Thursday, July 30, 2009

I GOT MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!

I got my house and my kracen spell!!!!!!!! I have tons of pics of my house so I'll show you a few and if anyone wants to see more I see what I can do so above are some of the pics I took. I took a total of 14 pics I love my new but none of my friends where on so I could show them. . . Blake would have been and he would have come. . . OH that reminds me Today I was Bord so I was looking at the Emperor's retreat and all of a sudden someone behind me said "Wow" I spin around and behind me is a boy who looked identical to Blake his last name was Goldenstaff he just stared at me for about oh 10 minutes and still hadn't asked to be my friend I got freaked out of course and ran. . . right into a poll a ran around the poll and out of sight still a little freaked out had I just seen another one of Blake's characters? or was this all just well luck?!?

I must worn you

As the tittal says I must worn you I haven't a clue as to how high your exspectation of me has become but I shall say it now as my 3 month summer vacation has long since hit the mid way point (about a week or two ago) I might disapoint you as I am a avid vollieball player my fall, winter, and spring are so full of vollie ball when I tried to fit in Wizard101 my grades droped so bad I only made Honner role and for a girl who had been in High Honner role for the frist 2 grades thats a low I had to stop gaming almost all together just to pull up my grades. I will have school vollieball in the fall and just after that ends I will have club. Club is so time consuming and I will be on the next team up this year altogether I spent a good amount of both cash and time to get to wear I am the stakes have been raised this year for club there are soooooooo many more girls I need to get as much vollieball as I can in for if I didn't my chanses are all put only to fate for my skill (not that I'm a bad player in fact I a fairly good one) will not be as well perfected as everyone eles. I'm afraid I might disapoint you as school comes around and I'm also afraid that well. . . I might not be able to get on at Halloween like I want to I'm kinda afraid of that really. . . well bye Oh and FYI I know that last post was kinda well wierd but that what ya get when the 3 friends you spent the most time with last year where almost teen age boys.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thumb sushi any one?

I know it sounds crazy but it makes sens to me. On sunday I got new shoes and they had zippers on them and one of the zippers fell off so I was trying to fix it and ended up slicing up my thumb so yeah bye TO FOOD!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm crying my eyes out I can hardly see

Blake Deleted me. I feel like part of my heart is riped out. I want to cry. I am crying. I don't know why. if you ever see him ask him why please he is a necromancer he has black hair and his last name is Goldenstaff if you see him ask him why and if he tells you tell him I'm despritly sorry for what ever reasson it was for. He is probibly in DS by now might have done his Malister battle. Might be a Grandmaster. I have to go my key bord is getting wet. . .


So I was looking at my necromancer Danielle Silverheart's gear and WOW it is awful granted it's better than my balance wizard's gear but my fire wizard has better gear than she dose AND HE IS A LEVEL 7! So I tried to scrape up some good level 15 gear but all I got is a hat that gives her 46 health (1 more than her curent hat) some robes that give her a 3% resist to everything and shose that up the % on her death hits I know awful but still better than what she has now I'll do that quest to get level 10 gear and see what I get and if it's better than her level 15 gear than that gear will be history!

Monday, July 27, 2009

friends are they supposed to make you feel better or worse

I have alot of friends so many my friends list is very close to full agean but I've had a full friends list before now when ever I go to look at my friends its like I am flying throu a sea of names and I really only know about maybe 12 14 of the people on my list and I really know them I've actually have in the last oh month a good 19 of my friends deleted and they are all people I've seen in the last week too week but there are people I haven't seen since I started the game and they all still keep me on their friends list and guess what they are all boys I have maybe, out of the 98 people on my list, 4 or 5 of them are girls but the rest are boys I've had tons of friends in the reall world leav me too but the difrence between me and alot of other people is wellfor the first mabye 8 years of my life I had few to no friends and really I didn't care. so when my friends delet me ushual I'll just go off questing I end up in a fight with all boys than one or more will ask to be my friend why I haven't the slightest clue but who cares right? friends are friends and really back on Unicorn Way every thing was easyer the fights the close options it was easy to pic the bestand the friendships where easyer I beleave that after you leave the free to play areas is when it all really ends but now I am in KT and that has long ago ended.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

