Monday, May 31, 2010


:) I am BACK!!! Penn State was amazing the second day we won 4 games straight it was sweet. today we lost in the semifinals but what ever :D I have tomorrow off from school. Well I'll show you people some pictures. the ice creams from the creamery are HUGE!!!!! I'll show you later

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I got some time :)

I have the time i won't play for very long i think something is wrong with the fan on my computer it is working very hard and i have only had it on for about 10 minutes. I HATE TECHNOLOGY!!!!! gar :*( well my dad is probably gonna tell me to get off now but i better check. Okay no i cannot get on ... IT IS TOO DANG HOT OUT!!!!!!!!!! 
sigh later

no wizards

Well the update is up but i don't think wizards will be in my grasp till tuesday of next week. so no update for Silverheart but LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF VOLLEYBALL ;D I'm hoping to go to sabrinas house on tuesday to watch Invader Zim and play wizards till her brother annoys us into going to my house.

I love the Treasured one i am finally on the  chapter that explains why it is called that XD
well all i got to say
i know i am boring

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Ugh i really cannot stand anything over 85 about 75 is my perfect temperature. Sigh today it is 90 somethin and i have a track meet SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!! }(  I really dislike that.

In other news I AM BORED!!!!!!

IN even MORE news GIR XD

In plane dumb news hahaha i love the way that crow walks

... I'm out of news ...
so i will talk about THE TREASURED ONE!!!!
Keselo is cool and he has a SWORD!
Jalkan needs to clean his mind up a bit
Narasan is OLD!
Omago is funny
and now i need to go

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Look Down for the Oficial post of the Day

Okay so today i had track practice and LET ME TELL YOU it was GROSS!!!!! It is so hot today that people where pulling off their shoes and running eventually our track coach gave up and we all clapsed onto a big mat.

In other news So far it looks like my main goal of the summer will be Alyssa Silverheart to Grandmaster. My second goal is Jordan Soul catcher to be at least master. Farming i won't pay much atention too i like leaving one area of the game untouched so when i get bored i have that to explore.

Also in School news I got a 97 on a big math test i had today if you are wondering it was on the computer so i knew how many i got wrong out of how many so i figured my average then  rounded up (I have been figuring my own grades for a long time now) I also have a project due on the 10th of June. And the book fair starts tomarrow (I won 5$ for it for being caught reading a lot)

And in Friend news Sabrina is an air head and forgot that her birthday is next week. Kiwi injured her tail  bone in some way some how and can't run. Spaz is a Spaz and Lee is loving herself her pug. 
all for now

School, Penn State and Life

Well in school I have 4 days 2 weeks left. I have a huge 400 word spanish packet due in 2 weeks 2 days and a final. In math we have our last big test and then we have a huge project instead of a final. In History we have a final and we have to start studying  for next year aka world wars year this year was civil and revolutionary war year.  English we have just a few tiny units left but one is a reasurch unit with our librarian (the good one not the craby desk lady) then I don't believe  we have a final our teacher hasn't mentioned one. In science there is a final and our chemistry exam coming up. * rolls eyes* I love chemistry but i really don't want to take a test on it. In art i have to finish my painting our prints and then  i have to prepare for Studio* next year.

Now Penn State. If you are unaware Penn State holds a HUGE volleyball tournament every year and it is by 
far the best and most fun one there is they have the best ice cream shop (the Creamery) and the best
sports shoe store (idk the name i forgot) Now i have to go to that turn this week end so :) I really cannot wait well mabey I'll see you people there my team will be the ones dressed in ether black or red (hahaha that is probably most of the teams colors for my local leagues XD what ever) 
And now for Life.  Well not much has been going on my friend Spaz won't hang out with her friends because of her boyfriend (stupid rusty) Sabrina's "friend"  might start playing wizards so he is a good boy. Also Sabrina's "friend"  is terified because he thinks that Michal Jackson's ghost lives in a shed by Sabrina's house and is determinant to get him *rolls eyes* Well off to another boring day at school .... well can't say that exatly but well off to take a huge math test first thing in the morning and dreading watching that video next year in science ( I DON'T WANNA WATCH SOME LADY GIVE BIRTH!!!!!!!)
see ya

Monday, May 24, 2010


okay so i just had a track meet is is some 90 degrees out and the track was black I HATE RACING SWEATY PEOPLE IT FLIES EVERY WHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was hot i gave me a head ache (which i still have thank you very much) and i did horribly on the 100 m dash >:( well idk i guess that is all i have to post about 2 weeks 4 days left of school

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I am on the Labyrinth

Well thanks to David Green stone and Amber Rosepetel i am now on the labyrinth (ugh) Well thank you both for getting me this far.


