with out making a singal face
2 I read on adult reading level
3 I have 2 older brothers

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My buddy :P

well my house which used to be done is now in the middle of a few improvments including a big wall around the spiral door and a grave yard which has yet to be started it's very hard to complete I just finneshed my stage and the grand entry but I wanted to show you guys this he's my bestest buddy! and he only cost me 643 gold the price for the Kemo (I think I spelled it Kemo like Kemo therapy . . .) his head was free I killed him so I got to keep his head also the window seat in the small wizard house you can put stuff on one of my prized poseshons is acually on it. :P

I'm so mad I'm crying

I was just doing a sunken city run with my new level 42 friend and we where battleing Norton when my computer lost the internet conection and guess what now wizard101 won't open I'm sooooooooo mad I could distroy my bed room I would sigh but that would just make me more mad umm one minut!!! Okay that was odd some times I stop breathing with out knowing and I don't lose my breath I'm just not breathing it's odd and I can't exsplane it. Hey I stoped crying! Good I was starting to anoy my self.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm insain . . . . . . . . . ly awsome!!! (part 1)

look at this damage nice huh? 1 blade 2 traps 30% on the blade 20 and 25% on the traps and on a myth monster. Also look at the first pic thats up at the top I don't know what happend but it did and its cool!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I might quit

I'm considering whether or not to quit blogging I'm leaning more towards quiting right now. During the school year I have volleyball every day for the first 2 months than I start club and you won't believe how much time that takes up. I really don't think I'll be able to keep up with school work, volleyball, gaming, music, friends and blogging. So I might have to quit one and if I do it would ether be blogging and well that's it, it would be blogging. I would blog if I got a chance but don't exspect much. Sorry but I have to decide if I will be able to do all that and I am going with no. I will miss it a lot and all of the awesome blogger people, but I am an athlete not a computer wiz. :(

See ya . . . mabey :(

well I still have about a week and a 1/2 before school starts soo. . . but only 1/2 a week before volleyball . . . :(

Monday, August 24, 2009

The long awated return of. . .

(feel free to enlarge by clicking on the pics :)

My Pics!!!!! Yeah sorry I haven't been posting much with pics but today after finishing up the throne room of fire and getting my level 18 life spell (it rocks! oh and all that is on my life wizard) I got on Alyssa to find my friend Nathanael in the Jade palace WOOT back to moo shu for me!!! But after I got there I was like deathly Bord just running around the Jade Place so I gave my self a dare and of course, I took it. The dare you may ask? I went into Humatsu village to explore. yeah I know WHAT ARE YOU CRAZY your only a level 26 and you only have 1178 health and you don't have any myth Shields and well that's it BUT ARE YOU CRAZY!!?!?!?! The awnser to that is yes, yes I am crazy but the good thing is I was not Bord and I made a lot of money by just getting thous little chest thingingys on the road I watched a few duals with some monsters and considered jumping in one but decided not to. First off I didn't even know the dudes who where in it! And secondly well there isn't a second reason but the thing is I want to be challenged and KT doesn't do that. x sigh x well above are all the pics and yes I do call Hamastu village ham vill. :P

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Well I'm stuck

I've got no quests I can do. I can't get up to level 28 to get my tempest spell. (boo hoo!!!!!) So I'm working on my house and I've just made a few changes such as changing the walls and buying another bed and it is so much more. . . me!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm loving it!!!! (hey it's like the McDonald song . . . too bad I never eat there. . .)!!! I got the sun bed and I got the sun paneled wall and I put both of thous in my upstairs and it worked wonders!!!! Down stairs I put a plaster style looking wall from wizard city and my house is so much better!! I decided my house need to be better and more me so I got to work with nothing else to do so my house is now my main focus. I have soooooooo much work to do and bosses to be farmed and things to be bought (outside I'm trying to go more mooshu than anything else isn't working oh well) and oh man I have soo much to do I can't decide HELP DECIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well no wizard101

I'm on vacations if any of you want my help with anything (why would you?) I can't. I must go now to watch TV and listen to music. . .  oh and no guitar either so I got nothing.  BORD!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm in love with my new speshal friend BOBO!!

no bobos not an imp pet or something I've been loveing my life wizard so much me necromancer has lost her second fave wizard to my life wizard Sabrina Shadowwraith lol I have the more necromancer name than PT and she's the necromancer :P any how. me and PT have a habit more of a tradishon of give our favorite spells names for exsample my Kraken is call lord of awsomeness and she calls her Ghoul Bob so in honner of the tradishon I named my fave life spell (natures wraith) bobo!!!!!! he is just so cute as he throws thouse rocks at my enimys well later me and BOBO have a little chating to do.

