Sunday, October 24, 2010

Selena Gomez quest and more importantly...

Well I went on wizards the other day and cleared the Selena Gomez quest then went on my ice wizard dinged her to 20 then got bored and started watching What I like about you..... man I hate that show XP

So yeah that is all the wizardly news I got.

how ever irl news

I MADE XTREME 14-1S BABY OH YEAH BEAT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the 18-1s coach (who is also my schools varsity coach) wants me to come to the varsity practice tomorrow idk why..... or who else (if anyone but i bet there are) is coming but hey what he says goes.

this year me and Sabrina get to help her dad (who is also the varsity coach) with their haunted garage!!!!!! It is so epic!!! with the smoke machine and the flashing lights and him just sitin there (you don't know it is him 'cause he has a really creepy costume.)
well anyway HAPPY!


Monday, October 18, 2010

I like it!

Yep I like it that is the song I'm listanin' to!  Since it is a up beat song I can't be sad (the very annoying thing about having the only control of your emotion be through music) but I is annoyed 'cause I can't go to my room to play volleyball (I should be at practice but I was home sick today so couldn't go) because the wire for my iPod to connect to the compute is fried and I am still on a desk top (not for long I pray) so I'm stuck here on a computer with a busted word program (so no writing) just because I really really love this song and wanna listen to it..... stupid world (I'm too happy to say that out loud XD woot!) I can't even get my english report done, not that I need to it's due in like 2 months but hey! sue me for being able to read 3 times the average person in my grade (lazy buts the lot of 'em)


Monday, October 11, 2010

Hopelesly stuck

I am hopelesly stuck on chapter 4 of my book I have been writing it for 2 months now! and still they arn't even to the north yet! I must get to work on it. ......  :)

some insperation might help......


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jamecin Music and camp fires made of peanuts

Well I was just listaning to some of Linkin parks new stuff (their old songs are soooooo much better) and it sounded all (exscuse me if I am wrong in spelling this but that is what my editor is for) Raygey.

Yesterday in science class we where burning peanuts, cheetos, and popcorn. Now my favorite sweat shirt reeks. In english we had an enjoyable debate in which I PWNED!!!!!!!!!!  :) I love arguing.

Not much has really been happening other then one of my friends getting stoned and then telling me he likes me (the stupid puppy {NO DO NOT ASK .... I SAID NO!}) well...... that is my life this school year so far volleyball so far is meh very time consuming now I have to go get a picture of a train for a history project.