:) :) :) :) :D XD XD XD XD YEEEEEEESSSSSSS I have been accsepted to NJHS if you don't know because your school doesn't have a chapter. It is National Junior Honer Society.
Well i got 3 more weeks of school then we take our  class trip to where ever we are going this year  the summer. I am not looking forward to next year i will have to take 3-4 regents exams UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot wait till summer i can try out my new Nancy Drew game. I can read more. OH speaking of reading I have a new book out i have read the 1st and the 3rd but i never finished the 2nd so i have the second the book is The Treasured One Book two of The Dreamers Bye David & Leigh Eddings. It is  a really good book I found it when i was looking trough the adult fiction section. It is really complected though so it takes a long time to figure out the writing style of the book it is not like most it is 1st person but from the view of many different people. Keselo is my favorite character well .... it is a tie between Keselo and Longbow they both are awsome but i feel more bad for Longbow. He has had a rough past parents dyeing while he was really young his wife dying on their wedding day etc etc etc. Jalkan is a horrible character o and get this NARASAN IS A GOOD GUY I LOVE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now i have to go study for a HUGE spanish test on monday and a HUGE math test on Tuesday.
see ya

Friday, May 21, 2010

Okay found the truth

I have THREE weeks ONE day left of school sorry. XD Hey didn't i have 42 followers ... what ever.
Hahaha i'm happy i finally figured out why I have always feared the Dark and Silence. :) and no i am not going to tell you people. WOOT
woot i love that song XD I also like WHY IS THE RUM GONE!!!!!
woof roof!!!!!!!!!!!
bye bye

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I am really hating blogger at this moment

 well that is all 4 weeks 16 days left

Did i mention

I LOVE the Civil War (learning about it). I am a FREAK about it give me a date i will know the battle give me a battle i will know something that ended on the same day. Did you know 5,000 horses total died in the civil war? Gettysburg and Vicksburg ended on the same day. General Ulysses S. Grant's plan for ending the war was Total War or Scorched Earth. Pickets charge was pretty much a suiside atempt for General Lee's men. I also am a little bit of a freak over World War II (again learning about it) but not nearly as much the Civil War. Did you know Lincoln had a confederate dollar in his pocket when he was assassinated? Well i think that is all TO SCHOOL FOR ONLY 4 MORE WEEKS AND 17 MORE DAYS!!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


4 weeks 17 days left till school is out then we take our class trip then the only time I will see thous people will be over face book OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!  Also 2 weeks and 2 more meets till track ends. I absalutly cannot wait here is  my summer must do list
1 draw more
2write more
3 finish my book
4 avoid the sun (my genetics aka blond hair fair skin make me at a higher risk for skin canser)
5 dread my cholestoral check
6 pray my right eye isn't so bad I need glasses again (i had them from when i was 3-8 so i do NOT  want them anymore)
7 play more music with flue and guitar
8 idk be me?

Monday, May 17, 2010

My all time favorite quote

"If you have no voice SCREAM: If you have no legs RUN: If you have no hope INVENT"
that is my favorite quote of ALL TIME it is from Alegria. Well here ya go here is my chalange to all of you awnser with comments.
What is this quotes moral or meaning?
I know my oppinion post your comments with awnsers think long and hard because this quote I run all my life by.

A video will come

It will not be wizard101 though if i can get music on it i will. It will be a animation of wizard101 pets in a band and Alyssa Silverheart as the lead singer. I can picture it now Lord Piper my minitaur with a leather jacket playing guitar Queen Cali as drumer her hair all choppy and let down. And Alyssa her Hair like mine irl dressing like me irl YEAH THAT IS HOW IT IS GONNA BE it will probably be to What I've done or New Divid.
see ya
P.S. yes that is my new sign off

Sunday, May 16, 2010


well that is all i am writing my book so later vote on the poll. later

I leveled for NOTHING!

okay so i leveled and tried and got angry over all this for NOTHING!!!!!!!! i can't do the @#$#$#% quest because i am not on the labyrinth yet I HATE WIZARD101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
good bye

Im not gonna go around the bush this time.

