Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goth Death person

okay my death person who I haven't started playing on very much I have desided that she should be goth so curently in she could talk right now this is what she would be saying in the pic above " Finaly it's not bright!"

Alyssa Dreamrider

Dear Alyssa Dreamrider
So I heard about your sister Marisa's battle with uncle malistare's minions the other day (I already wrote him a letter about it). So how are you and the rest of your family? I am fine every one is good well Timothy is a little mad because he is one of the lowest players but hey what are you gona do he never dose any of his work! I am now level 11 Erin leveled up to 9 quite nicely and Megan found a clockwork golom in the life class room. I have met some very nice other wizards I have even found my Twin Emily Swifttail I love what you did with your hair from the last time I saw you and congratz on becoming a wizard. If you see dad mom or aunt Jane say Hi for me and the rest of us Oh and tell mom that Amanda's dragon she got for her birthday died cause well it did.
from your cousin,
Alyssa Silverheart

Uncle Malistaire

Dear Uncle Malistaire,
Thank you for dropping by to watch my cousin fight your evil minions she must have really appreiciated your angry expression as you yelled at grandpa. I remmeber when you came to see me fight. It really does mean alot when family comes to see you battle. I am currently level 11 I still am studying Storm and Myth but I can't wait to start Death. Can't wait to see you in Dragonspyre maybe then we can face off.
From your neice,
Alyssa Silverheart
P.S. Marisa took this pic just before she got hit by a tree. Marisa sends her hate. Don't be happy she has made a full recovery.


Grandpa!!!!! Nice of you to come see my fight!

Rainy day in golom Court

okay this is my person this is Alyssa Dreamrider I think this person brings out my Irish side. They should make a world where it is always raining

very fast out loud

hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi rain rain come again another day this is not my person this is a friends on the post rain day in golom court it is one of my people.

Story is now on here

okay so here is that story I was talking about no it is not anywhere near done.
Saving Andrew Drake
Part one in: Wizard City

“Umm Hello?”

“WHAT!!!!!” screamed the extremely annoyed necromancer I had just addressed
“Uhh do you know how to get to Firecat Park?” I ask unsure of the necromancer. Her eyes traveled up and down me as if trying to find a reason to not answer. I saw as she stared at my badge her eyes ,which had been half open, now opened wide then her still wide eyes now traveled just above my badge to the badge with my level on it her eyes opened even wider if that was possible.

“How are you a wizard city protector!” she screeched “Your only level 11!”

“Long story and I really don’t think either of us have the time to hear it, it’s really not that interesting-“I was cut off

“It must be so cool I’m just an average old undead hunter.”

“No it’s not really that cool can you please just tell me wear I can find firecat park I need to meet a friend there and-“
“Once again cut off “How did you do it? It-“

“Elian!” this time I cut her off I walked away towards my best friend Elian Lightstar by the way I’m Alyssa Silverheart. Finally away from the over excited necromancer we start to talk about regular stuff like homework we may be best friends but she is only level 9 I’m level 10 ,as stated before by the necromancer.
We get to the park and sit down on a bench I look around I can see the protection spell on the sidewalk, a faint sparkle of silver in the dyeing red light from the setting sun. I look around at the adult wizards walking around distracted by their own business. I see the guards marching through the crowed sidewalks; they are always visible because of their tall spears. Students doing field research and so on. I pull out a piece of paper and a pen I scribble a bit in my spell book but the pen dose not work I search for a pensile but can’t find one in my bag “Elian can I borrow a pen?” I ask
“Sure.” she responds bending over to get her bag which had fallen under the bench
“Hey! What is this?”
“What’s what?” I ask looking up from my book I needed for the essay.
“This.” she answered as she sat up in her hand I saw an ancient looking spell book with mold and grass growing from the covers, as she try’s to pry it open the dirt that was packed on it was like an unbreakable glue. As we finally break it open and the dirt, falls of in little chunks almost like tiny planet bits. We open to the first page on it was written property of Andrew Drake in letters that had clearly bled when written on the page.
“Okay so here are the two possibilities one this guy is related to Malistare and this is a trap or two he is related to Professor Cyrus.” I say looking at the faded words written on the page. We both look at each other then laugh. As in, he was related to Cyrus he hated kids and everything except quiet and research it said so on his profile.
“Well lets take it to the headmaster and see if there was ever a student under this name enrolled at the school.” says Elian still laughing
“Okay.” I say as I gather my stuff up and we leave with the strange moldy book.

