Thursday, December 31, 2009


the (alegria crazy) storm wiz.Silverheart


alegria I see a sparkle light shinging Alegria I hear a young minstral singing Alegria I hear a beautiful roaring scream of joy and sorrow so extream there is a love in me raging Alegria a joyus magical feeling.
I love Alegria!!!!!! I DIDN'T EVEN SEE IT LIVE!!!! there where giants and water nimphs. There where old birds and elves. there was Yin and Yang there was a Fire dancer and contorisonits (how do you spell it) I LOVE ALEGRIA!!!! Wanna see it? here Cirque de Soleil-Alegria that is just a preview of it it is MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH longer. I love it : D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
well all for now Happy new year merry days and don't forget



Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Not much to say
still haven't found any new quotes yet : (
I'm throwing a party starting at 4 and ending at 11 tomorrow : D
I have a cool new ring I iz wearing it right now .....
Merf Sabrina My best friend, who I have been friends with for about 5 years now. thought today was my birthday MY BIRTHDAY IS IN MARCH MARCH NOT DECEMBER MARCH M-A-R-C-H MARCH MMMMAAAARRRCCCCHHHH!!!!!!! did I say march plenty? no? okay
MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol st. Patric's day it is ironic 'cause I am 1/2 Irish : D then again I am Russian and Dutch (German for German : ) really the Germans call Germany Dutchland! : D I love being German : D
the(german) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. nope still out of qotes : (

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

time again

Hello Don't got much to say up here other than the ushualy that comes
with a post with pictures so here you go the post will continue below right this way and: click to enlarge
this is not Julia Rainbreaker's house it is Ronan Icehunter(to see ronan look down). I love his house it is so amazing : D I love it.
this is My friend Ronan Icehunter. I wouldn't say me and him are great friends. I mean I've never quested with him. And neather of us like PvP that much. But he is nice and has a SICK house and he is plesant when we do hang out so..... put your own spin on our friendship I an't got one.

I love that view: ) It is just so beautifull in my oppinion I don't care about
yours with this paticular thing : P

lol if you look closesly at this you will see I am standing on the water not in it YAYZ I A MUTANT!!!!!!!!!! Yes I now can officaly say that I have
watched Xmen

Sigh this place is one of my favorites : D I go here to relax.

sigh today a friend of mine brought me and Ronan to a text chater's
party I alwas feel out of place there then I saw some one I didn't exspect
Megan Bluemask. Who now has been about... well... the storm lord know how long since Megan has been off my list!! Now I see her text chating and flying (I think I sound like Gimli there I watch too much lord of the rings for my own good : )meh a little strage it is very rare you will find someone who is off your list again. With out any help I mean. I was just going to my house after the only person who I was hanging out with at that party
(Ronan) left When my friend Vanesa asked for my help so I found my self
killing monsters just like when we where back in Moo shu : ) Sigh. I just realized something I made WAY to many 'spy man' people on my Wii (I was REALLY[to the 10th power!] bored earlyer ier yer earlier??? OH I GIVE UP!!)

the (somewhat bored)storm wiz.Silverheart

P.S. hi I ran out of qotes TO THE LORD OF THE RINGS MOVIES TO FIND MORE QOTES X runs off the find movies X


Well I am half way to level 45 MUST GET TO LEVEL 45 I NEED SWORD AND BIG HAMMER lol I have a big hammer that does myth damage : D I love hammers. I also love Linken park they are the best : D my favorite song is Shadow of a Day. woot : D yesterday I was at Sabrina's she has a laptop so she was sitting next to me and I was taking her and a friend all over the spiral and we where just standing there talking when suddenly a guy with a really long Moo shu sword walks up the end of the sword is right by her friend he suddenly turns around and says "GET THAT KNIFE AWAY FROM MY BUT!" we cracked up!! that happened yesterday and even today we are laughing about it! : D
sigh I love that I just found out my Friend Rylee Stormgem has a blog Dunno but I just found that out GO THERE!!
the (still level 44 ACK!!) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. " such a young elf!" "I'm over 2000 years old gimli. such an old dwarf"

Saturday, December 26, 2009


dunno bored loling at random
bomerangs are good for knocking chinchilas out of trees : D
the (bored and stil Legolas crazy) storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. "I feel something, a sligh tingle in my fingers, I think it might be affecting me" (said while partisipating in a Drinking game while Gimli sat there 124% drunk muttering nonsence : )

Friday, December 25, 2009


Okay you all know Aragorn right yeah the dude with black hair in the fellowship of the rings yeah you know him wellll I was watching the extended version today and I learned 1 thing ARAGORN IS 87 that struck me as odd because well he does not look like it....... I mean Legolas is what 2000?!?!?! But he is an elf. That is normal. Dunno found that odd. Later
the (legolas crazy) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. "37, 38"

KNOCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!

I just got through about 5 different games of Wii boxing : D I never get past round 1 no mader how hard my opponent is : ) It is my favorite work out : DI have 2 characters on my dude character I do all my boxing (half way to pro allready : ) on my dudet I do all of my tenis (only did 2 games so dunno how high she is : )
!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE WII BOXING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sigh gotta love it : D
the (boxing and legolas crazy) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.s. "would you like me to describe it to you, Or shall I get you a box"

Merry Christmas

bought to go to church BTW I GOT A WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a DVD player and lord ofthe rings movies (trying to figure out how to watch that part about Legolas : ) Hope you all have a wonder full christmas
the (legolas crazy) storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. did you know that to make wigs more realistic they shave the person's head than glue the wig in place

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Need to start working

I need to start working. On what you may ask?
My dream job.
Video Game designing.
But Silverheart you are too young to know about all that goes into a game
So? I still have ideas that should be listened to and good ones at that I have a talent for description my words are worth thousand pictures!!!
I know now why I'm so bored of wizards and blogging about it is I'm on the side lines I'm not doing anything more than sitting behind a computer!!!!!!
You know you cant do that you have no one to show it to no one to approve it for.
And that annoying little voice in my head who doesn't know how to keep it's overly large mouth shut it is why I feel like I can't DON'T CRUSH MY DREAMS WOULD YA!!!! X mutters under breath at self X "split personality much you are soooo like golum!!" any who

Any ideas I've got tons for a game but no one but my friends to tell them too : (
the (sighing) storm wiz.Silverheart


Blogging is beging to feel like a 3rd wheel about my gaming : / not really shure why kinda wanna quit : ( kinda don't : ( CONFUZELED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sigh wachya ganna do bouts it : /
the (confuzled) storm wiz.Silverheart

Update : D

I am a little bored so here are some pictures : D
Why I she here? I just realized in the past 2 weeks fallon has gone threw 5 pets!!!
looky here I've got two pets now SWEET but I prefer Sir Rudy : D
P.S. Sir Rudy is the newest pet in her log
You are soooooooo jeolus of my awsome unicorn mount : P

Lord zues and Duke Rocky held a party without me and Sabrina : ( AT HER HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me Killing old man Drake (you can see me in the left hand corner: )

Me talking to old man drake (before I kill him : ) right here I was thinking ummm yeah that is kinda why I'm here DER!!!!

the awsome (healed) tree of life : D

Me and sabrina on her newest wizard

The (bored) storm wiz.Silverheart

Merry Christmas

yep so yeah that is all I've got to say my aunt uncle and thier dog who hates my dog is here( LOL : )
the (STILL LEVEL 44!!) storm wiz.Silverheart

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


FINALLY I'm on break when school ended today everyone broke into diffrent christmas songs : D I love my grade
the (finally off) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.s. tiss the season to kill onis falalalallalalala bash his head with a triton falalalala.......


