Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fun day

yeah good day hung out with Sabrina (after she got home from Hocus pocus stupid sholder ) : and David on his fire wizard we farmed the Jade oni a little bit I ran some of the temple of storms CORRECTION YOU CAN DO AN INSTANSE 3 TIMES FOR EX IN KROCK I know I have done it AT LEAST 2 times before running another one today because I was bored
the storm wiz.Silverheart

Saturday, January 30, 2010

I messed up my shoulder :(

And now I have to wait till Monday to see the trainer miss day 2 of Hocus pocus AND I have to ice my shoulder IN WINTER IT IS NO FUN TO HAVE TO HAVE AN ICE PACK ON YOU SHOULDER WHEN YOU ARE ALREADY COLD : ( stupid shoulder : (I couldn't play but I still had to stand on the side lines IT IS VERY HARD TO FAKE A SMILE WHEN YOU WOULD RATHER CURL UP IN A LITTLE BALL IN THE CORNER OF THE ROOM AND CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : (
stupid sholder
the (messed up) storm wiz.Silverheart

Friday, January 29, 2010


I went to Sabrinas at one point she was talking to David then she had to go help her brother with someting so she told him that I was gonna be talking we where talking my wizard was just standing around in the Bazzar so I ported to her he menu chated "hi" than he said it again 'cause I didn't awnser I typed to him "Lol I've been typing to you :P" he than said "lol you have alot of really nice outfits" (every time he sees me I am whereing something new : ) "thanks every time I get to thousand gold I go and buy a lot of new stuff" "o" "lol yeah now I out :P" "hold on a second" present pops up on my screen "THANKS A TON!" (I wish I could have said OH MY GOD THANKS THANKS THANKS A MILLION!!!!!!" but you can't say god) his awnser : ) "I do nice things for nice people" David if you are reading this you are the BEST BEST BEST : D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D:D :D :D : )
the (smile faces) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. Thanks again David even though you are probably not reading this

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tales from a Crypt

Yeah good book funny too! What? You don't think Tales From a Crypt are funny?! Well Reread the book mister/miss! It's Hillarius!!!!!!! I love it : ) Sabrina and I where reading it today : ) it is really good "to take money from a dead man that's crual but to take a man's lemmon drops when he is unconsius well that is IMMORAL!!!!!!" see funny : ) love that : D
the storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. "I have been too busy to feed them lately they are very hungry my my you are loud Well I have new Idea for a book! don't you just love the creative prosess!" HOW DO YOU NOT THINK THAT BOOK IS FUNNY!!!!!


Yeah been lazy about my story sry 'bout that Here you go

I sat in a red arm chair mist flew around me I had put on Mu shoo robes, hat and boots more comfterble and easyer to think in. I taped my pen on my paper thinking wondering I came down to this
1 alive defenatly (earlyer I had done some reaserch and found undead cannot write)
2 defenetly left handed
3 was a guy
4 was defnetly a wizard
Yes defnetly a wizard but what kind. Most would jump to the conclusion in was a death wizard I desided to leave sterio types out of this since I had some close death wizard friends I frowned at the paper what type of wizard suddenly Queen Cali flys up to me "a vailed messenger aproches prepare for unwelcomed company" I stand up swiftly in a flash of light I am dressed in my armure Madam Amber flys from my house with my sword in sheth I pull it out and walk out of my pool house. All is dark barly any light shows, but from a hunched figure by my spiral door grey mist flys about him the air is cold with death and despare I aproch him...... a undead moving on his own command out of battle ...... once alive than dead alive again a undead wraith. I am infront of him now he moves I see his bony smile permently on his skull where a face should be "What do you want wraith!" I snap "calm wizard" he croaks "I come not as enemy but as friend I bring you some of your foes plans" from beneath his black robes of shadows he pulls a scrole I take it from his decaying hands "It is in laten" I state looking at the words "No, no not latin" he tilted his head up I saw his lifeless yellow glows for eyes "It is a languge more antient and powerfull more strange and beutiful" he tilted his head again now sideways "tiss the languige of old, of Triton, of Dragon, of Giant, of old, of life long past" he hissed I stare "You will see in bloody light wizard you will see our paths will cross again but then you will be helping me young wizard and I beg you please do save me!" With that he raised his ands with a Sharp hissing he vanshed into the dirt the mist vanshed the stars returned the air warmed again. I turn Lord Piper Lord Zues and Queen Cali stood there and staired I look at the scrole again and I wisper "poor wraith I hope you find your way to the halls of souls to be with your fathers" I sigh and turn to them well untill I see him again he left us this. Let us desipher.