day of farming/ I'm 1/2 Necromancer

Okay so today I went throu and begain my real farming days I've farmed before but I didn't know what it was called I had farmed the Kracken for the Kracken's charged boots. So today I farmed Lady Blackhope for her Unicorn statue after 3 battles against her I got my Unicorn and left triumfent after that I ran off to Prince Alican flame. . . somethin to get my firecat statue and my good fairy pet after 14 battles with him all I got that was remotely useful was a small fern which FYI is NOT small I DON'T want the large fern I won't have any space for it (not that I have space for everything now far from it really I can only fit maybe a 12th of my stuff in my dorm)

I am 1/2 necromancer and proud of it that's right if it wasn't for storm wizards Necromancers would not be. Death arts need the power of Ice and Storm for there spells it's true if you don't believe me go look at the book in the death school and see for your self that's probably why for me it came down between Storm and Death. . .

I don't feel like posting with words so here are the pics of what I've been up to. :P

GOD!!!! that took 30 minutes!!!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

sorry but I shall not be at the meet

As the tital of this blog says I am not able to come to the meet for I after takeing a red cross course with a few friends of mine will be going to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince since it's at 2 and that is when the movie starts I shall not be there I am truly sorry and I guess I will have to do a game meet up with a few people I'm sorry and well now I must go clean my room which really . . . I will not say what I would like to welllllll stinks I gess would work. . .

Friday, July 24, 2009

Just wanted to say this quick

Okay so really quick equtement is a huge part of game play I'll just touch on what you would moste likly see in my equitement I like to have atleast 2% resiste at all times and storm wizards need health you'd see alot of health ups in mine and with just 2 things with manna ups instead of the ush for manna at level 21 95 or 82 or somethin like that I have 135 nearly as much as an avarge low level Magus wizard. More later now I'm gonna go make a smothy before I have to go to camp!

Oh yeah

yesterday and the day before that and the day before that on all thouse days me cathrine and anguse talked about beat boxing aparently the best beat boxer in the world is a french dude yester day D tried to trick me into eating snails ( He thought I didn't know what escargo means)


Okay so I haven't been blogging much and I don't have much time now to blog ether today is going to be the best day yet me and My A.P. class (adventure program) are going to do the high ropes course today YES!!!!!!!!!! and after that KANGAROO COURT I will now talk to my self a bit but you still read this because well it's still part of my blog instead of because the first time I wrote BACON!!!!!!! I wonder if Jitter is gonna do the speech about the beans again and in her PJ's like last year. . . I wonder if Ny is gonna do a butt bomber of which he is so fond of . . . I wonder if he put dirt in his coffee again . . I can't believe my favorite dragon jewelry thinging that goes around your neck I forgot the name of oh well. . . I wonder what we are gonna do at volleyball tonight PT won't be there so It's just me and Aud. . . Okay done muttering to my self

Monday, July 20, 2009

Just so you all know

Just so you all know I probibly will have to choose between blogging and playing W101, you all know what I'm going to choose right? No not blogging if I don't play I won't have anything to blog about! Now I have to go wright book 5 in my seres I'm wrighting its a little more, ummmm... well, diffrent from how a ushualy think but I don't mind much.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

For just 2 days I have a lot done!