“So was there ever a student enrolled under this name?” I ask Professor Ambrose
“Hmmm well he was never enrolled but there was a young wizard by this name who was here for a while around the time when both Malistare and Cyrus both just began teaching but then the boy was quite young he just some 7 years ago went to Krokatopia.” murmured Ambrose more to him self than to us
“Who was he!” I ask feeling excited
“Well the young man was the son of Professor Cyrus when they came both Cyrus and Malistare where married and than Cyrus did not hate everything his wife unlike Malistare did not die because of sickness, she died in a dual agensed some of Malistare’s undead some 4 years ago.”
“How awful.” said Elian her blue eyes huge her free hand was on her mouth. I too wide eyed with horror.
“Yes well after that Cyrus waited till his son was old enophe to enter the balance school in Krokatopia then sent him away but after the balance teacher came here and he only knew a few spells Andrew offered to come back and teach the kids once they got higher. But, just 8 weeks before Andrew was to come back the Death school broke away and the last word of Andrew came 1 week before his intended returne to Wizard City it said only a few words Uncle Malistare won’t stop fallowing me I’m worried.” Ended Professor Ambrose. we stared at him wide eyed in horror “Now best if you get your dinner than head back to your dorms considering the fact that you two can’t even apply for a house yet I would get your nose out of stuff that was abanded years ago. Good day.” We leave
“I’m not dropping it. You?” I look at Elian
“No!” said Elian
I sit in my comfortable padded chare reading suddenly a letter appears in front of me floating. Confused I grab it I open it seeing hand wrighting I knew well scrawled across the page it said ‘Hey Silverheart I just want to tell you that I’ll be back for a concert in wizard City next week so thought we could get together. Also I have to go back to complete classes there so yeah we will be class mates again. Just wanted to give you something else in the envelope are two tickets and one backstage pass (for you).
Later, Wolf Bloodlight’ I smile at the letter put it down.
I look around at the swarm of Ravenwood students hanging around in the school around Bartlbee I look around for the people I really want to see right now finally I see them I wave and they look up all three of them 3 of my sisters are there by the Ivan, Danielle, Amanda, and Madison. Danielle is a Necromancer Amanda is a conjuror and Madison is a theogurist “Hi!” They all chorus
“Hi.” I sigh back my sisters all look at each other Madison looks at me her purple eyes bored looking and her silver lips pursed. Madison is one of my sisters who is adopted her name is Madison Battlehunter
“What are you doing?” I hear a voice say we all spin around our adopted brother Timothy Deathmask was walking up
“Alyssa is upset about something so we are just trying to figure out what.” said Madison a bit fast.
“I think I’m gona go shopping.” I sigh leaving most of my family looking confused I walk to the shopping district. I walk to the pet shop for no reason in particular I have the best ‘pet’ ever a dark sprite named Queen Cali I enter and look around I see Myth ghouls and Magma spiders locked in cages labeled for experienced pet owners only. I look at the earth walker as it shakes it’s spike at me from behind it’s bars, Queen Cali starts to mach it. I walk away I look over for a split second at the beginner pets, or first time the playful little fire cats and the little imps. I walk past the dragons and the dream ghouls. I leave the store I walk thru the shopping district till I reach the gate to Old Town I walk in. I remember happy times here, back when I didn’t have the crowns to get into firecat Allie or Cyclops lane I remember walking out of Sapphyra’s tower for the first time after confusedly transporting to my friend and starting a fight with Foulgaze. I had been so scared even thou it was so easy to fight I really had no reason to be scarred. I remembered meeting my twin here Emily Swifttail and I also remembered buying my electric spider here I don’t use him any more I mean compared to a dark sprite I mean it’s so obsolete. I walk around Old Town aimlessly for a long time then I remember something that had made me happy today I would be able to get together with some of my best friends! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes very long and still not done.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


Okay so today I went on and I teliported to my friend (sound normal) I ended up in the drain (you know in Old town) and there was this marlybone person there (It was a wizard who currently was questing in Marlybone) and she tried all these things to get me to go away HOW RUDE!!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

trying to type with a dog leash on your are with a dog on the other end who really wants out

So I was thinking and possibly the world were the sprial race is on there could be some sort of test world it has all the hardest bossess from every world only harder and there are other stuff only harder. My dog is hurting my arm "Molly stop pulling on your leash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The spiral race

I have an idea there is one world where you go there than you get on a flying broom or carpet or motercycle or whatever than you race all the other people around the diffrent worlds of the spriral and the first one back the the first world wins more later but we are about to leave Jodi's so I have to go.


Okay on most of the blogs I've seen there is a carton or somethin so on mine there will be a story but for now it's raining too hard to too go get my flash drive and there is a thunder storm (people are some90% or somethin we are like walking Lighting rods!!!!) Any way it is called Saveing Andrew Drake. I just spent 5 1/2 hours in a car ugg. . .

clockwork golom in the life room

Why is there a clockwork golom in the life room? by the way this is Megan Battlehunter my life wizard. Dose anyone think she looks more like a death person I

think she dose.

those spells that put a glowing dome over you

Can any one tell me what the spell behinde my wizard is called and is there one for storm? No I am not in Krokatopia I'm in the arena.

Wondering about nothing

I was thinking 12 year old people sould be able to read text chat even thou they still won't be able to type. And when will Grizlahem (or however you spell it) be on the live relm I'm not a subscriber or a crown buyer (yet 6 days!) so I can't see it. Okay I'm not shure what I just said but I don't feel like retyping because it is 7:22 in the morning and I sould be asleep right now. Its summer vacation!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and unless I can get on a computer this is my last post till monday. bye
See ya

Thursday, June 25, 2009


here is a picture I took today tell me what you think.

kinda weird but hey I was bord and too many people where in trinton Avanu

queshtons for level 50 people

I have 3 queshtons

  1. when you are done with your Wizard can your pet train to be one?
  2. Who is the final dude you have to defeat to complete Marlybone?
  3. If you had the option to change between Good and Evil which would you choose and if you could take your favorite wizard back and forth from Evil to Good would you turn Evil?

Me... I guess

Okay so I'll just say a bit about me as a Wizard (I have 9 characters). My favorite character is Alyssa Silverheart level 11 diviner, Alyssa Dreamrider level 3, Daniel Silverheart level 9 necromancer, Amanda Silverheart level 9 conjurer, Erin Ravendreamer level 9 sorcerer, Madison Battlehuntter level 6 life (I don't know what you call them), Timothy deathmask level 6 Pryromanser, Calamity Shadowcaster level 1 Necromancer, Marissa Ledgendcrafter level 1 congjurer. I am a trial player (in about 7 days I finally will have crowns) I love marlybone I day dream about it all the time, I want a staff more than anything else (other than to get into marlybone), On my best character I have fought Lord Nightshade 4 times as a level 9,10,and 11, I tend to be really random and my character Erin Ravendreamer can get into the cage thinging in Old Town and I want to be an author so I guess that's all for this post.
see ya