I got my danger hound this morning while checking Email I cannot wait till I get on later FALLON IS GONNA GET HER LITTLE WIZARD CITY HOUSE WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I want the unicorn bug : )
the (no longer Dangerhoundless but still the stormhoundless) storm wiz.Silverheart

Monday, December 21, 2009

Getting a little bored!

I can't believe it but it's true I am a little bored of wizards!!!! X gasp X XD
but I'm not kidding!! I'm a little bored with it. I NEED WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well I do.
I need a new game but one with a goal (the ones with no goals bore me) BTW by goal I mean getting to level 80 (well for me it means getting a death knight but you get the idea.) I need to get away but I have no where to go no more down loads (computer can't hold) no WAY would I play free realms (snore) Adventure quest (I play it is S-T-U-P-I-D stupid) Moshimonsters (ACK GET THAT AWAY FROM ME X runs away screaming X BORING!!!!!) Fantage (god I hate that) Lord of the rings online (no more download space) Webkinz (used to have one hate it hate it hate it) those are all the games I know of I play non of them : ( (that face was just in the case of world of warcraft and lord of the rings online) : the other ones well I told you why I hate them. I need a way to get away from wizards a new community new people to meet hmmmm. any suggestions? (nothing childish please)
the (in need of a break) storm wiz.Silverheart

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I'm in Dragonspyer i fled a couple of times when I was killing old man drake just so I could enjoy it agean : D sigh... bored don't feel like questing I gotta whole lot of statues (my yard is full of them) I can wait till I get a pic of the pool room in the myth house why?
I put all of my palm trees in there and a hyroglific tablet and one of them camilen thingys and a couple of the big tablet thingys out side the door and it is a krocotopien reatreat if I ever knew one (which I don't I hate the krock houses too much sand for me so that is also why I do not like the balance house) I have desided when I become grandmaster on my ice wizard she is the one I will become War lord on: D
the (still level 44 aruge!) storm wiz.Silverheart

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well today after mastery level of confuzion desided well I don't know what to think since it was after the time I planed to meet Kestrel to do the tree of life I just went on and got started : D I don't know how but I soloed most of it (and probably could have soloed the Death oni) then 2 of my friends ported to me and GOOD BYE DEATH ONI!!!!!!!! : D so then I dove in and started on my Jade oni Sabrina on her level 9 necromancer ported to me then another one of my friends then one of her friends then GOOD BYE JADE ONI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I left my beloved moo shu and went to see the Headmaster he told me to see Profesor Drake and then
: ( computer time up sigh tommarow I plan to tell Sabrina to log in and say to her "I'm going to go kill pr. Drake port to me" : D I can NOT wait : )
I got about a MILLION statues for the tree of life and my Jade oni ( I am short 1 more nija pig and I will have all the ones from the attack : ) I can not WAIT till tommarow
Sorry Kestrel but I wanted to get into dragonspyer this weekend and I just was confuzled : ( mabey some other time we could do a run of somthin : )
the (in dragonspyer and level 44)storm wiz.Silverheart


avrage saturday.
sigh what eves later peeps : P
the(cool : ) storm wiz.Silverheart

lol: D

6You gotta love it when there is about 7 kids just about to become teens 1 10th grader and 1 kid younger all (exsept the 10th grader) hyped up on shurger highs screaming playing video games talking about zombies pastathariens (belive that it is acually a gient postamonster who rules the world I don't know why but thats what one of them said they where? ) and how people who where pink have no rights so currently I have no rights
: ( lol : ) la di da di da ahhhh now THAT is MY idea of a christmas party why? BECAUSE that was what happend at Sabrina's christmas party last night : D
the (stuck in Moo shu : ( storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. I LOVE MOO SHU BUT I WANNA BE IN DRAGONSPYRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wait I don't cry!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


GOOD BYE WIZARD CITY HELLO GIENT CYCLOPS ON AN ISLAND!!!!!! I BOUGHT THE MYTH HOUSE HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeppers I got my dream house (and a cool new Nija samuri pig thingy with my gift card: )
hurray it is currently undecroated But what eves I have soooooo much stuff it'll be full in no time flat : D
the (happy and tiered) storm wiz.Silverheart

aww man: (

well the tree of life run is going to have to be changed to saturday (or sunday) tell me what time will work I'm free all day (exsept sunday between11:30 -3:30 volleyball practice) sorry forgot about a christmas party have to go to.
the(still in Moo shu X sigh X) storm wiz.Silverheart

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quick post

this is just about my gaming futcher within the nxt year or so I will be getting a new computer. I plan (once this new computer is in) to get World of Warcraft and play with my friend: ) Em. she is one of the few female gamers in my grade : D
I'm, in the mean time, trying to find out as much as I can about it so far I am quite unsucsesfull I gues I'll just have to go over to Em's and learn from her
The(in need of W.O.W.) storm wiz.Silverheart

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dunno if you'd call it productive

yeah today not much happend I got a new staff (it looks like Otomo staff of dreaming but balance) and I finised touring all the houses (my top two are life and myth but myth is the one I'm going to buy diviner of MYTH) I'm so close to level 44 woot!!! Probably after the tree of life run on friday Oh BTW I'm thinking 7:30 eastern time (Pm) will that work for you guys?
I also got a few battles with Otomi in he won't coff up my life's hat my storm's hat (i just want it because it looks cool) or my sword!!!!!!! just a bunch of the same junk I've gotten before dunno : P My mount rocks shure its not flashy but it's cool : D

I have a new game I want to try but my stupid PC (old like what 3 years old!!!!!) won't hold another download : ( X wailsX I NEED A NEW COMPUTER AND WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of my friends was telling me about it she put it to gether and here is what we found

Yes that is what we found : D I can't wait till the next 6 months to a year when we get a new PC I'll be able to play W.O.W WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy I'm just gonna need to save some of my allowance (that I ushually get in crowns to pay for the 15 bucks a month fee sigh why must games cost)
well off the computer for me : ( later all
The (still swordless but with new staff) storm wiz.Silverheart

Sunday, December 13, 2009


ALSO WANTED X wales X A LEVEL 40 SWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am almost in Dragonspyre I want to get in so bad it hurts!!! I could have done it today with a friend of mine but I over estimated the instense : (
WILL SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!?????? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
X begs X I'ZE NEEDY HELPS!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE DRYAD AND SATAR I CAN HEAL ANY ONE I HAVE COOL ATACKS (mr. awsome [triton] and bob [stormzilla] help)
the (help needed) storm wiz.Silverheart

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Here are some of my like 50 pics of my adventures that last 2 weeks.
I think that just looks cool when I do that so here is a pic of it: D
I told you guys my stage was awsome!!!!!

here to modle my goul with card pet is Sabrina's character on my account (she is not a paying player) (she is curently level 16 I call her the Necromancer of life [ her secondary is life] lol I'll do some interviewing with her and post a bit about her adventures through krock)
okay this is for the pic below that is being dumb and won't let me type anything below it YAY TRITON I WILL CRUSH ALL IN HIS LIGHTNING RODS WAY MUWAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAH


How can you be angry here its so beutiful!!!
OOOOOOOOH how beutiful!!! wave hit to Charles : D
the (busy) storm wiz.Silverheart

not much new

well here are the updates

the awsome Charles is angry with me because he asked for my help with a solo instens : (

I am now level 43 : D (only two more till swords time : )

I am on the Village of sorrow : )

I am almost done with Moo Shu : (

I am still swordless : (

Sabrina Willowbane (her person on my account) is now in krock and has learned her Vampire and spiret armur spells. : )

Congrats to one of my friends (I forgot his name currently X smiles sheepishly X ) for reaching level 45 and entering dragonspyre : D

My stage is awsome (pic some other time)

