Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One more day!!!!

Just one more day till break. tomorrow is my family Christmas then we are going downstate for my whole family Christmas. We would have had my family Christmas on Thursday  but I've got volleyball, which reminds me. I STINK AT BASKETBALL!!!! (yes that is related. when ever we have basketballs out I play volleyball with them :) well, i can make baskets just not very consistently.

Today in spanish we listened to spanish christmas music and we had a consert today for the middle and high school courses, man was it funny to listen to the difference between the two!!!!! the middle school all squeaky and the high school really good (my school is really arts and music oriented, even though we are a public school. sports go first then at last resort we cut art then music haha)

well later

-Lyssie (Waterlow) 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Greasers and Raggers, Waterlows and Bayars

Well I have been reading The Demon King (again) and They have two wizarding familys Waterlows (currently my signature on my phone) and Bayars (these people are annoying)

Also in my english class we are reading The Outsiders i sould be on chapter 5, I've been done with the book for over 12 hours. It was a good book but boy are me and Sabrina gonna be bored the next 4 weeks while all the slow people read.
well later y'all

Lyssie (Waterlow)