Hey all wizards who read my blog I have had a crazy few days of no blogging. I now more than ever want the game world of war craft it sounds violent and like a pg13 to r rated game of however they rate games. but I know a person who plays it and says it's the awsomest game ever and I know some one's who's mom plays it and she got a CHEESE HAT how funny is that! so any way back to the game of what this blog is about. I have completed the Pyramid of the sun and now am questing in the Krocosphinks I've redone my dorm at least 17 times but now I have redone it to look Krockatopian so now I have 6,987 gold good huh? I am almost there to a house I can't wait! I meet a new friend today his name is Zacaery umm well I forget his last name. My necromancer is now a Wizard City protector but for some reason she can't get into KT I'm just going to make her a 3 streets savor and see what happends from there. She went thou the Lord Nightshade fight as a level 11 with her friend a level 10 pryromancer. My fire wizard Timothy Deathmask was the lucky winner of my charicters to get the death scarab!! Most people give stuff like that to their High level wizards but one day all your wizards will be high level not every one realises that!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh my gawd I'm sleepy

Oh my gawd I'm sleepy I didn't get to sleep last night until oh 11:34 and I got up at 8:01 today I still have to go to tennis at 1:30 and volleyball at 6:00. Well any way Sorry about being so quick about my Sunken City run with my two friends well I'll just talk about it now since I haven't gamed yet today and have nothing to blog about. Oh! Except for this Congrats to Blake Goldenstaff for entrance to Moo Shoo! now your pig pet won't look out of place! (it was a ninja) (and finally figuring out that since I am a menu chat player I don't understand what you say when you text chat to me) So any way back to the sunken city so we didn't start at 9:26 last night we started at 9:10 both me and danielle where defeated at one point but a poten later we all stood once more together in battle and I learned a cheat if you enter the the towers one person goes in first and starts the fight you only have 2 opponents I like that cheat! As we went I probably would have made it to the grub but we kept getting suked into pointless street fights so well I'm back to spuare 1 now oh well. And I disagree it's goten WAY esear from when I first tried! Alot of good happend too! It was a awsome way to meet up with an old friend (me and Cassandra have been friends since I started the game!) and meet a new one (I meet Danielle, Canssandra's twin sis also a pryromancer) I got tons of loot (moste of it being junk to sell but I did get a cool oufit for my myth wizard which she will probibly only wear when doing nothing around the commons. any way above are the pics from it.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

sunken city

hit 10:00 and had to log out (just finished fighting Norton)

sunken city

Okay don't have time to talk today July 16 09 at 9:26 pm I and Cassandra Firedreamer and Danielle Firedreamer are running throu the sunken city I know late we still haven't even found the grub yet!
P.S. I editted this at 10:02 pm


Today I went to the bazar on alyssa to see what kind of price I could get there on Amanda's old robes and found this a Dragonspyre hat with no level limet on it. the pic above is of it.

Hey today I went on as my myth wizard Amanda Silverheart and power leveled her to 10 she had almoste a compleate level 10 oufit (made of stuff 1 only myth people can wear 2 level 10 only gear) I did the exsplore the dark cave quest and got Mister rocco and a Staff of first dawn. :D so here is the compareison between level 9 and level 10. (well it's above but so what!)

1/2 remebering 1/2 wondering

so today I went to Valerians blog and saw the Wizard grave yard I was thinking about that and I had a friend delete me the reasson you may ask is she got into KT and I didn't she teliported to me 7 mins after our lord Nightsade fight and saw I was battleing a kracken with a few of my other friends and have a awsome time. After that I went to look for her on my friends list and she wasn't there I'm way not shure what that was about I know I didn't delet here but after that my friends list filled up so fast I ended up replaseing her space fast (all of a sudden boys wouldn't stop asking to be my friend I don't know why!) But still I kinda think that it was such a awsome thing to do plus she was only a level 13 and I was a level 9 so the win the fight when it was just us and neather one of us was a life wizard was fairly impresive after that I alwase had help from a level 15 or a level 19! (the level 15 being my friend Blake) oh well people can be jerks in the game.
Okay so I was thinking I want to be a video game desiner game with sorcery in them and dragons and lightning all the things that are in my reality hmmm I am thinking about my friend Sam and her person Sam Mythhunter and several other cool names and in w101 I think you should be able to shout MEDIC! that would be so cool! hmmm . . .