I finally got a lord of the rings movie ( GO LEGOLAS WOOT!!!!! mehehehe he is so cool O )

I have a new story I'm writing (no not about wizards that bores me
well it does)

I am cool : P

Tomwagwa the pathetic has fallen to my mighty Triton (a 1986 hit finished him off nicely)

the (awsome) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. I think his name is D somethin (sorry!!!!!)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

the tree of life ambush

yes me and 3 of my friends ran through and killed that oni till he was dead (don't ask) I got a ghoul pet with a ghoul card. My friends Charles Dreamwalker, Patrick Silversheald, and Garret Sunbrand ran it last night. Charles got my sword though : ( well I'm happy for Charles but I WANT MY SWORD SO BAD!!!!!!!! sigh what eves I have maybe 4 more quests than BOOM level 43!! still in Moo shu had some fun. last night Patrick and Garret where fairly animated when they where talking then Me and Charles being much more quiet we where more of the necromatic once (well he really is a necromancer)
I gotta go to school now (in a blizzard stupid ..... [ did you really think I'd tell you the name of my school?] sending us in, in this ) : (
the (sad : () storm wiz.Silverheart

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I just got back from Sabrina's sigh. bored her dog tryed to bite me like 10 times he alwas does it's his greeting I'm gonna go draw more elves (the cool lord of the rings elves not the dorky christmas elves)
the (lord of the rings crazy GO LEGOLAS YEAH KILL THAT ELEFANT!!!) storm wiz.Silverheart

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm back (no not from the dead ... that would be really cool though...)

yes I am back sorry about the week long thingy well here is what ya need to know.

I am now level 42 (and 1/2)
I have 2004 health (yay! finally in the 2000)
I am a master of storm (storm wizards become that after they learn triton)
I am now on the ancent Burial grounds ya know I once got lost in there for 10 minutes never did find my way out, I just poofed out!
I bought a 7 day rental on a broom
I have not yet been on the test
I am still (level 40) swordless
Happy dog XD dunno bored
: P my friend got a hair cut : )
lalalalala I have alot of pics to show you peoples.
the (not dead) storm wiz.Silverheart

Monday, November 30, 2009

My cestela dream

well I misspelled that. I had a dream I was in Cestela at first I didn't know where I was I was just there then it came to me it was cestela it looked like Rohn from the Lord of the Rings I walked through the fields and hills I found no one I found that odd I just keeped walking through empyt fields then the dream changed now the place was like it was in the move people I was accualy fowlowing Legolas dunno found it weird that my mind told me it was Celestra ( I really don't have a clue how to spell that)
The Storm wiz.silverheart

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm back

I was at a party from 4 yesterday till just now actually : D. A lot of fun and cake for breakfast : ). I need to do something but dunno we played truth or dare my dare was really dumb ' Lick the couch' I mean really come on awful absolutely awful.

The(happy : ) storm wiz.Silverheart

Friday, November 27, 2009

Awsome day conclud and to the Hall of chapions we will go : D

well today I was on alot on Alyssa I really didn't do anything just hung out and was awsome : P. On Fallon though I did alot including getting to level 18 I also got her 3056 gold and some cool new Dragonspyre robes : D above is randome bits of pics I found in the folder I am gonna contunu with the story line quests on Fallon now : D
if you look above the pic of Sabrina willowbane you will see a kracken to be perfictly honest I really want on of them as a pet the look so adorable then when you go up to pet them they atack! I want one that dosn't atack!!!!!! the girl in Black and green I was just in the dye shop when I notesed her oufit was cool congrats what ever your name is you have a cool outfit!! also in that you see some shots of Fallon (the blue haired wizard level 18 ice) and Scarlet (the one dressed in all green level 22 life )
well that all
the (now level 41 and 3/4) storm wiz.Silverheart

don't ya just love it when your parents know you well.

Lol well to exsplane here is what you need to know yesterday I was watching the Lord of the Ring the fellowship of the ring and there was an elf dude blondish wightish hair he promised Froto his bow. (bow. I think I misspeled that the thing you shoot arrows out of) I told my mom that he was my favorite character she asked why my awnser was "he is awsome" later my mom was talking to me and said really why is that guy your favorite character my awnser 'cause he is hot. today I was watching it agean and pausing every time that guy came up : D got to go wizards calling party later lots of junk: D
the ( Happy : ) storm wiz.Silverheart

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Almost there then ...

I'm out of crowns and am on Shrakti temple wich I don't have (OH COME ON!!) when do we get our danger hounds? hmmmm dunno : (
gotta eat BTW HAPPY TURKY DAY!!!
the (dangerhoundless) storm wiz.Silverheart

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My all time favorite

Monster, animal, Mythological animal, song, book, move
Monster: he is actually one of my own creation he is 10 feet tall has 3 foot long red talons Bad wings 5 inch fangs red and black hair and sucks blood meet TIME ASSASSIN LEWIS!! YAY!!!!!!! I love Lewis he is awesome : D
Animal: dogs I love them.
Mythological animal: DRAGONS DRAGONS ARE THE BEST THEY ARE SO AWESOME BUT NOT WIZARD101 DRAGONS THEY MAKE THEM LOOK ALL FRIENDLY AND NICE WRONG!!!!!!!!! YOU NEED TO BE FEARLESS IF YOU WANT TO TRAIN A REALLY DRAGON ( of course I am just saying this if dragons where real which sadly they are not : ( )
Song: time between 3 Let it Rock Welcome to the world or give me a sign (all by Kevin Rudolf)
Book: the 5th Harry potter until the end where my favorite character dies
Move: don't got one movies bor me : D
Btw my theory is " sure the good guys are the Hero's but there would be no story with out the villains" that is why Volidmort is my second favorite character : D GO VILLANS!!!!!! he he : D If I could have any dragon in the world I would have a Hmmmm. Probably a shadow dragon they are pritty much Black dragons but shadow dragons are more powerfull.
BTW My favorite anime pic of all time is too awsome to show you : D GO GLOWY BLUE SWORD OF DEATH WOOT!!!!!!!!!


the (sword loving)storm wiz.Silverheart

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


level 41 and 1/4 so close to being a master of storm if I take some time to clear out some side quests it'll be a breeze I HAVE MADE A MISTAKE MY LIFE WIZARD'S NAME IS SCARLET SHADOWWRAITH NOT SABRINA THAT IS MY DEATH SABRINA WILLOWBANE well acualy she is Sabrina's charicter on my account you see she dosn't have crowns or a subscription she is trying as hard as she can to level but after 3 months is only 3/4s of the way to 13 her parents won't even hear of spending money on a game. I can't wait my house is just being awsomeifyed YAY I am almost done with Kishbe oh didn't I say I cleared the cave. I really really want one of them Krackens as a pet

Dear santa,
This year for christmas I would like a Kracken pet in W101.
send promotional code to *clasifyed* (what you'd actualy think I would put my user name out on the web?).

I have tons of pics to show it's gonna take forever to put them up. sigh. I have a party to go to at 4:00 on friday I'll be back (at the latest) noon on saturday. Woot!!!! I am almost a master of storm I need to get to level 45 so I can equip my sword!!!! (blade of the silver senteal balance atack prefer if there was a myth atak but what eves) ( btw bazard for thouse of you wondering)
all I have time for
The(almost a master of storm) storm wiz.Silverheart

Monday, November 23, 2009


havn't been on yet today sorry for being so bad at posting lately. there was a bit of comotion at my house over the week end. HAPPY TURKY DAY PEOPLE!!! that is what I call thanksgiving turky day yay!! Well just cleared the Cave of solitude I really want a Kracken pet like the ones in the cave of solitude they are so cute I want one so bad. Krackens are like the syomble of the storm school!!!! well all I got to say other than I'm almost to level 41 ( I nearly typed 31 wow silverheart that was forever ago well no acualy it was mabey a month or two but hey what eves)
the (master) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. (()).(()) like?