Okay so I wrote more Hope you like that wraith's name BTW is Shawin and he was a student that failed to ...... well you will find out : )

the storm wiz.Silverheart

3 for the Elvin Kings under the sky.....

7 for the dwarf lords in their halls of stone.......................................................... ......

and 9....................... for the Mortal men doomed to die : ) YAY STUPIDLY A OBVIOUS STATEMENT BY A DEAD GUY IN ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOK SERIES : D XD XD XD XD lol I open up The fellowship of the rings and that is what I find HECK HOUND YES!!!!!!!! XP I love it!!! lol : )
Yikes gonna be late
the storm wiz.Silverheart

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Me and Flint Fireflame : )
Here is the gange all of us are friends with each other : ) I introduced you to Flint's other character David on a former post : ) Well all I really did today was fight the Jade oni later
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Monday, January 25, 2010


I made a short movie to show you what they would be like since I don't have fraps it won't be moving more or less just a slideshow with music and cool slide animations but WMM went wonk and now is just a blank page so dumb : P
wat eve
the storm wiz.Silverheart

had to pass it up and rockin the moo shu looks : )

today my friend asked for my help with his Malister I had to pass it up
sadly because I'm out of crowns it was so depressing : ( When I get more crowns will someone take me to do a Malister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol there is a story with this look okay I was talking to Sabrina on the phone We where at her Moo shu pad and she was hanging with her Grandmaster life wizard friend (and my friend) David he was dressed like a Samuri so I ran up to the bank and pulled this out he was talking about his malister when I run down the stairs he stops and screams in all caps "OH MY GOODNESS A NIJA!!!" XD I love that!!!!!!!! Oh and I put on my Marlybone outfit and he said I like your outfit thnx was my awnser you know than sabrina goes "I think she look like piret : )" I started laughing : ) then she typed "and Now she laughing at me : )" that was just a good time : )
Me rocking the Samuri look : )Yeah Yeah it is not actually what a Samuri looks like in the book BUT I LIKE IT OKAY!!! !!
the storm wiz.Silverheart

time hath been killed

now I must wait for the bus in pouring rain dosn't school stink : )
the (:) storm wiz.Silverheart


I TOLD THAT DUMB BUT LAYOU THINGY TO STOP THE POLL AT 6:55 WHICH IS RIGHT NOW AND IT SAYS TWO MORE @#@$ HOURS WHAT THE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmph now I'm annoyed >:(
the (annoyed) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. errr well um co..... sigh.... never mind

killing time again

yep thats all I' m doing just killing time waiting till I need to get off and go to school : (sigh I think I'm going to keep playing at least a little bit but not quest! till I get text chat I wanna be able to have some of the game with text on my main!! I might go on my other wizards I dunno......... Just....... : ( never mind : (
the (so exstreamly tiered) storm wiz.Silverheart

Sunday, January 24, 2010

AND NOW for what I did today : P

Me Sabrina and Alia went to go kill the Jade oni.
Say hi to David : ) also known as Flint (this guy has 2 sets of his life grandmaster gear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Me and Sabrina on her level 25 death sry but I just grabed this before she logged off.

Where do you get that little stone thingy?

Well thats it for today and really where do you get that little stone thingy

the storm wiz.Silverheart

Saturday, January 23, 2010

15 minutes

15 minutes till a show I wanna watch comes on so I'm killing time listning to Alegria and typing this ............... I think that I need to come up something else for my head to do : ) I write adios off to type A book
the storm wiz.Silverheart

Done? I'm thinking I might be.....

no not done with home work or anything.....

I mean wizards. I'm not enjoying questing any more........

none of my friends are ever on

I nothing to do but pain in the but quests that I don't feel like strugling with

I think i'm done for a while

Or a month or two

dunno I like going on if I have friends on but that is alwas late

Sigh I hate this I'm so indesisive

:( to wizard or not to wizard that is the question

Wizards or no

no? no. No. NO. NO WIZARDS!!!!!!!!!!!