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

random awsomeness

Hey I found some free time so threw this together (turns out my dog didn't barf yay less work!) it is just random pics of stuff I like I have

3 of the same dog ya I know and 2 of the same bird yes I know they are pets and I want them. thou I wouldn't minde a kraken pet. . .

random news with me silverheart

LOL so you all know that yesterday I was trying to power level my necromancer the problem with her is I love just to watch necromancy spells so I will just get in pointless easy fights with her and just watch the spells thats why I love watching duals with level 50 necromancers in them. So any way lol in this pic I just realized that not only do they have the same staff but the same color robes.

On monday I was power leveling my life wizard sabrina fireblossom to level 5 it took a bit of work I couldn't figure out what quest she had not done because ushualy right after you fight rattlebones you go up to 5 right turns out she hadn't done the enrolment:p how stupid of me so I did the enroment and now she is level 5 but can any one tell me what world that is from I won it off some thing on my storm wizard some month ago so I can't remember and what world is it style from?

Yesterday after I got bord of being a necromancer I went off to be a fire person and yes my fire wizard is a boy I want to get him a new pet he has had that blood bat since I started him and I really think he deserves a dragon well any way back to the pic in this I spoted a level 6 conjurer wearing a DRAGONSPYRE hat. how is that possible?! and can I get one?

So any way later I might not even get to game today I've got to wash all the base bords and doors in my house I havent eaten breakfast yet and well I think my dog just spewed chunks on my rug later (what a "happy" day for me ugg)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Advice needed

Hey I need some advice. Today I was leveling up my necromancer she only got to level 11 from level 10 but I only did the story line quest so what did I expect. I have the quest to fight lord Nightshade what should I do? Should I do the side quests and then fight him or should I just go fight him now? And when I go fight him should I wear robes that give a + in death defense and a + in death hits and no health or robes that give me 44 heath? Also who should I up after my necromancer hits level 15 my myth or my balance. Should I up my fire wizard to level 9? I need awnsers on all of the above.


Okay I need major help I'm a shoping adict in w101 I had $1,186 gold and now I only have 765 I need 8,000 but I can't save up dose any one a quick way to get tons of gold?

Monday, July 13, 2009


Look!! I got a new hat!! It took me 19 battles with Kt cyclopses and 4 Nirin secritarys but I finaly got my hat!!!!! And it's just that hat I wanted it has awsome side prizes the one problem with it is I lost 13 health but oh well.
P.S. I got new shoes too!

I found a pic

I thought I didn't take a pic of Blogers meet ya you all know the rest its fairly long (did I just spell farily?!) so here it is this is what pritty much the whole day looked like for me yeah not that fun so I left after awhile came back saw more people and then left agean because I was now Very bord and kinda depressed and I still had some mud on my pants (muddy cliff side Vs. me winner: muddy cliff side :p)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

what happend today

Hey so as you all know the blogers meet and greet thing was today I didn't do much hanging out with the other blogers I just went off and took some
pics of the local Moo sho seen.

Today I also took a trip to the spiral door room in MS. If you are wondering why the reasson is well I heard there was a housing thing in there so I went
to go find it and got this cool shot.
This one also is in the spiral door room.

I also got this cool pic of KT after I left for a while . . . I will never tell any
one where I was when I took it. It is an old well me secret.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Hi today two of my friends helped me in some fights today. One is Blake Goldenstaff he is now in MB and is a level 32 (I think) necromancer. He has the AWSOMEST spell I've EVER seen it's a death spell he basicly hurts
him self than gives me (in all the fights I've been in with him that he uses that spell its been on me) 700 health. whats the name of that spell and when do you get that spell??!

Today I also saw my friend Kiera below is a pic of her casting a life spell.