Friday, November 20, 2009

A new Idea

I have an idea I will do a little guid sorta thing for Diviners. With just tips I've found first off is NEVER USE STORM SCHOOL SPESIFIC GEAR use eather all school or crown (preferably crown) the one exseption to this is Grandmaster gear use the robes nothing eleas use crown hat and shoes you can chose your pets and wands and anthams and what ever eleas.
more next time gotta go.
the (level 40 YAY) storm wiz.Silverheart

WAAAA HOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also got a really cool chest thining and created a twin a diviner, looks the same, the same EXACT name alyssa Silverheart the only diff. One is level 40 the other level1 you can guess whos who. I' M A MASTER I'M A MASTER LAST 10 LEVELS OF THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so close to being done then it is the next wizard I've have some pics to show but I've got somthin to do. so later
the (level 40) storm wiz.Silverheart

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


sorry forgot to get the info on my two wizards the poll is gonna be on. I'll just say a bit from memory.
Sabrina Shadowwraith: level 22 life/blance wizard has good gear. She is not a dualer and when ever I'm on NONE of her friends are EVER on. she has a Heckhound pet. She curently is stuck on the Vault of Ice quest with no one to help her out. She is still in her dorm with some fairly crappy furnichure nothing compaired to Alyssa's castle I'm waiting for school spesific houseing for her.

Fallon Icebane: level17and 3/4ths ice/death wizard has sweet gear and a dragon pet. she has 14 friends whome I never see. Because they are never on. She has a dragon pet and is saving up for a krock. she is just begining the Krockospinx with her I have latly just been side questing to (hopfully) get a nice level 18 to get her level 18 spell which I do not know what that is.... hmmm... dunno She is still in her dorm as well with all blue stuff. : D I'm thinking of a small Marlybone for starters. I want to get it soon. I'm am at 540 gold I plan to save up the 15,000 with all the side quests should be a brieze.

Fallon is really the wizard I've been putting some time into leveling and such I'm gonna need some one to take me to Marly when I have the gold (forever from now) the reasson I want a small house is that I alwas just start with a small one so that they don't have not enuff stuff and too much space so it be a nice one I love marly and it would be fun to have a house on one wizard as a Marly house but for Alyssa I want to be able to go swiming and to have a stage. For school spesfic housing I'm gonna get a death house and the out side is just gonna be a big grave yard more later got something to do.
the storm wiz.Silverheart


I can't some people voted with out even hearing a bit about the wizards!!!!! I'm stopping that post and taking Danelle off, I'm just not that into death right now. I guess we all go through fazes where we prefer certain schools. I'm very icy and lifey dunno not that into myth now either. DON'T VOTE ON THAT POLL A NEW ONE WILL GO UP AND ACUALLY BE THE ONE TO VOTE ON (note it will be justa life and ice pitted up ageanst each other since they are in a dual ageanst each other for 2nd fave.)
the (late for school) storm wiz.Silverheart

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

info for the new poll

Sabrina: life wizard she is defintly got a long way to go and with no help from her never on friends she is left to fight her way up the ranks as a life. She is defently one of my faves she is currently in battle for 2nd place with Fallon. But for today I will only do Sabrina. Wait till tomarrow for the post with info on the rest of my wizards (who ever wins the poll I will begin posting about imedetly)
the storm wiz.Silverheart


Been on nothin happened.......... Went to Sabrina's like 10 minutes ago got back....... hmmm..... it needs to Be March 1st. Why you may ask?
that's my birthday : D hmmm. bored Was up all (don't anwser) bored..... no one was on when I was just a random dude a friend of mine who I don't really know................................ so bored hmmmmmm........ BURNING LIFE!!!!!!!!! sorry for the randomness it's a fun game played during study hall : D sigh boredom..... I LOVE MY HOUSE LA DI DA DI DA ARGUE!!!!!!!!!!! I NEED TO GET ACROSS THE CAVE THINGy I WOULD MARK MY LOCATION AND NEVER NEED TO CROSS AGAiN BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I CAN'T GET ACROSS ARGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sigh bored..... la di da di da I love let it rock I don't like country can't stand like emotional stuff begin screaming at the sound of rap (unless it is the hilariously awful rapping of I'm a Gangster)
so umm yeah that it.... later peeps.
The (sighingly bored)storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. Lol Sabrina told me something funny "if you get close up to his face you can see his mustache" my answer was "what have you been kissing him?!" that is just what came to my head at the moment her answer was "NO!!!" lol : D. So for now I leave you all with this VIOLENT HUG!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009


dunno wait a few then I'll be on and have somethin to say
OMG Amber's house is awesome!!! yeah that is really all I have to say. I have a full buddy list. YAY!!!!! SOooooooo ummmm.... yeah all I'se gots to say hmm.....
The storm wiz.Silverheart

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A reminder of friends gone

I was looking through some old posts and I found some where Autumn commented. I was thinking about how she is still on my friends list and will be until wizard101 is a vague memory in my computers past as it sits in a junk yard to rot. As will all of my friends who quit, they will still be on my list no matter what. I find that the more I think about when people who become such good friends with people in the game suddenly quit it hurts quite a lot : ( I believe that sometimes we think people are gone but you never do know. I did a poem about never, I was actually complaining about a guy but I sum up the word never in it

Never is a word we all say
Never is a very long time
Never I did say
I would love
Never I did say
I would stop loving him
Never I do say
I will love him again
Never is a very long time
Never is a lie
we never NEVER do know

Yes you can sorta see the part where I was complaining (actually that poem was for English class). When I think of people quiting blogging I think of all my past friends I miss them (most of them anyway) I think that some times we feel betrayed and lost because people we were close to had vanished suddenly from our life's but here is what you need to know:

They aren't really gone

for not even DEATH can take a person you love away from you they will forever remain alive in you heart through your love that you give to others you keep their spirit alive. They will forever be a part of you. Each person you encounter leaves an impression on your spirit it can be both good or bad but not every person realizes it.

You have time to think about what you do before you do it.
Why? Because you only you have the ability to fix the wrong done when you do it. Life's a play one shot no do overs.

Believe it or not this post describes how I think. I am a very deep person when I want to be but I usually keep it to myself. I'm the funny person, not the profound one. I don't know if I did anything great or big but I do know that I do have the power to change a person. I hope and try as hard as I can to change them for the good or to keep them good. Try to do good to for you can change people. One at a time and by doing that you can change the world.
The (wondering) storm wiz. Silverheart

P.S. during this whole time I've been thinking about Rachel's challenge I am amazed at her story and want to know something the shooting at Columbine was on Hitler's birthday and all 13 people killed where Christian.
They where not afraid to say their faith. It is awful when people are killed for their faith.


