Thursday, December 31, 2009


the (alegria crazy) storm wiz.Silverheart


alegria I see a sparkle light shinging Alegria I hear a young minstral singing Alegria I hear a beautiful roaring scream of joy and sorrow so extream there is a love in me raging Alegria a joyus magical feeling.
I love Alegria!!!!!! I DIDN'T EVEN SEE IT LIVE!!!! there where giants and water nimphs. There where old birds and elves. there was Yin and Yang there was a Fire dancer and contorisonits (how do you spell it) I LOVE ALEGRIA!!!! Wanna see it? here Cirque de Soleil-Alegria that is just a preview of it it is MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH longer. I love it : D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
well all for now Happy new year merry days and don't forget



Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Not much to say
still haven't found any new quotes yet : (
I'm throwing a party starting at 4 and ending at 11 tomorrow : D
I have a cool new ring I iz wearing it right now .....
Merf Sabrina My best friend, who I have been friends with for about 5 years now. thought today was my birthday MY BIRTHDAY IS IN MARCH MARCH NOT DECEMBER MARCH M-A-R-C-H MARCH MMMMAAAARRRCCCCHHHH!!!!!!! did I say march plenty? no? okay
MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol st. Patric's day it is ironic 'cause I am 1/2 Irish : D then again I am Russian and Dutch (German for German : ) really the Germans call Germany Dutchland! : D I love being German : D
the(german) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. nope still out of qotes : (

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

time again

Hello Don't got much to say up here other than the ushualy that comes
with a post with pictures so here you go the post will continue below right this way and: click to enlarge
this is not Julia Rainbreaker's house it is Ronan Icehunter(to see ronan look down). I love his house it is so amazing : D I love it.
this is My friend Ronan Icehunter. I wouldn't say me and him are great friends. I mean I've never quested with him. And neather of us like PvP that much. But he is nice and has a SICK house and he is plesant when we do hang out so..... put your own spin on our friendship I an't got one.

I love that view: ) It is just so beautifull in my oppinion I don't care about
yours with this paticular thing : P

lol if you look closesly at this you will see I am standing on the water not in it YAYZ I A MUTANT!!!!!!!!!! Yes I now can officaly say that I have
watched Xmen

Sigh this place is one of my favorites : D I go here to relax.

sigh today a friend of mine brought me and Ronan to a text chater's
party I alwas feel out of place there then I saw some one I didn't exspect
Megan Bluemask. Who now has been about... well... the storm lord know how long since Megan has been off my list!! Now I see her text chating and flying (I think I sound like Gimli there I watch too much lord of the rings for my own good : )meh a little strage it is very rare you will find someone who is off your list again. With out any help I mean. I was just going to my house after the only person who I was hanging out with at that party
(Ronan) left When my friend Vanesa asked for my help so I found my self
killing monsters just like when we where back in Moo shu : ) Sigh. I just realized something I made WAY to many 'spy man' people on my Wii (I was REALLY[to the 10th power!] bored earlyer ier yer earlier??? OH I GIVE UP!!)

the (somewhat bored)storm wiz.Silverheart

P.S. hi I ran out of qotes TO THE LORD OF THE RINGS MOVIES TO FIND MORE QOTES X runs off the find movies X


Well I am half way to level 45 MUST GET TO LEVEL 45 I NEED SWORD AND BIG HAMMER lol I have a big hammer that does myth damage : D I love hammers. I also love Linken park they are the best : D my favorite song is Shadow of a Day. woot : D yesterday I was at Sabrina's she has a laptop so she was sitting next to me and I was taking her and a friend all over the spiral and we where just standing there talking when suddenly a guy with a really long Moo shu sword walks up the end of the sword is right by her friend he suddenly turns around and says "GET THAT KNIFE AWAY FROM MY BUT!" we cracked up!! that happened yesterday and even today we are laughing about it! : D
sigh I love that I just found out my Friend Rylee Stormgem has a blog Dunno but I just found that out GO THERE!!
the (still level 44 ACK!!) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. " such a young elf!" "I'm over 2000 years old gimli. such an old dwarf"

Saturday, December 26, 2009


dunno bored loling at random
bomerangs are good for knocking chinchilas out of trees : D
the (bored and stil Legolas crazy) storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. "I feel something, a sligh tingle in my fingers, I think it might be affecting me" (said while partisipating in a Drinking game while Gimli sat there 124% drunk muttering nonsence : )

Friday, December 25, 2009


Okay you all know Aragorn right yeah the dude with black hair in the fellowship of the rings yeah you know him wellll I was watching the extended version today and I learned 1 thing ARAGORN IS 87 that struck me as odd because well he does not look like it....... I mean Legolas is what 2000?!?!?! But he is an elf. That is normal. Dunno found that odd. Later
the (legolas crazy) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. "37, 38"

KNOCK OUT!!!!!!!!!!