A little scared

yes I am scared by an event that happened yesterday. Well I was playing on my moms wizard since well I like text chat and I don't have it so. any way I was talking to penny and I got asked by another life wizard if I wanted to friend her I of course said yes than the most abnormal thing happened she asked me if I wanted to go out!!!!! my response was at first she thought I was a boy I wrote back saying I'm a girl she said I know I'm a girl too my response GAH!!! and I deleted her she asked to be my friend agean!! I said no (duh!) that just kinda scared me. I'm just a little creeped by that really people shouldn't even be able to say do you want to go out in the game at all!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I know how to make you invisable come to me and I shall show you how

today I learned that magic arts of vanishing I use my mistic fire and the teliport power to render all who stand in the flames invisable! Man I am PARTYED out! I was partying, teliporting, busting bad peeps, and PVPing all day in the end had an awsome battle with Sabrina and Jesica by my side! more tomarow I've got melty ice cream to eat and I need to get ready because from what I hear is if your friends with sabrina you've got nothin but partys till the sun goes down :) get ready Jesica!

OMG awsome day

Totally awesome day and it was all thanks you my real world friend PT known in the game as Sabrina Willowbane I'll show you a pic of us and tell you about it tomorrow I'm going to her house any second and if you haven't figured this out PT is my BFFL (best female Friend for life)

Friday, August 14, 2009

the road ended . . . but now my mom and best friend play wizard101!

Yeah I compleated all the quest I can do exsept that one to get some soul dust befor I figh gummishgreat axe for my own quest. but I ain't gonna do that one! And yes my mom plays wizard101 she is a level (FYI this is from when I last saw so she might be higher I don't know) 2 life wizard named Alia Starrunner. My friend PT who is best friend is a level 10 umm I'm not shure what her best wizard is death or life I don't know. . . WOW I can't spell today. Any how today she went to a friend of her's house (he had a mooshu house) and he had 2 trees in a room but when you went up stairs there was a hidden room in the branches of the trees does anyone know how to do that also she went into their room and found a little gold thing sticking out from the top of the bed she ran at it and found her self upsidown of the seeling of his bed room and she couldn't get down!!! SOMEONE KNOWS AND IVISIBLITY SPELL!!!!!!! Yes when she went out side a dude told her to stand in a fire so she did he walked away that told her to teliport to him she did and she was invisible no mader where she went she still couldn't see her wizard!!!! If anyone knows how to do any of the above comment below (Anon posts if you must I need to know I am running out of spase and tous would sooooooo help!!!!)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I should be over joyed but all I feel is sad. . .

Yes I got to level 25 I entered the Tomb of storms and I have made 2 amazing friends but I am down to 400 crowns and I didn't buy the area that you need to get to Marlybone I could have gone to Marlybone but I didn't!!!!! I feel like I failed. . . WAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I meet some awesome people did a battle with a grandmaster on my side learned a new spell and I am now wearing my new robes but I can't be happy I sense the rode coming to a close and well I'm very near now. . . I shall not see any of you in the awesome world of Marlybone soon and I probably won't get anymore crowns till Christmas but even with that I will probably have to drag out my ability to be lawerish oh well . . . I guess I'll just focus on getting a bigger house and better gear and oh it's just not the same.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My odd new habbit

My newest odd habbit would be I stand around in the Entrance Hall and when ever someone goes to do a greataxe fight I ask if they want help so I hae been fighting a hard boss alot and I am barly up to one 'bub' of ex points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I have earned some awsome loot and I plan to fight him lots more in the futchure but for now back to gameing (if anyone feels like doing a greataxe fight just find me you'll have help!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Notes and extras

So I have been training my self to battle like a grandmaster and it really pays off! Now I see why grandmasters are so good at questing!!!!( other than the fact that you peeps have already done all of these so. . .) !!!!! I have been reading up on battles and on the 0 rank spell area and I think it's vital to the game play!!!! Something I have seen through out the game is little well I guess you'd say cheats that make boss battles slightly more easy. One (and this one is my favorite) is the One in the tower Two fight the monster it's when. . . Oh I'll use the sunken city to explain this. As you climb that tower to Norton often you all run up around the same time but if you have 3 players in there have your best player go in first than wait a bit not that long and then run in too you will find you only have 2 opponents instead of 4! The other one is nerves yes being nervous before a battle is a cheat if you run around asking for help and begging even if you know no one could possibly hear you, you are using a cheat if you do that than enter the tower ,or what ever, alone the boss will spend most of the time passing and the minion mostly just be shielding the boss or fizzling. Yes odd but true. FYI I have been doing alot of Gummish GreatAxe battles they are fun I did one with a friend of mine Casandra Firedreamer level 46 pryromancer. Ya gotta love Greataxe:P

Monday, August 10, 2009

More news

Okay so Timothy Deathmask is now in Krocatopia. My life wizard is slowly moveing up in the ranks. Alyssa Sivlerheart now has 1,432 gold after a few 3 days of saveing up. Amanda has better level 10 gear and . . . thats it I have vollieball in oh 4o min. yes I do do alot of vollieball but I am happy to say after this I won't have to play vollieball till school starts in another month!!!!!!! OH and for my life wizard I went with dark green and black they look really good together!!!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

News with me Silverheart

So today Timothy Deathmask shed his level 1 and level 5 clothing for fancy new level 10 and traded in his ice beetle for a nice new fire bird. Also he traded in that old worn out death scarab for a nice new Blue ghost after his 7 try at General Achilles (thank you helpful bug!!!) and now he has to go fight the Banchi and then he shall go fight Foul Gaze Lord Nightshade and . . . HELLO KROCKATOPIA!!!!!!! . . . AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also I have made yet again a new wizard Scarlet Shadowwraith level 5 life. And

Welcome back to Autumn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!! It's really awesome for you to be back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :D

Friday, August 7, 2009

And now Odd sayings with Silverheart and PT!!!!!