I am I'm having loads of fun on wizards latly : D Harvest Fest rocked I found the pics now I need to add my funny comentary and what I would be saying if I had text chat (that is all going to change in a few months he he he...) any way today I loged in and found myself stairing hood to hood with Otomi so I desided to lay down some pain IT WAS FUN YAY!!! Any how guessy whaty!! I STILL DON'T HAVE MY SWORD!! I HAVE TONS AND TONS OF STUFF FOR MY ICE WIZARD I HAVE A HAT 2SETS OF ROBES 2 SHOES EVEN LEVEL 45 STUFF FOR MY MYTH!!!! BUT I HAVE NOTHING REPEAT NOTHING USEFULL FOR ALYSSA!!!!!!!!!!!!COME ON OTOMI REALLY NOTHING GOOD REALLY ARE YOU THAT CRUAL REALLY COME ON I HATE YOU OTOMI I NEED YOUR SWORD AUG OR EVEN YOU HAT OF VACANSY AGEAN I WANT THAT NOW I WAS DUMB AND SOLD IT AND YOU DROP ME A ICE HAT?????????!!!!!!!!!! OH I found something funny my friend Destiny seagem (I met her at Harvest Fest) and me have the same first name in the real world lol right!! well I love my house I love my house and I now have a tour of it up (look down)
well thats it hmm...... yeah that is my rant
The (still level40 swordless I have a level45 sword) storm wiz.Silverheart


I can't get accross the stone thingings in the cave of sorrow and I need to, to quest sigh... I'm stuck agean I need to know how the get past thouse stupid water spirets I'm a storm so it is 10 times as annoyingly pain full the mobs come to much I get sucked in no mader what I try even mounts don't help!!!!!!! I'm gonna go complain the staff people sigh.. I'm hoping it's just a bug and they can fix it.
the (stuck) storm wiz.Silverheart

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My house tour

P.S. Miss Dakota is a greater imp or she has a Imp card attached to her.

P.S. Lord Shadow was a limated edishon pet you can not get him any more
also he has no cards atached.

P.S. I don't know what pet I had in this pic I do however Know it is Not
Lord Zues.

The statue is a krock boss drop from the Chamber of fire. I got it off my

Aww I missed the flashes the flashes off the cyristal casese are so big you
can see them from the Bar down stairs!!!!

I dunno it looks kinda like a church

yeah I really do love that outfit : D thouse are all my pets.... for now : D I'm really having fun with my new desine : ) I also showed you a few of my wands I have 2 more a level 40 staff (Do daga's staff of intent) and a level 45 sword (Sword of the silver sentyla) Oh and it's true my family has christmas this year : D.
the storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. I love dogs I want a storm hound soon : D

Friday, November 13, 2009


The harvest fest thing was sweet lots of peeps!!! lol : P show ya my million and six pics tamara!! : D
the storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. I need to figure out who is the God fathers Assisant is.


I'm going to Harvest fest no no costume : ) I got my shoes dyed to black and wight so I'm not too much weirded out like I'm color blind : ) gotta love the black I wish I had a sword for the ocation what pet shall I use hmm..... LORD ZUESY!!!! YAY!!!!! gotta love 'im : D
the (awsome) storm wiz.Silverheart


I don't have computer today that means I have study hall we are learning how to make animations but I, curently am more intresed in Video game desine which is my carear choise (along with wrighting but that is another blog post) Yeah that is all I really posted to say so umm yeah ADIOS TO SCHOOL wait why am I HAPPY about that!?!?!?!?!?!?
the storm wiz.Silverheart

Thursday, November 12, 2009

done with crimsion fields

yup that is all I posted about.... WHO WANTS TO HELP ME FARM OTOMI FOR MY SWORD!!?? I don't need help but then if a friend asks me for help I say sorry I'm helping a friend instead of NO
the (curently swordless) storm wiz.Silverheart

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I just got hit with a reality call I am nearing the last 10 levels of the game (now level 39) and I just started the cave of solitude!!!!!! I just I can't belive it!!! I am almost ready to equip my level 40 staff and robes just oh wow I am so shock I am just oh wow sigh... reality I mean not even 2 months ago I was still in krock!!!!! I mean OMG!!! I am so close to be done I want to be yet .... I don't I'm confuzling I know (confuzle- to confuse or be confused) I am so excited yet I am so nervus I have awsome friends and sweet gear and a awsome house but I don't know if I really want to do my Malistaire yet.... I'll probably be grandmaster before I even am close to done with all the side quests I have who knows I plan to take a clean up day soon to just clean a few up. sigh oh boy I am so weird I want to be grandmaster yet I don't no quests helping friends alot I do all that already!!!! sigh.... wow I think I am going to look back and see how far I've really come hmmm....... well more later.... or tomarow..... or when I'm a grandmaster .... : (/ : )/ ?!?!?!?!
the (confuzled) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. I thought about this all while listaning to Unwriten

Monday, November 9, 2009

Still strugling with the crimsion field, New pet (for me and Sabrina)

Yes I have so far begune the dungeon twice! Each time was better but still. It is a easy instianse for a level 38 (almost level39 ALMOST A MASTER WOOT!!!!!) to solo I prefer to have one of my grandmaster friends backing me up it speeds the whole thing up and gives you way a lot of back up. I sadly can not get my triton I need to finish Kishbe village and the cave of sorrow!!! I need to get into yoshitos temple and get that pluage oni!!!! each end of the 3 areas and the whole world ends in a oni wow. OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH I got a TROLL pet not that I am going to use that : P and OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH SABRINA GOT A PUPPY!!!!!!!!!!! It is soooooooo cute his name is Dexter ... I think I LOVE PUPPYS!!!! : D I love Moo shu I am so over Dragonspyre so last level lol no not really It is just Moo shu is my home so I prefer it : D Next time you kill a pig don't forget to shout "BACON FOR BATTLE FREE DUALING BACON!!" As SOON as I get text I am gonna go kill a pig while shouting that : )

the (awsome) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. I have a troll pet : D

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The anoying things about level 35 and up.

Here is the # 1 thing it is called NONSTOP HELP REQUESTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HATE them my friends never stop!!! NO NO if you misunderstod me I love my friends! and hanging out with them but I despise how since they all know I'm an amazing duelist ( both as street and monster) if they are in trouble or are at the feet of a huge instense they call me I almost alwas do instenses twice once for me and a hundred more for my friends!!! I swear if one of them asks for my help with the tomb of the bugiler I will freak I did that once TWO GRANDMASTERS AT MY SIDE and we still had to do it agean 'cause we where defeated!!!!! I spead all over the spiral GRIZZLEHEIM DRAGONSPYRE MOO SHU KROCK WIZARD MARLYBONE AND EVEN TOO SUNKEN CITY!!! I HATE IT!! I NEVER HAVE TIME TO MY SELF UNLESS I TURN OFF FRIEND TELEPORTS. ARGGG!!!!!! sorry had to vent this morning I had 5 minutes to play I meant to go to some side quests but NOOO-OO I had to instead go help a friend fight F.......IN KROCKOPATRA!!!!! Yeah so yup pissed.
another annoying thing is that I know you know you are almost done with the game so you begin to think hmm. what to do. and You stop playing some on that wizard to get your second one up out of wizard (or in my case) krock.
so yeah need to vent
The (annoyed) storm wiz. Silverheart

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Yes sigh I have vollieball in like 20 minute my friend has a saying (I am the only one who she lets say it) it is very funny "I hate (insert name here) to a degree that makes small animals cry" : P I love that but remember only me and Taco are the ones who are allowed to say it so DON'T SAY IT!!!!!! George washington : ) la lalalala I love my house it is so awsome I love it la di da di daaaaaaaaaa sigh..... so wat up? Yo soy bored today a senor in my school was wearing a pink shirt that said " GAY LEGALIZE IT" lol right no offence to gays but he is the only (true) gay in my school I don't know many so I find it odd and funny. I really don't mean any offence to anyone!!!!
The storm wiz.Silverheart

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


yeah thats it
The storm wiz. Silverheart

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I know!!!

When I do the pic tour of my house (yes I plan to do that) I will add in my pet and wand collection (well most of it I have level 45 sword I can't equip....) I know precisely in what pic I'll bring out Miss Guss my blue ghost!!!! The grave yard ....... BOO!!!! I love my grave yard dearly unlike most I don't keep the bones in line with the graves or even have them burryed they are scadered all over the place!!! a dragon claw by the tree rattlebone's feet by the ramp.........
More tomarow well no I have confermation so more when I get back on and Have something to type about.

The storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. I LOVE MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


I also am a SUNKEN CITY SURVIVOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! honestly that is my favorite badge in the whole game. I just love it!!! shure I got nothin but lots of selling loot but I need to do my crafting quests so I guess I'm blessed sort of I need (for just the rings) 16 SCRAP IRON I'm DOOMED!!! I can't find the place where you turn the ore into scrap iron I MUST find that I've got more ore than I know what to do with!!!!! OHHH BTW I also killed the grub and his side kicks with a 1040 tempist nice right belive it or not if you can fight the Jade oni or solo the Kracken as a level 8 storm than you can do this it is too easy the Grub has only 1000 hit points I mean LA-AME!!!!! (btw all the things I typed above I can/could do I am no longer level 8 so I can no longer say I can solo the Kracken as if it where a huge deal)
Also some grandmasters who have nothin to do might wanna head over there last time I was there was about 30 people waiting to do theirs (plus I sorta blew off my partner as we hit the grub but she wouldn't stop text chating me when I told her I didn't have text and she really didn't do anything I really did it all! I mean she was ONLY level 22 and with 775 health I just really did it all it was SO annoying)
the storm wiz. Silverheart

REdone and compleat (for now)

What is redone and complete for now you may ask? MY HOUSE : ) !!!!!!!!!! I have it nicely done and the outside is very dragonspyre and moo shuy I still have bit to do in the party area down by the beach (I need like 20 more palm trees) I need more statues but other than that the outside is done the inside you walk into my bar and fire place room when you walk down the side with the window you come to a little study if you stand by the door like when you first walk in and make a left you will walk into my formal dinning room then you go up the back stair case in that room and you find yourself well I don't know what the heckhound that room is I have alter with candles and a lectern. then you turn and walk into the next room it sort of is a show off room I have few obelisks 2 Cristal cases and a book shelf with stuff. then you turn into my living/showoffy Kroc stuff/ crafting room I really should show you my crafting room it is sooooooooooo cool!!!! than you go back into the alter room and walk up the stairs you are in my bed room with a starry marlybone wall paper my Kroc bed and tons and tons of other stuff!!! my house is so awesome I can not describe it and since I don't have fraps unless you want a awful video done by my camera you are not gonna see my house unless you are my friend.
the storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. every room except for the living/ Kroc showoffy stuff/ crafting room has marlybone wall paper that one has Kroc wall paper


Yes I am I have awful coff and am very very tired and shaky alass. I was watching TV show about a HUGE hurricane to hit New England
So I present to you 4 places I will never live
the New England states (every hundred years or so a huge hurican hits there and we havn't yet had our 2000 one)
Florda (huricanes)
Californa (earth quakes YOU CAN FALL IN THOUS CRACKS)
Alaska (I have some thing in my fingers and toes where when it gets cold your blood vesals get smaller to conserv the heat mine get so small the close up entierly so basicly if I lived there they would probably fall off)
The (sickly) storm wiz. Silverheart

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween dance

I didn't go trick or treating or shave creaming (though I think I might do that next year) I stayed home and watched stupid non scary Halloween movies with my sick mom (oh well). I did how ever go to my schools Halloween dance dressed as Snape from Harry Potter : ) I did this thing where I would put up my hood I would cross my arms and stare at you from the corner of my eyes and say "I will look at you this way because I am snape and think I am better than you"
gotta love snape : )
The storm wiz. Silverheart

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

happy Halloween all.
not much new still level 37 (ugh)
My ice is now level 15
Life now 22
Myth now 6
that's it nothin eleas up
The storm Wiz. Silverheart

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well I'm almost level 38 sorry about being a bad blogger latly it's the end of school season for volleyball just loads of stuff going on right now (including getting a smile from a cute boy : ) lol okay I he only smiled at me because I made a funny joke. but still I think of it as a score okay. I have been gameing not much to say I need to get to level 38 than I'll have few storys to tell well thats all I need to go look something up before school
the storm wiz. Silverheart

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

ummm... HI?

Well not much to blog about on Saturday didn't get on on Sunday got on and finished up Vlira Moonwraith's quests in Dragonspyre (with help from my friends Elizabeth (level 48 necromancer) Megan (level 50 storm) and Cody (level 18 pryromancer) I also fineshed another quest in the Village of Sarrow help from (well to be honest I forget his name I don't see him much I think his name is cody too but he is level 48 pryromancer and I have about 100 more health than him hehe : ) Yeah some thing I have notesed is with text chaters it is alot more secluded with the level diffrence of friends unless you are avid in the areana (like Sabrina) with Menu chaters where you hang in the spiral determends your friends I my self spend alot of time in Moo Shu and Dragonspyre have alot of Grandmaster friends. I find in odd that, that is the way it works Menu chaters with Menu chaters (of all levels) and text chaters with text chaters around the same level I just find that odd. I have alot of Higher level friends that I spend most of my time with very few are lower than me and if they are I ushualy am too busy with my own questings to help sigh. : ) gotta love friends.
the (level 37 and a half sigh so close) storm wiz. Silverheart

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Silverheart and Richard clime big ben

heres us
Before we battle you can see malistair

random wraith dude

the storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. If you enlarge the wraith pic. you can see Mewoiarty saying "Meow know I can't allow meow to do that." To me it's just HUH!!!????? well after he stoll all 3 of our blades and casted interuped about 70 times every time after he did one of the above he would say that I reiterate HUH?????!!!!!


I MADE THE TEAM!!! : )))))))) triple chins lol : P I made my club team happy 'bout that so yeah nothin new umm I'm just gonna get on now so yeah later
the storm wiz.Silverheart

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Big Ben - hard

You probably don't understand what I mean well it means this:
Yesterday I was doing Big Ben with my friend Richard (I have pic I'll show you later) When we got to Mewoiarty odly he began to steal our blades and inturups and every time he did so he say "I know I'm not supposed to do that" He nearly defeated us so I called in level 45 pryromancer Camreon and he saved us from defeat sigh I hope it was just a bug I have 5 more wizards to go through!!!
the storm wiz.Silverheart

Friday, October 23, 2009


half day today. But I have to go back to my school at 3:15 for a game ageanst one of my old club team member's school. sigh not much I need crowns I GAVE MY MOM 10 $$$$$ TO BUY ME SOME!! But we keep forgeting lol : D here is me yaking on and on in Spanish to my self
Hola srta.
Hola srta. Cual es su Nombre?
Mi nombre es Silverheart
Aye coromba mi nombre es Silverheart, dos!!!!!!!!!
Aye coromba!!!!!!!!!