I just got through about 5 different games of Wii boxing : D I never get past round 1 no mader how hard my opponent is : ) It is my favorite work out : DI have 2 characters on my dude character I do all my boxing (half way to pro allready : ) on my dudet I do all of my tenis (only did 2 games so dunno how high she is : )
!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE WII BOXING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sigh gotta love it : D
the (boxing and legolas crazy) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.s. "would you like me to describe it to you, Or shall I get you a box"

Merry Christmas

bought to go to church BTW I GOT A WII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a DVD player and lord ofthe rings movies (trying to figure out how to watch that part about Legolas : ) Hope you all have a wonder full christmas
the (legolas crazy) storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. did you know that to make wigs more realistic they shave the person's head than glue the wig in place

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Need to start working

I need to start working. On what you may ask?
My dream job.
Video Game designing.
But Silverheart you are too young to know about all that goes into a game
So? I still have ideas that should be listened to and good ones at that I have a talent for description my words are worth thousand pictures!!!
I know now why I'm so bored of wizards and blogging about it is I'm on the side lines I'm not doing anything more than sitting behind a computer!!!!!!
You know you cant do that you have no one to show it to no one to approve it for.
And that annoying little voice in my head who doesn't know how to keep it's overly large mouth shut it is why I feel like I can't DON'T CRUSH MY DREAMS WOULD YA!!!! X mutters under breath at self X "split personality much you are soooo like golum!!" any who

Any ideas I've got tons for a game but no one but my friends to tell them too : (
the (sighing) storm wiz.Silverheart


Blogging is beging to feel like a 3rd wheel about my gaming : / not really shure why kinda wanna quit : ( kinda don't : ( CONFUZELED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sigh wachya ganna do bouts it : /
the (confuzled) storm wiz.Silverheart

Update : D

I am a little bored so here are some pictures : D
Why I she here? I just realized in the past 2 weeks fallon has gone threw 5 pets!!!
looky here I've got two pets now SWEET but I prefer Sir Rudy : D
P.S. Sir Rudy is the newest pet in her log
You are soooooooo jeolus of my awsome unicorn mount : P

Lord zues and Duke Rocky held a party without me and Sabrina : ( AT HER HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me Killing old man Drake (you can see me in the left hand corner: )

Me talking to old man drake (before I kill him : ) right here I was thinking ummm yeah that is kinda why I'm here DER!!!!

the awsome (healed) tree of life : D

Me and sabrina on her newest wizard

The (bored) storm wiz.Silverheart

Merry Christmas

yep so yeah that is all I've got to say my aunt uncle and thier dog who hates my dog is here( LOL : )
the (STILL LEVEL 44!!) storm wiz.Silverheart

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


FINALLY I'm on break when school ended today everyone broke into diffrent christmas songs : D I love my grade
the (finally off) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.s. tiss the season to kill onis falalalallalalala bash his head with a triton falalalala.......


I got my danger hound this morning while checking Email I cannot wait till I get on later FALLON IS GONNA GET HER LITTLE WIZARD CITY HOUSE WOOT WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I want the unicorn bug : )
the (no longer Dangerhoundless but still the stormhoundless) storm wiz.Silverheart

Monday, December 21, 2009

Getting a little bored!

I can't believe it but it's true I am a little bored of wizards!!!! X gasp X XD
but I'm not kidding!! I'm a little bored with it. I NEED WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well I do.
I need a new game but one with a goal (the ones with no goals bore me) BTW by goal I mean getting to level 80 (well for me it means getting a death knight but you get the idea.) I need to get away but I have no where to go no more down loads (computer can't hold) no WAY would I play free realms (snore) Adventure quest (I play it is S-T-U-P-I-D stupid) Moshimonsters (ACK GET THAT AWAY FROM ME X runs away screaming X BORING!!!!!) Fantage (god I hate that) Lord of the rings online (no more download space) Webkinz (used to have one hate it hate it hate it) those are all the games I know of I play non of them : ( (that face was just in the case of world of warcraft and lord of the rings online) : the other ones well I told you why I hate them. I need a way to get away from wizards a new community new people to meet hmmmm. any suggestions? (nothing childish please)
the (in need of a break) storm wiz.Silverheart

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I'm in Dragonspyer i fled a couple of times when I was killing old man drake just so I could enjoy it agean : D sigh... bored don't feel like questing I gotta whole lot of statues (my yard is full of them) I can wait till I get a pic of the pool room in the myth house why?
I put all of my palm trees in there and a hyroglific tablet and one of them camilen thingys and a couple of the big tablet thingys out side the door and it is a krocotopien reatreat if I ever knew one (which I don't I hate the krock houses too much sand for me so that is also why I do not like the balance house) I have desided when I become grandmaster on my ice wizard she is the one I will become War lord on: D
the (still level 44 aruge!) storm wiz.Silverheart