I give in give me an idea here!!!!!!!!!!!
sigh please : (
the (to quit or not to quit) storm wiz.Silverheart

NEW WIZARD AND.... I'm every type of wizard?!

Yeah I took the test today when making another new wizard I decided I'd take it truthfully than if I didn't get what I wanted I'd click the skip the test button. I answered it truthfully and the picture above explains what happened I guess I'm just confusing!
Here is my newest wizard death level 1. Here she is in her dorm filled with stuff I found in the shared bank!
Okay so any way I'm working on the next part of my story : ) Amber I still need what spell you would most like to ride. (I need to know for when you are attacking what spell you should use we ride the spells we cast)
any way that is all i really did today later
the storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. Last night me Sabrina, Kira (no you do not know her) and Megan where watching Pirates of the Caribbean 3 when Orlando Bloom came on screen Kira said "Hello there sexy!" we started to laugh : P

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Doing absalutly nothing.

waisting time till 6:10 when I need to leave. ........... Alegria........ C.. Um a name ....... LINKIN PARK..... my house....... lamma song...... C.... err woops same name as before.................... BOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!................................. HERES A LAMMA THERES A LAMMA AND ANOTHER LITTLE LAMMA sorry been stuck in my head all day......... : ) the reason I'm not saying his name is I respect him not wanting his name online in a area of the internet he dosn't even know is out here. Any way the reason I'm thinking of him 2 reasons he is very funny and 2 he has FREAKEN COOL HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is as long as mine YES I LIKE GUYS WITH LONG HAIR IT LOOKS COOL!!!!!! ; D XD XD XD XD no I'm not XDing because it was a joke I really do like his hair IT IS COOL I like this face a guy is making in a you tube video! later
the (XDing ) storm wiz.Silverheart

bored : (

I have NOTHING TO DO!!!!! hmph : (

Nija pig offering?XDXDXDXDXDXD

Dunno ported to Sabrina and found her is someones house with this here!
I'm guessing Myth wizard about but I don't got a clue. XD well it's one of a kind and funny.
the (XD) storm wiz.Silverheart

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Story Pictures

Okay I have a bit of exsplaning Why some of these pictures are here so look
below them fore exsplenations why they are there and what they have to do with my story.
Youkai will come in as not an enemy but a friend you will see how.
I have alwas had a fasination with the forbinen allys of the library you will
find out. Well here is a bit of a sneek peek : ) there is a battle in the library.
O.o I didn't know he was talking to me woops ignor that! The final battle place will take place in a place like greece so here is what it looks like there

You know this from the begining if you don't at the bottom click
story it will bring it all up go to the first one.
Bloody light. There is something about that Bloody light comes up alot in my wrighting after or before war or imense blood shed look out for that.
So? there a sneek peek up to the end. I need a black horse mount for the rest. and also PEOPLE I NEED MORE PEOPLE IN MY STORY PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU ARE EVEN REMOTLY INTERESTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PLEASE and thanks
the (PLEASE MORE PEOPLE!) storm wiz.Silverheart


nothing none of my friends are on ever. no one comments I am bored I don't like questing Hmph I need crowns and so low stat stuff thats cheap so I can stich my death robes and where them....... WAAAAAA I DON'T LIKE WIZARDS THAT MUCH ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!
the (bored) storm wiz.Silverheart

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


waiting for wizards to load my friend says I can delete her level 16 death wizard on my account XD I'm so happy I can get so much good stuff off her and onto my other wizards!!!! like a life wand for my balance and life duo of Sabrina emreldcaster and Alyssa Dreamrider New (crown gear) robes for Alyssa Dreamrider. Some new furnichur for Fallon's new house, a new pet for some other wizard....... yeah see we all win here!!!
I love when this happens : D
oh and today the guy I like was trying to figure out who I like!!! It was kind of weird but I think I liked it that he was interested in me : /
the (wondering) storm wiz.Silverheart

walking on air!