Okay people complain that they only have 50 followers. And people complain that they only get 2 or 3 comments per post. I have less than 45 followers i think the most comments i've gotten on a post in May is 2. In about a month i will have blogged for a year and do you know what i think. Sure i can't have cool headers because i don't have the programs and sure i may not play wizards more than one time a week. But here is the  thing and this is me and friends opinion. Your passion is what should drive you not what you do for publicity and popularity.  I like blogging and that is why i do it. Others to me, it seems, do this simply because they want fame. PA-THE-TICK!!!!!!!!!! I don't have a passion for wizards any more so i don't play a lot, i have passions for art, writing, and my sport so that is what i fill my life with i will show you some of my art one moment
Sry it is side ways but that is the only way i could fit it on the screen, now i drew this a few months ago when wizards mattered to me i wanted to put a different one on but my camera is being dumb. My writing go to my other blog stories of my mind. my sport. Well can't show you proof of that.  I sugest that if you blog for fame. Find what you have passion for and do that you will be happier.
the storm wiz.Silverheart

Saturday, May 15, 2010

should i remove the ability to comment?

I mean you people don't need it right. Well any way i am tired, achy, and i have to go play volleyball for a long time. UGH!!!!!!! Well that is really all i have to say and scratch what i said a bout playing wizards on sunday thanks to my spanish teacher i am going to have to spend the day rotting my brains with spanish. I HATE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!  IT IS MAKEING ME WANT TO KILL A MAGICIAN AND WEAR HIM AS A OUTFIT TO HAWI* ....... YES I KNOWI MISS SPELLED HAWAII :D
the storm wiz.silverheart
*I give credit to that threat entirely to my friend Jojo

Friday, May 14, 2010


well i have one tonight but first i have to go to a party then after the dance i am going to the local pizza place to goof off till 10. but right now i am BORED!!!!!!! I pulled out my dusty make up (i almost never wear any) and put some stuff on right now i have BRIGHT blue eye shadow and mascara on. I love the eye shadow for one reason ....
it is INSAIN no one i repeat NO ONE  in my grade puts this color on their eyes they go all nutral but the way i dress and act i think should require me to have this color on XD
well i am going to do something else till my  mom gets home to drive me to Sabrina's party
the storm wiz.silverheart

Thursday, May 13, 2010


My friend has the most awsome picture of my EYE!!!!!!! i would show you but it is of me and i don't think my mom would let me .... so any how
not gonna get on wizards till sunday i am freakishly busy till then volleyball pracice in of 20 minutes then  tomarrow practice then to the dance then to the pizza shop in town to eat spaghetti (yep i still hate pizza) then to a volleyball turnament after  volleyball ends home to get changed then race to Ky-Ky's to watch Blue Lagon (idk weather to go yay or snore so) Well
I changed my title i got bored so i put that on there i wanted to do my GR t-shirt but ahhh it was kinda too big (curse me being 5foot 6 inches tall) so later i gtg eat dinner before practice
have fun playing your video game peeps i out
the storm wiz.silverheart

A Flat statement

If you are coming here to hear about my adventures on wizard101 I would probably only be able to blog about once a week.  So I blog about other things that honestly if you come here for wizard stuff you don't probably read.  Sorry to dissapoint. But i speak the truth so once a week wizard posting is all you are gonna get and you get the rest of my life the rest of the time. Hopefully it keeps your interest. (from the lack of comments i wonder if it does)
the storm wiz.silverheart
P.S. TO SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


just had awsom track meet learned that is you "in bed" after every sentince it can make it HILARIUSE me and my friends where having so much fun with that.
Well gtg i got a WHOLE HECK alot of (flippin) homework to do X coughs X stupid spanish sub telling us our 75 word essay was due on friday then making it SUDDENLY do TODAY but the sub today was nice and gave my class an extra day because she is cool like that X end of coughs X add to that history reading and English stuff i an't gonna do till tomara
the storm wiz.silverheart

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


haha i have a great idea for my book series hahaha XD GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! add to that it is total fail on the main characters part XD CANNOT BELEIVE HOW GREAT THIS IS TOTAL AND COMPLEAT FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow there are no spaces in that uno momento por favor k so fixed that. hmmmmm
hahaha well i am once again in a good mood for no reason at all :) and only Austin knows that i was this happy yesterday.  Well i drew a picture i need to take a picture upload and show you people and put it on face book so yeah that is all i got. IT is pretty darn good since i am AWFUL at drawing men. (Unless you want me to draw Celeb i can do that fine he has girl hair XD ) sigh .....
btw if any of you have an alt named Isaiah i will NOT  friend them :D well that is all i got to say so i think i am gonna change my sign off. well later
vote is gonna go up till then