Okay so I am alot farther in the game than I was when I started my blog a way farther than I was 2 months into the game so here is a pic of me 2 months in (pic 1) and below is a pic I took this morning. (the dude above is my fire wizard Iwas bord and well yeah)

wondering . . .

Hmmm. . .

If you are wonder about what this post is about I am bored and I am having some people over in like 6 min. so basically I am wasting time.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy!!!!!!! Day!!!!!!!!!!

I just did a little reaserch and learned that I will not only get the jade palace but Hamatsu village I'm probibly way to weak to fight even a street there but I'm good with just the bragging rights. :p :D

tear tear NOW all better

Okay changed my mind I'm going again! keep a look out for me ( just so you know here is a pic of me with my name above my head)

tear tear NOT all beter

In this sitch my friend LL would usually go like this "tear tear all better" but I can't say that because I am NOT all better!!!!!!! I'm not going to the blogers meet and greet thing any more I don't want to use MY crowns on a place I won't get to till like for ever so I will not be there so I will leave you as Alyssa Silverheart says when she is sad "boo hoo" I will miss you all. bows the way Diego dose

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Awsome day!!!!!!

Hi so today I got alot done. I'm now a level 18 storm wizard and a level 10 death wizard. I saw my friend Blake Goldenstaff today he is now questing in MB (He is soooooooo lucky but congrats to him just the same) any way back to me. I learned my first Minion water element it doesn't well attack ever but I learned what taunt dose from it. My minion constantly taunts my opponents and put Shields on it's self as my opponents attack it constantly and I defeat my opponents faster because I don't have to keep healing. I have a pic of the first minion I ever summend below.

Also today I had many encounters with storm monsters (FYI I had to fight
the two krackens in the pic below no help allowed)

Here I am dancing in my dorm (no, still no house) the storm shield and the
palm tree are new. The palm tree is my first KT housing item (other than that fire shield)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

To many hard quests!!!!!

Hi so I have all these quest that are very hard I have to go find the famuse grubb of the sunken City (tried that killed in a street fight ugg) I have to go into 2 towers in Co Bu I have to fight like 3 diffrent KT bosses 8 KT cyclopses 16 Nrini Krocks 6 gient sand dudes 9 fire elements and I only have $839 health and 3 pixie cards and NO RESHUFLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Getting into KT is not as fun as I imgined or as easy (good bye easy quests) so on a happier note I am almoste done with a all KT oufit I just need a hat and a pet (I still use my staff in KT i'm in the Piramid of the sun so every one there has fire resists and my KT wand has a fire spell)


I am soooooooooooo confuesed I just joined Wizard101central but I like can't do anything I save all my pics into paint so like they don't work any where I tired to make my own tradeing card too that didn't work but lets focus on W101 central I can't figure anything out on it so can any one eather tell me how to get my pics to work or how to delet my account!!!!!

Hey what happend to 10 of my friends

okay so I had like 500 friends on Saturday and when I got on on Monday half of my best friends where gone including my twin Emily Swifttail!! WHATS UP WITH THAT!!!!!!!!! Did W101 go through and delete people off your friends list I mean I was only gone for one day I've been gone longer than that (5 days volleyball tournament at Penn state) I'm confused I'm still friends with some of my best friends but Oh well I'll try to figure it out if any one can help me I'd appreciate it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fight Nirin Krocks (mabye the gobblers instead)

I'm now questing in the temple of the sun and I have all these quests to fight Nirin Kroc's but they are well Hard I may be level 17 but I only have 806 health and 3 pixie cards!!!!! (no, no reshuffle gotta be level 20) So instead I go to finish up Wizard City only to find that some of the gobblers are just as hard! JEEZ!!!! So I am thinking I'm just gonna stick with Colossus Boulevard and work till that's all done then complete all of my Nirin Kroc quests (By then I might be level 22 and have the kraken card!) So until my next post here are two pics of Alyssa Silverheart. (okay so they're above so what?) (one is in Dragonmouth cave and the other by the gobbler king)