Cool right? I'm litteraly standing on nothing right next to the rainbow next time your in a myth house try this it's funny you can make your friends think you are flying : D I had a amaizing dream last night... what was it about? acward .....hmmmmmmm I don't remember I just know it was good : P well I'll tell ya what I know I was there Lord Piper was there the other guy in my grade who listnes to Linkin park was there (he was in it ALOT) Prince Nuada (he was in it A LOT too) all my buddys XD some dude in my grade who is 6 3 XD I looked like Alyssa Silverheart we all looked like wizards (well Prince Nuada didn't I don't think you could make him into a wizards style person.... well a wraith would do good if you where just trying to show his personalaty) waaaaaaaa I WANT A WRAITH PET OR AND ORTHURUS PET WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BE SCHOOL SPESFIC COULD THEY JUST MAKE IT THAT THEY ARE NO AUTION BUT ANY SCHOOL CAN USE THEM. WAAAAAAA I WANT A WRAITH PET!!!!!!!!!! x throws fit x I want wraith pet : ( waaa :( but grrr no wriath for storm wizard : ( BUT I DON'T WANT DUMB STORMZILLA PET I WANT WRAITH PET TO COMPLEAT DEATH WIZARD LOOK IT DOSN'T EVEN HAVE TO HAVE A CARD OR ANY STATS I JUST WANT A WRIATH PET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRR

x casts Triton X
the (wraith wanting) storm wiz.Silverheart

Monday, January 18, 2010

Info on my story

I desided to put a bit of fun with this I streched it to how I think the Magic world would be. You will also see unlimeted numbers in battles, raids of huge numbers, pets talking (you already did), mounts acting like pets (already saw), you will also hear of when you attack you can sometimes ride what you summon, you are still mounted in battle, You will meet a Centaur who does not dissapear after battle and hench men you cannot summon any henchmen other than what school you are from because your henchman is your clone : D. Minions will stay untill you dismiss them and they cannot be killed. The name of my story?

dont have one :P
lol O.o I leave you to come up with your own names : D hope you enjoy my story don't worry they will find Profesor Drake.
Oh and BTW before I forget comment if you want to be in my story and whether you want to be good or evil. and some may end up as water nyphs just saying
the storm wiz.silverheart

more story

I stood by my spiral door taping my foot on the marble wight brick I whistle again finaly my broom flys up. "where on earth have you been!" I shout at it. It spins as so I can get on it I insert my key to Dragonspyre and fly through the spining portal I hear a shout from below I fly as fast as I can down the net work of ramps leading to the sole senter of the Balasicon. When I get there I see Profesor Drakes wand laying on the ground with a note. I staired at it I jump off my broom Lord Piper jumps off too he looks up at me we walk over to it. I pick it up and read
' Alyssa Silverheart,
Yes I know your name and I know you need this mortal I've stolen to defeat whome ever it is you wish to defeat well I guess you won't now will you I guess if you can figure it out your self all the steps and such but I bet you would like help well mabey if you defeat me, well if that was posible I would let him go.... or not. you choise.'
I look down at lord piper I blink at the paper it was old fashoned parchment style scroled edjes and it was old in fact yellowing with age I frown at it the ink was smeared like the person, or thing, had draged their had accros the paper when writing I look back down and Lord Piper " lets consider the data they took profesor Drake but left his wand he can fight with out it but every one knows a wand makes a wizard stronger, So there is a chanse he can get away him self. And this wizard is left handed he draged his hand accros the words he wrote there is only a handfull of left handed wizards in the spiral so that narows it down. He, or she knows my name hmmm undead or alive thats what I want to know. what do you think?" I ask looking down at lord Piper bending over to show him the letter he grunts
"I agree left handed wizard. I'm guesing alive. And my guess is he can't get away." he ended
"hmmm I guess he would be alive after all undead don't know how to write," I pause to think about it "do they?" I ask looking at him he shrugs

Well thats my story yep I'm done soooo yeah I'm on right now watching Sabrina (you all have heard of her) and Megan (you havn't heard of her she was one of my best friends now we are just acuaintences just sort of drifted apart you know) dual today I was crafting dimonds when Kestrel and Heather poped in I have pics but thouse are for another post.
the storm wiz.silverheart
P.S. I think the dual is over wait never mind

got a new sword

yeah I got a new sword today I had some extra 5000 gold so I grabed one I've been admiring for a while from the bazzar. Here I grabed a picture before I loged off.


Still waiting
grabs a pepsi


Oh here we go.......