Yeah I don't know what to put next I'm a (as my friends put it) a Spaniard it means my language class is Spanish (lol I wrote spinach : ) I am rather good at Spanish if I say so my self and my grade defends me. : D YAY!!!! I like being smartical as pico says!!!! 5 minutes yikes!!!! it is 7:00 am and I need to be out at 7:09 or eleas I miss the bus than I need to be in my seat for first period by 7:45
the (awsome) storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. LET IT ROCK LET IT ROCK LET IT ROCK (from one of my two favorite songs: )

Thursday, October 22, 2009


well I haven't been on oh well....... ones next week is over I will be better about it all (no school volleyball everyday after school.)
the storm wiz. Silverheart

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I'm so cool lol Sabrina moment : P but I am cool don't deny it : D no that is not a area for you to give your oppinion it is a fact that I came up with because I felt like it : ) I finaly found where you get the crystal case thinging (the exsplosion behind me off the shelf) in the Dragonspyre houseing shop!!! : D YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lord Zuesy and me chillen in my totaly cool pad : D I really should just take a video with my camera and show you my awsome house : D. When my friends see if for the first time all they can say is WOW!!!!!!!!! NO joke ; D I have tons of cool stuff and I have it cooly set up I RULE LOL!!!!!!!!!! I should also show you all my pets IN DRAGONSPYRE........... YEAH!!!!!!!!!! I love this game : D sigh 8:56 pm I need bed ............ I love this game mabey I'll watch a few blogger videos before bed later blogo'spyre ; )

the storm wiz. Silverheart


tomorrow I have a game on Friday even though it is a half day I have a game and yesterday I have a game but today. I haven't gotten to game much after school season ends next week I'll be free to blog and game more later.
the (black and pink) storm wiz. Silverheart

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More of my story

"hello alyssa" said the dryad "hello." I awnser sitting down cross leged in the drit infront of her "I need some advise" I say "what do you need help with?" she asked kindly "I know that the road ahead of me is shortend than when I stood at the gate of Krocotopia but now I do not want it to end I am in the second to last world in witch I

sorry to cut story time short but it's 9:14 on a
the storm wiz. Silverheart

two friends

Well in the pic. above is Jessica Fairyheart from the awsome pryromancers diary (the one is pink and yellow for thouse very few of you that there is a slim chanse you don't read her blog too:) and the one in Purple and yellow is Page ummmm I forget her last name. But here is a pic of us dancing at my pad yeah you can see my new oufit and you can also see my new favorite housing item (the alter with candles: ) you can see mr. Krocotep head :P and you can see Lord Zues : D

The storm wiz. Silverheart

Need more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

It's true I only have 2490!!!!!!!!!!!! BAD NUMBER!!! I'm gonna be side questing for a while if your wondering why its that I have to go into the Crimson fields and I wanna be level 38 incase I have any reason to need to go in there. I don't want to do it twice! Well thats all
the storm wiz.Silverheart

Saturday, October 17, 2009


Well today I finished up Tataki out post and got the quest to enter the Crimson fields I think I might have to do that next week end sigh... till then side quests I need 8,990 gold to dye my shoes where as my robes only died for for 1,450 REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sight oh well redid my house my bed room is now compleate : ) here is my hand at a wizards story : )

I walk down the sandy slope to the beach I pull off my boots and roll up the legs of my pants and sit down on the waters edge and put my feet in the water I look up at the forever blue sky and I wondered to myself I wonder if when I become a grandmaster I will still look up into the sky and think the same way I do right now. The thought passes and I pull my spell book from my bag Lord Zues turns his moldy zombi head to me and looks weird "I'm just looking some thing up" I tell him. He nods and plops down next to me in the sand carfully so that he dosn't get into the water I watch my many other pets play Queen Cali my dark fairy drift above the water letting her little fingers drift in it. Miss Dakota ziped through the air playing her fidle where as Lord Shadow scuteld across the sand agravating Duke Molly to a dagree shen Lord Shadow got close to the water Duke Molly's leap at him over took him into the cristal blue of the water Miss Guss floated over and sight glumly she was after all a blue gost. I began to leaf thorugh my book I looked at my spells I couldn't wait till I could put a triton in there then infront of me in bright red words said From Artur: " Help!" I looked for where he was "sigh...." Knights court sigh oh well I pulled back on my (unmatching) boots and ported after 17 battles (I in that time finished up 3 quests) ported to the Jade palace and ran over to the Crimsion fields sigh I couldn't help sigh yet agean I battled and battled and battled I finnesed the quest I am not gonna be stuck in Moo shu for forever I told myself. The voice in my head spoke up "Moo shu is you home sweety don't deny it you love it greatly" Okay so Moo Shu is my home so what!!!!! "You love it you feel at home not like you did in anyother world you know that you have great love for this world and it alwas will be the home you come back to you have more connections here than you know why don't you come visset me agean sweety we can talk more face to face" I sighed "Alright" I muttered and I strode down the path to the village of Sorrow I sat down in a little secluded area behind a building the tree infront of me unraveld a bit than befor me sat a dryad there was a reason for when I was in battle my dryad card from my hat showed like a true life card was the fact that the dryad that sat before me was truly the one I summond. Not a fake.

Sorry all for now more tomaro gotta go read a book about my faith later
The storm wiz. Silverheart

I ready for Grandmasterness

I'm already dressed in all Dragnonspyre clothing I just need to dye the robes and the shoes to black and pink (right now they are tan ick >:P) I have a sword so when I'm level 45 I can ecuip it and my new shoes : ) I can't wait being back on questing is so great I love it dearly : D now I need to get off pay back my mom and buy more crowns maybe when I'm done with mooshu as a gift for my self I'll give my self a mount but for now Alyssa Silverheart and the rest of my wizards will walk.
the storm wiz.Silverheart

Friday, October 16, 2009


well back to wizards for me (I haven't been on just about all week) first off HOME WORK STINKS Alass LOOK FOR A BOOK CALLED THE HARP!!!! A girl in my school wrote it!!!! She just finshed it two days ago in class I was sitting right next to her when she did : D HURRAY CASSIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
The storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. LOL I love stake!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

nothing new

well I'm in Moo shu and well I was resently burning towers in Tataki Out post I'm level 36 and well thats ummm it. I've got nothing new this morning I have a short temper I've been yelling at my dad for no reason I have stupid home work and I have some problems and I mean I like him I think he likes me problems. sigh...................... there are a few people (one or two) who can cheer me up the one I see the most is Jack. Seeing the guy I like just confuzes me now and well sigh thats life, for me at least confuson and unknowingness to just about everything. I WANNA GET INTO DRAGONSPYRE AND I MEAN STORY LINE QUESTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sigh I need to got to the place I don't want to than to play a vollieball game I don't want to and on tusday we played a team of DIRTY .... CHEATERS I HATE CHEATERS IF WE PLAY THEM AGEAN NUMBER 3 BETTER LOOK OUT 'CAUSE.... sigh short temper agean. I need to go to that stupid school building I hate school and playing vollieball with a hopeless case.
the (short tempered) storm wiz. Silverheart


It was SNOWING yesterday during tec. class!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't even have a cote! Ah really I'm not that worryed I ride the bus.
More tomarow .. . . .Mabey
The (sorta ticked off) storm wiz. Silverheart

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


lol little chinees man great story behind that ; P
I'm the Incredable She Hulk that's my name in vollieball ; D
I rule the world OH did I tell you I'm a master mind
Its very hard to punch flaming zombies
than why didn't just shoot them?
'cause my gun was out of Amo
Because it was a very bad one
I'll keep that in mind
that conversation was between me and Jack yesterday on our way to Tec. from spanish.
the storm wiz. Silverheart AKA The Incredable She Hulk

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Back Home

Yes I am back home back in Moo shu : ) I also got into Dragonspyre and have a few quests to finish up also there is a funny bug so that I alone can enter a tower (in DS) even though it's not lit up.

I'm loving being back in Moo shu it's like being home agean! But I don't think I got my honerary detective badge hmm... I'll worry about that later 'cause I wouldn't have used it any way I prefer Master Mind : ).

I had so much fun yesterday but let me tell you sitting on the floor playing a game is PAINFUL!!!!!!! Sabrina and I where playing Time spliters let me tell you all one thing unless you enjoy little kids screaming all night DO NOT PLAY AROUND LITTLE KIDS unless it's Sabrina's little brother 'cause well he plays it too. Now Sabrina won't stop calling me Harry Tipper 'cause for one level that was the person I was playing as : ( I'm not a dude hippy from the 60s whose girl friend gets tied to train tracks I DON'T HAVE A GIRL FRIEND I also don't have a boy friend hmmm....
the storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. LET THE ZOMBIE BODYS HIT THE FLOOR LET THE ZOMBI BODYS HIT THE FLOOR!!!!!! (time spliters haunted house level rewrite of let the bodys hit the floor) lol : )

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Level 35 not yet a Master Mind still a Oni Slayer

Well now (as of yesterday at 7:34) I am level 35 I got a little crown spending happy and bought Lord Zues, all my training points back and the Blisicon in Dragonspyre. I must say I am very happy with my desision to go with life a secondary I now can say if my friend says they need healing "okay" and heal 'em right up! My hat gives me a locked card for the life school, Dryad I got a reall nice heal with Dryad once 1,210!!! nice right?
The (level 35) storm wiz. Silverheart

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm being teased!