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dear Bloggers

I feel i have so little in common with all of you. It is just like real life for me. That is the way I intentinaly lead my life avoiding
girly songs
and the color pink
that is the way i love life. I hate the song fire flys and i love Linkin Park. I like the color black and willow trees. I write storys half the time and draw the rest. I honestly feel if i could i would not play wizards any more. But something keeps me here with all of you. I guess you are nice. So what ever this is that keeps me here and not loosing my head with how few of you like jumping up and down screaming their heads off to rock music put on full blast. So just remember and this is my descirption
I am the different one. remember that
the storm wiz.silverheart


how ever i am talking to Taco Woman about how hot Orlando Bloom is XD
gotta love me and my friends i had something else to tell you people uno momento porfavor
... X talks to Taco Woman about Orlando Bloom X
k back
Global warming: Real or just sientists wearing too many shirts when they go into a heated lab and think the world is getting hotter. WE will NEVER know .....
the storm wiz.Silverheart

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Well here is the amazing room now i need to get back to haveing two converstations with Taco Woman one about global warming and the other about the Taco of Wisdom
the storm wiz.silverheart


i am bored i am trying to figure out Mafia Wars. Ninja Warz is fun but i am not in the mood. Farmvill is dumb and Vampire Wars is boring (i don't care about sucking blood)
i might get on wizards
if Austin or David are on
the storm wiz.silverheart

Saturday, May 8, 2010

RAINBOW EYES!!!!!!!!!!!

i can get very bored :D
the storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. sry if that scares you but i find it AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol :)

Amazing time today :D. i is confused -.- WHAT EVER!!!!!!!!!! ahahahha :) i is loveing face book any way  later
people i have otherthings to do with my life.
the storm wiz.silverheart

Friday, May 7, 2010

Odd moment lead to

oddness and a bit of confusion but i really do like him :)
yes that was intended to confuse you because i am quite confused right now but i think i like a friend of mine. So lets see
had state test this week
am starting to call people if they have Ls in their name with out the Ls
or some times As a friend of mine (the one i think i might like scratch that DO like) name is IsH with out As : D
i am
-and rocking out the New Divide and What I've Done
 the storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. call me Ayssa, Spaz: Nohe, and Pico: Eah

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


K i am angry have to go to school in some 10 minutes and i really really want to go slam my volleyball as hard  as i can at the floor ... well later i have better things to do than sit here and type.
the storm wiz.Silverheart

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TOTAL LOVE!!!!!!!!

for NINJA WARZ everyone with a facebook must try this game : D it is adicting :) i am a level 9 shadow ninja with 4 ninjas total 1 green belt 2orange belts 1 yellow belt  here are my ninjas
Green belt: Noisshiki Madoka, Orange belt 1: Minamoto Maiko, Orange belt 2: Magaribuchi Fude, Yellow belt: Mizuhari Azusa
well that is all
 the (totaly addicted to Ninja warz) storm wiz.Silverheart

Monday, May 3, 2010


k so i am totaly addicted to Ninja warz on face book but it is being a dumb but and not letting me level up my 10 ninja I WANT HER TO BE 12  i have a level 15 a level 10 and a level i think 7? 5? one minute .... X waits for it to load X k level 6
well that is all
 the storm wiz.Silverheart

Sunday, May 2, 2010


K so i was in Ravenwood right infront of Bartelbe private chating to Austin when a random grandmaster storm wizard walks up and says "wow" now i think he is talking about Lord Charlie but OHH NO wanna know what he says after i say what? "You are cute for a cartoon" now you people think i am going to get all IT is a game IN GAME ROMANCES ARE POINTLESS on you right? EEEEEHHHH WRONG!!!!!  Wanna know what "for a cartoon" saved this dude from a annoyed rant from me. :) instead he got a thanks and a bye.  I had to go to a party at one of Austin's friends houses any way.
Well can't wait for the pet updates to come to the live. Me and Lord Charlie are gonna have some fun then :D
 the storm wiz.Silverheart


 Okay the walk yesterday for my friends dad was AMAZINGLY INSAIN!!!!!!!!!
lets start with the best stuff
1: SABRINA AND I WHERE ON THE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2: the ARMY was there
3: over ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED PEOPLE SHOWED UP!!!!!! 1498 was the biggest number i saw.
:) We all love u and your family Bridgy ;D
 the storm wiz.Silverheart

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A 5K walk today and Fredy has a replacement

okay first the 5k here is the spudeal GAH CAN'T SPELL DEAL TODAY AT 6:45 AM
k my friends father has a desease I think it is huntingson's desease (No i cannot spell the name or the word desease or a lot of other stuff ) and we are walking 5k (2miles) to help find the cure wanna hear how bad this thing is i will use something he said
"It is not a question of whether or not you will dovelope symptoms only a question of when" Poor Bridgys daddy :(