GAH THIS ISN'T IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
waits again
and more still
YAY FINALY HERE!!!! Okay here we go I got it now : D Yeah I bougt that from the Bazar I needed a flashyer sword so here I go plus it does look cool with the rune langug down the blade and the spiky vine crawling up : D nice life sword. In that you can see my other wizards too.
the (new sword owning) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. Some guy in my grade misspled you once :P He is a comedien though so he might have done that on purpose

New blog tital and random pictures

If you tell me this is not cool you loose! Some times I think I like these people a bit too much : P
I was searching Pictures of Prince Nuada and I found this SOME ONE HAS MAD DRAWING SKILLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So yeah I like this picture :P that reminds me Prince Nuada is in my dreams alot Dunno why but he
is and he is alwas eather doing something cool or doing nothing but he is ushualy there.

Any way about the new blog tital I got bored with the old one and if you look the two pictures I showed you here are on the tital : P
the (cool) storm wiz.silverheart
P.S. GO NUADA AND LEGOLAS!!!!!!!! and I CAN'T BELIEVE SOME PEOPLE HAVE NEVER SEEN THE LORD OF THE RINGS AND/OR HELL BOY 2 WATCH THEM THEY ARE COOL!!! Though err um Hell boy 2 well umm lots of guns in it I know the boys in my grade would like it... but... umm ...dunno what other guys are like really.....
P.S.S. "no no my body's a temple" (said by abe) "no it's an amuzment park" (said by Red/ hell boy)

Sunday, January 17, 2010


haven't been on wizards today been playing volleyball WITH FOR DUNNO HOW LONG OF GAME PLAY THIS IS BUT 7:30 AM TO 3:00 PM ONLY A 10 MINUTE BREAK FOR FOOD THEY WHERE TORTURING US!!!! TORTURING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sigh yes TORTURING US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wahhhhh I'z dunno if'z i hungry or thirsty I CONFUZLED!!!!!!!!!!! I think I'll go on wizards later : ) I'M COMING LORD PIPER!!! I don't plan to quest mabey just goof off and spend money :P
the (confuzled tiered hungry thirsty still level 45 haven't been on wizards at all today Minotaur owning) storm wiz.Silverheart

Saturday, January 16, 2010


DINNER HERE IT GOOD!!!!! lol today I invited Cassandra Griffendreamer from witchwarrior101 to see my house and then a bunch of her friends ported so I was sitting there watching them text chat I dunno why but I find it funny :P DINNERS HERE GATTA GO EAT FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD
the (food loving) storm wiz.Silverheart


I got the idea for this when i steped outside just now to put my dog Molly out.

The cloud I stood on floated about like mist I turned my face up to the rising sun and felt the warmth of it's light the cool air of night brushed my face in the wind I felt my blond hair blow off my sholders. I breathed the cool air was sharp but the unmistakable sent of warmth was there. I opened my eyes the mist floated about still the but the flame, the huge ball of fire was there lighting up the sky the stars and their nightly magesty leaving the sky the blues changing shades to lighter and lighter blues no storm on the horizen. Yes I am a storm wizard but living in an eternal storm is not my thing. I love the magesty the old world style of my house held up by a cyclops the coloseum desine inside and the bath house style pool house in the second level shows majesty only the lost civilazation of old could have taken and mastered. the broken unfinshed wall left to float helplesly in space never their dream done. Slowly I turned quitly back to my house I steped off the cloud and down the rainbow to the platform behind my house. I steped past the door and my cristal case down the path.

More later. I got bored of writing it besides I want to go outside later
the (happy and finally in a place with melting snow ) storm wiz.Silverheart

the harshest is beginning to pass

Don't know what I mean? Winter. As January passes into Febuary you know it is calming When March is here the snow is beginning to melt and you can, on some days, go outside without a jacket. Thats why I love my March Birthday not only is a new year beginning in my life but, A new season, of warmth and greenness : ) It makes me happy When the snow melts there is HUGE pudle that forms in my back yard every year I walk out into it It is something that is part of my childhood. My presius Willows begin to get thier liefs back creating the most beautiful curtin of green you will ever see two of the same trees huge with age and filled with life growing not 10 steps apart I bet if you dug under them their roots are intertwined. : ) Spring : ) it's my season it is how I love it beginnings and endings all in one season. Heaven.
the (spring birthday) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.s. sry if I sounded like hippy but that is how it is when you live so far out in no where that your closest nabore is a corn field!


:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I'm bored don't' ask
TO EAT FOOD YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA........ this continues for a while till I get bored and start dancing like wizards do in game : P
the (hungry) storm wiz.silverheart
P.S. LINKIN PARK RULES! (according to me and a guy in my grade)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Made it so far... and with some advise

I soloed the Tower of War after school today. And you people said it was hard : P yeah right! it took two potions and a bunch of healing cards and tritons but really!? HARD!? my kraken's lightning bolt!

the pictures below just give a little advise so you don't have to enlarge each picture to read it I restate it down below the picture.
"shields are you best friend here!" unlike the other teachers fight then high damage attack are you best friends

"kill the pox people first"

"or have your friend hammer them"

doesn't he look like he is about to smack me?

Now it's time to chill with my friend Rylee Stormgem from the queen of Divinations :D gotta love these productive days :P It really dose feel good after clearing about 7 quests to pull out your favorite pet and hang out by the bonfire with a good friend.Rylee sry but I REALLY don't want to run kingsten. Well dinners almost ready we're having TACOS!!
the (taco loving) storm wiz.Silverheart

would have gone on the test

but i don't have text chat so it would have been a total and compleat WAST OF MY VALUABLE TIME!!!!!!! yup thats it going on right now have fun with your text/ open chat people
the (minitaur owning) storm wiz.Silverheart

favorite pets*

Queen Cali this little fairy has been through it with me in thick and thin : ) But sadly at the 35 level she had stoped being usefull to me so I gave her to my Necromancer who soon replased her with my goul with card pet : ( so currently my little buddy is not in use .... I think I'll give her to my myth wizard. She is about the same level I was when I got her!
from the 1000 players thingy I'm a storm wizard I had to get it!

Fire cats are just cute okay? I have about 3 lady Hollys in total on my 2 accounts : P

sry 'bout the dumb name but she was a drop and I havn't changed her name yet been a bit busy trying to get some good gear. But thankfully I finaly got my Sea lords Deck of thunder it fits all the cards I use ALL OF THEM!! : D I'm so happy!!!

You should have seen him coming I ranted about how cute he is before!
the storm wiz.Silverheart
*the favorite pets currently in Alyssa's colection my ice and balance wizard have two pets I really think are cool (iceelf did not mean for the dumb play on words) and CUTE!!! (danger hound it looks like my doggy: )*

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Member of the watch badge?

I was fighting Tomugwa a bit for some gold and when I left his fight I found this person sporting a member of the watch badge I know i've seen Kestrel (sry if I misspelled your name) whereing that Where do you get it?
thanks and thats all
the storm wiz.silverheart
is out! TO VOLLIEBALL!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New pet, New crafting area, and PARTY!!

OH YEAH SWORD SAINT AND OWNER OF A MINATAUR!!! yes today I spent some time trying to find youkio or however you spell it. When I found him I bought some henchmen (3) and we/I Killed him. : D Lord Piper is so adorable : DI think I'm gonna keep him out when I'm not questing so if you port to me in my house or in a shop exspect Lord Piper not Lord Zues. : D
Well I got the idea for a out door crafting area because well thats what I did on my ice wizard it works out because of the way my yard is right here (up on the platform before the cloud I have a crystal case : )

MENU CHATER PARTY!!! yes this is a menu chater party common and fun people flash their stats and favorite gear make new friends catch up with old ones : ) I ported to my friend Andrew and found my self in the mits of this party : D I love em
the (minataur owning) storm wiz.Silverheart

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

got my robes dyed

see robes dyed now I need a way to get 2000 bucks stat I need my sea lords deck of thunder NOW and I am short 2000 I could spend 1600 crow.... never mind don't have that kind of money Well any ideas and one more thing
the (now all pink and black) storm wiz.Silverheart

Can't deside

Well who is my favorite Movie star Prince Nuada or Legolas Greenleaf I really can't deside one minute I have pictures of them ladidalda (waiting)