I only have 3 MORE BARS OF EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need no I MUST get to level 35 I'm so close I can see myself in my level 35 gear! I MUST GET TO LEVEL 35!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and BTW I'm onto Big Ben I might do it today I'll update you when I do sorry no pics.
the storm Wiz. Silverheart

Friday, October 9, 2009

About my others

Well Yes this is just about the 4 wizards above I'll introduse them (I have 2 more but I don't really use eather or 2 of the ones above) First in the Black and Pink Dragonspyre robes is Alyssa Silverheart level 34 1/2 storm my favorite and the (currently) only one I post about. Next Timoth Deathmask level 12 fire just starting krock. Next my level 21 life wizards Sabrina Shadowwraith she is my second Favorite and exspect to see more of her on my blog why you ask because I desided to post about her every now and then. And the last one Danielle Silverheart the second one I ever created level 16 death. So there you have it my 4 favorite wizards and what they look like on the test.
The storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. I love the song Thunder!

Good day, bad news, and now there is a chanse I'm staying over at Sabrina's house all weekend!

Well it was a great day (lol in study hall me and Jack where snatching a phone back from the other and takeing really randome pics. he got one of me tying my shoe lol :P) I might get a cell phone (yay!!!) I learned why it took me almost 2 years to learn how to play vollyeball (I am doing a report and well heres what you need to know I have 4 pages and I'm just starting the rules of it!!!) then after practis I found out my Grandma is in the Hospital but she dosn't live that close so now there is a chanse my mom is going to go all the way across the state for the weekend and I can't go because I've got club try outs! So since Sabrina is also trying out and her parents are the head coches I might stay with them. Also My absalutly favorite song is Welcome To the World by Kevin Rudolf I know all the words and I could listen to it all day I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not find a better song than that I mean thunder is cool it's really sweet (I wished the guy I like would sing that to me but he dosn't sing unless its bad day. but he can play the drums really good!) I love it but Welcome To the World I just like it more she saw the bright lights she caut the fever she got contagus she couldn't leav it ........... ( well I forgot this part) and not more free stuff (stuff is not what acually goes there) if fact this free ride has reached it's destinashi0n. OH and his song Scared you can't get something for nothin with out given up your soul Kevin Rudolf is like the best singer EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. more latter you know probably I didn't get to rant so I wanna see if he "forgets" agean today : )

Thursday, October 8, 2009

a quick post about music

Music is my life I love it and can not live with out it.
I like Kevin Rudolf, Linken park, and (this one isn't rock) I like one song by Boys like Girls (why have I been writing grills?) It's called Thunder and a few other bands. I don't like Taylor Swift or anything to do with country music it's not fast or loud!!!!!! It only talks about boys/girls and stuff and man it annoys me!!!!!!!!!! Sure Thunder talks about girl but it has loud guitars and it's cool!!! I'm walkin on a tite rope wraped up in vines I think I'll make it out but you just gotta give me time.

the Storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. I also like one song called If Everyone cared look up the music video

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

hmmm... I wonder.

Well yesterday I took a few minutes on the test they gave me so many crowns I don't know what to do with them all (do testers get some good stuff in the live for testing?) well I only have 4min.

The (may not be late) storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. In the live realm I have a head gear of slypa and some shoes I don't know the name of. so when I hit level 35 I WILL HAVE 1789 HEALTH!! SWEET!! (I counted)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I want a sword

well it's true I want one so bad just to keep in my bank and know it's there but I want a Dragonspyre sword not a Grizzlehiem one if you are wondering about this I do not know just the way it's turning out. In the bazzare there is only one dragonspyre sword but it has a storm atack and In need one with a fire or ice atack I mean that staff will do fine but I really want a sword with a fire or ice attack (preferably one with a 100 hit :)
the storm wiz. Silverheart

Not taking no for an answer

It's true this weekend I am climbing up counterwate west and then to the top of big Ben there is plenty of time to be stuck with out quests when I'm grandmaster but I'm level 34 almost level 35 and when I'm level 35 I can get such good gear on I will already be in the 1,700 in health cool right? I bought a head gear of the slypa (oh how ever you spell it) and some shoes grandented they are not the ones I wanted (I wanted some dragonspyre ones) but I think I just might prefer these I'll still farm for my grandmaster gear I just won't wear it. : P well I'll wear my robes but that's it. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I'm climbing to the top of big ben I'll want some help but I am not gonna ask for it. why you may ask? I like a challenge it's Saturday tons of my friends are on during the weekend I'll be able to get one or two to help.

the storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. sorry greenpeace I would prefer to take it on my site incase it would help any one eleas

Monday, October 5, 2009

lol : )

yesterday me and my friend (he is my only best friend on the test) went so far out that you couldn't see any part of his house any more pics later and green peace I do acsept questions sorry it took me so long to post them up I thought i had but found out i hadn't sorry.

the (oh shoot gonna be late agean!!) storm wiz. Silverheart

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A day on my first test! and My gear what I look for as a storm

you must enlarge the pic to see the numbers and stuff this is the only way to show you all the gear and the numbers with out having this post be 30 feet longer. but lets just go with this in my hats I look for resists in robes, shoes & daggers I look for health
in mounts I look for looks and price and speed with staffs I look for damage and pips in pets I look for spells in decks I look for most spells in rings I look for health but mostly mana and lets not forget they must be black and pink : D
Lets meet my new friend shall we she is a level 30 life wizard and she's got a really big secret!
SHE'S A NPC!!!!! I summon her in battle the henchmen thing is really handy tomorrow I plan to see what will happen if you summon one in a instens. This is going to make my malister too too easy!!!!

here is the grandmaster tower I can't wait to get in!!!! : D

I really did enjoy the tours.


ALL WIZARDS BEWARE!!!!!!!! lol just kidding but really this is cool there
are alot of bugs though!!!!

Oh did I tell you guys I got in and got into moo shu on the live realm?


I wish I had but nope still level 34 I'm waiting till the henchmen thing comes out on the live realm before doing that.
your gift A WHOLE OUTFIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes now you can send your friends birthday gifts!!!!!!!!

hmmmm. . .

this is just pointless but I couldn't resists ladies and gents me jumping on a broom!!!!!!!!!!!!

well running around on the test is loads of fun giving ideas commenting previewing reporting bugs!! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too much fun! I can't wait till it all goes live for all of you I feel like such a grandmaster running around the test questing left behind to just have fun and test stuff out!!!!!! It's real loads of fun also me and my one of my friends tested out the monster box well he did I'm gonna try it out tomorrow. We got into a PvP and got into the dragonspyre arena there is absolutely no music I don't PvP much so I don't know if that's normal but the arena is amazing I can't wait till It all goes live you all are gonna have soo much fun with it all I know me and my friends are!! Here's a code you need to know if you want to friend me
on a mount
Jump 1
jump 2 times
not on amount
say hello
than jump 3 times
there are far to many blind friend requests and its so annoying so I'm only going to friend certain people and if you know this code you are in luck! WOW!! it's only 7:16 and it's pitch black go figure!!!!

the storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. I'm loving the test realm!!!!!