PT: its the same old story boy meets girl, boy loses girl, girl finds boy, boy forgets girl, boy remembers girl, girl dies in tragic blimp accident right before the date.

Silverheart: Afterwards. The universe will explode for your pleasure.

PT: before you yell at someone walk a mile in their shoes. that way when you do yell at them your a mile away and you have their shoes.

Silverheart: My karma ran over my dogma

PT: I've had a positively wonderful evening...but tonight wasn't it

Silverheart: If you walk through thorns. . . don't go bare foot.

Both of us together: Power corrupts. Absolute power is kinda sweet!!!!

Both of us together: Girls kick but. If you don't believe us come say that to our faces.

Both of us together: Love is like a snowmobile racing across the tundra and than it flips over pinning you underneath it and at night. . . the snow waffles come AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Okay lol this morning I was digging through my closet hopeing it didn't avalanche on me and I found my winter boots from last year with the 4 inch thick heals and the jet black everything that are really awsome!! Really even the laces are black. That reminds me in my opinion the best person in Harry Potter is Sirius Black. When I like something I get obsessive about it. No joke!! Well I need to go get ready for Vollieball today. I hope the no roof car (whats the name) is the one thats picking me up today. . .

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

GAHHH agean but this time for a diffrent reasson

Okay so I've done the Vault of Ice mabey 3 times the first time the dude baled just as we got in the second time my friend had to log off and the third time (which FYI was two seconds ago) my we had a team of 4 one got defeated one had to go to school and one had to go help a friend WHO WAS DOING THE SAME THING!!!!!!!!! We had no idea what was going on so if someone could help me do it I would really apresheate it (preferably some one who knows HOW to do it) HELP ME PLEASE I'm trying to get to level 25 one so I can say "oh I'm half way to grandmaster and I'm not even done with Krocatopia" and two so I can equip some awsome robes I'm gonna buy PLEASE SOME ONE HELP MEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Back to life as it was

Okay so after that 2 day time when I was really sad about Blake I got over that alot faster than some other things and went on with life so life has been for a while as it was befor my buddy list is full random dudes who have text chat want to be my friends one dude in Moo shu got down on his knees and begged you have to give in a little bit after that. My friend Ian now level 26 myth wizard is in Marlybone he is soooooo lucky any way I have only a few low level friends that I see ever I saw one I haden't seen in like forever he is now a level 34 in Moo shu last time I saw him we were both new players it was so cool to see him agean! OH and I forgot some thin about the fair on saturday befor the fire works I was giveing my friends spiting lessons I am still the master and I still hold the reccord of 3 feet. :) I know nasty and a kinda weird okay very weird but I didn't care the dude in my grade I have huge crush on wasn't there and well long distans spitting is somethin I haden't done in like 2 years!!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009


But I do want to do a malister fight that would be AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just ate a spoon covered in shurger okay I didn't eat the spoon but I ate the shuger off of it but still. GAHHH I'M NOT THAT VIOLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH and Sorry to Ian for being defted in like the first round you teliported I would have been done with the fight already but my stupid kracen keept fizzleing this however is the first battle I've lost since transfering over to storm only spells But I still use treshure cards from all schools since I'm not so rich I can drop 1000 gold per fight!!!!!!


Okay so I haven't said much about Alyssa Silverheart's adventures throu the Grand Arena and I won't you will not know for a while. I can tell you this I am working now to get Dragonspyer gear with no level requirment thou it'll be funny!!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

It's now 10:21

Yes that is true it is 10:21 I recently got back from well a fair thingy me and my friends listened to music bought little jars of colorful sand. Oh and we saw fireworks from only 2 rows of cars away from where they where shooting them off now I have to go I'm tired. OH and in 2 levels I'll be half way to grandmaster I would throw a party but it's not that big of a deal for most people for me . . . it is.


Okay so first of congratz to Amber and Kyle for being so close to Grandmaster most wizards dream (FYI its not my dream . . . at least not right now) I agree with Jesica. PARTY!!!!! Amanda Silverheart did her Lord Nightshade fight and is now (like Danielle) trying to finish up old town and get her three street savor badge I deleted my balance wizard after much thinking I desided it would be very hard later in the game and I don't want that so I just went with ice my newest charicter is Fallon Icebane level 5 tha. . . ummm . . . Ice wizard (I forgot their name) Sorry I forgot to take any pics of her. She has blue hair and it is in the same style as all of my other girl wizards (aka sholder langth straight) she has the brown/orange eyes that are kinda glareish. She already has 3 friends umm well I forget one but she is a balance wizard and I think her name is Caroline but I don't know Ellie Ranbowriver and Fred Fire ( FYI fred Fire is a necromancer I know that name makes you think fire wizard but nope)