Ah her we go Legolas : D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
I mean Legolas wins on well being good and cool with a bow but Prince Nuada is something else with that spear of his wow! and Legolas wins on cool hair style but Prince Nuada wins on all around cool hair. hmmmmmmCAN'T DESIDE THEY ARE BOTH SOOOOO COOLY AWSOME!!!!!!!! Btw if you are wonder why it says Hellboy and the Golden Army that is the Movie Prince Nuada is from. Plus Prince Nuada can cut a water drop in HALF WITH OUT TRYING!! and he has a cool friend call mr. winkXD XD XD XD XD oh you see Mr. Wink is a gient monster orc thingy with a big metle hand :P but then he gets smushed to bits D: poor Mr. Wink :( Legolas well HE IS JUST COOL OKAY ELF MAN WHO IS COOL GOOD WITH A BOW AWSOME HAIR KNOWS ALOT OF STUFF LIKE ME AND WELL hmmm what was the last one? oh yeah! AND HE CAN'T DIE POWNIJ!!!!!! later
the(CONFUZLED!!) Storm wiz.Silverheart


Okay I have two problems 1 Alyssa is stuck on the tower of War 2 My life wizard is stuck on the Vault of Ice HELP ME!!! Dunno hmmmmmmmmm HI Bored

good night
OH yeah a few weeks ago my hand got cut and today I looked at it and the scab sorta thingy well really dried blood on it looked like and eye : D I love when random things happen : D
the (hand with eye) storm wiz.Silverheart

Monday, January 11, 2010


I just heard a song called Iris the name of the band is kida silly goo goo dolls but hey better than bare naked ladys (FYI that is a band of all men) It is a really deep song I love it : ) it makes me sad but happy it's too hard to exsplane. I guess it has a bit to do with my past : )
well good luck wizards I'm working on my dream later
the storm wiz.Silverheart

New wizard

Well thats my new wizard level 6 balance. Sabrina and I created new wizards that we are going to duo through the game. Sabrina would not let me grab a shot of her wizard because well she looks very ummm mismatched. Alyssa Dreamrider 1st balance (stated above) secondary is Myth :D Wish us luck the duo of life and balance out
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Sunday, January 10, 2010


Well yesterday I jumped on and went to kill sypsan ( I am now on the tower of War what is that?) I had one of my necromancer friends helping me (congratz Victoria Rainbow for learning scarcrow and getting your wraith pet I WANT A WRAITH PET :( X mutters X lucky necromancers ): She had to leave for a PVP so a bought a henchman (grandmaster necromancer) and found on the last few 450 hit points useing the hadsom fellow above I did not know they could do that! (the first hi was for my friend Charles Dreamwalker the second was for Amber Stargem) Well thats really all I did I have 2 questions
1: What is the tower of War?
2: If it is hard can I get some help?
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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tournament today

Yep we had our first tournament so it went like this
Played ageanst people older than us (close game) played ageanst our own club (made us fall asleep they went so slow) off Played girls our age (again asleep) luch played another boring team I GOT THE WINNING BLOCK GO ME GO ME!! ( I didn't even know I had I got confuzled because they where cheering so much i was like " IT IS JUST A BLOCK GET READY FOR A SERV!" : ) and we lost the rest yeah I GOT MY FIRST EVER WINNING BLOCK! all I have left is the winning spike and I will have ofishaly won the game in every way posible ; P XD yeah! well thats all wizards is loading I'ze is happy XD lalalalala XP. XP PAVILAN NOTE BOOK oh wait HP (wow I feel umm not smart!)
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Friday, January 8, 2010


Okay so here is a cool outfit and another one of my staffs
Okay? I'm not standing on a thing..... weired...

Dunno bought an outfit that I would have loved in Marlybone (actually I still love it but there wasn't stiching) I just put me in a Dragonspyre
seen and with my big old myth hammer : D

I am DIEING to know what is down there I think I will write a story about the library. BTW this wizard is the one me and sabrina are going to duo the game with : D I've alwas wanted to duo the game with someone but
absalutly hate the idea of a second account so here we are! meet Alyssa Dreamrider level 3 balance/myth wizard.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

lol not much

look closly at my sword end there is a little green gem : P WHY!? thats all I wanna know why did they put that there on a non glowing sword?
this is behind the wall in the picture below (just so you know this was very easy to do ;P

the yard next to my pool house. this place is very krock/ firy dunno
wanted it to be that way : D

What do ya think? So my favorite part of my house

My favorite room in the life house : D It's just so beautifull!!!!
Hmm 10 minutes. Well all I really did yesterday was craft and grab the pics above I CAN NOT WAIT TILL MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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