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well today after mastery level of confuzion desided well I don't know what to think since it was after the time I planed to meet Kestrel to do the tree of life I just went on and got started : D I don't know how but I soloed most of it (and probably could have soloed the Death oni) then 2 of my friends ported to me and GOOD BYE DEATH ONI!!!!!!!! : D so then I dove in and started on my Jade oni Sabrina on her level 9 necromancer ported to me then another one of my friends then one of her friends then GOOD BYE JADE ONI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so I left my beloved moo shu and went to see the Headmaster he told me to see Profesor Drake and then
: ( computer time up sigh tommarow I plan to tell Sabrina to log in and say to her "I'm going to go kill pr. Drake port to me" : D I can NOT wait : )
I got about a MILLION statues for the tree of life and my Jade oni ( I am short 1 more nija pig and I will have all the ones from the attack : ) I can not WAIT till tommarow
Sorry Kestrel but I wanted to get into dragonspyer this weekend and I just was confuzled : ( mabey some other time we could do a run of somthin : )
the (in dragonspyer and level 44)storm wiz.Silverheart


avrage saturday.
sigh what eves later peeps : P
the(cool : ) storm wiz.Silverheart

lol: D

6You gotta love it when there is about 7 kids just about to become teens 1 10th grader and 1 kid younger all (exsept the 10th grader) hyped up on shurger highs screaming playing video games talking about zombies pastathariens (belive that it is acually a gient postamonster who rules the world I don't know why but thats what one of them said they where? ) and how people who where pink have no rights so currently I have no rights
: ( lol : ) la di da di da ahhhh now THAT is MY idea of a christmas party why? BECAUSE that was what happend at Sabrina's christmas party last night : D
the (stuck in Moo shu : ( storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. I LOVE MOO SHU BUT I WANNA BE IN DRAGONSPYRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wait I don't cry!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


GOOD BYE WIZARD CITY HELLO GIENT CYCLOPS ON AN ISLAND!!!!!! I BOUGHT THE MYTH HOUSE HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeppers I got my dream house (and a cool new Nija samuri pig thingy with my gift card: )
hurray it is currently undecroated But what eves I have soooooo much stuff it'll be full in no time flat : D
the (happy and tiered) storm wiz.Silverheart

aww man: (

well the tree of life run is going to have to be changed to saturday (or sunday) tell me what time will work I'm free all day (exsept sunday between11:30 -3:30 volleyball practice) sorry forgot about a christmas party have to go to.
the(still in Moo shu X sigh X) storm wiz.Silverheart

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Quick post

this is just about my gaming futcher within the nxt year or so I will be getting a new computer. I plan (once this new computer is in) to get World of Warcraft and play with my friend: ) Em. she is one of the few female gamers in my grade : D
I'm, in the mean time, trying to find out as much as I can about it so far I am quite unsucsesfull I gues I'll just have to go over to Em's and learn from her
The(in need of W.O.W.) storm wiz.Silverheart

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dunno if you'd call it productive

yeah today not much happend I got a new staff (it looks like Otomo staff of dreaming but balance) and I finised touring all the houses (my top two are life and myth but myth is the one I'm going to buy diviner of MYTH) I'm so close to level 44 woot!!! Probably after the tree of life run on friday Oh BTW I'm thinking 7:30 eastern time (Pm) will that work for you guys?
I also got a few battles with Otomi in he won't coff up my life's hat my storm's hat (i just want it because it looks cool) or my sword!!!!!!! just a bunch of the same junk I've gotten before dunno : P My mount rocks shure its not flashy but it's cool : D

I have a new game I want to try but my stupid PC (old like what 3 years old!!!!!) won't hold another download : ( X wailsX I NEED A NEW COMPUTER AND WORLD OF WARCRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one of my friends was telling me about it she put it to gether and here is what we found

Yes that is what we found : D I can't wait till the next 6 months to a year when we get a new PC I'll be able to play W.O.W WOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so happy I'm just gonna need to save some of my allowance (that I ushually get in crowns to pay for the 15 bucks a month fee sigh why must games cost)
well off the computer for me : ( later all
The (still swordless but with new staff) storm wiz.Silverheart

Sunday, December 13, 2009


ALSO WANTED X wales X A LEVEL 40 SWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am almost in Dragonspyre I want to get in so bad it hurts!!! I could have done it today with a friend of mine but I over estimated the instense : (
WILL SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!?????? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
X begs X I'ZE NEEDY HELPS!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE DRYAD AND SATAR I CAN HEAL ANY ONE I HAVE COOL ATACKS (mr. awsome [triton] and bob [stormzilla] help)
the (help needed) storm wiz.Silverheart

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Here are some of my like 50 pics of my adventures that last 2 weeks.
I think that just looks cool when I do that so here is a pic of it: D
I told you guys my stage was awsome!!!!!

here to modle my goul with card pet is Sabrina's character on my account (she is not a paying player) (she is curently level 16 I call her the Necromancer of life [ her secondary is life] lol I'll do some interviewing with her and post a bit about her adventures through krock)
okay this is for the pic below that is being dumb and won't let me type anything below it YAY TRITON I WILL CRUSH ALL IN HIS LIGHTNING RODS WAY MUWAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAH


How can you be angry here its so beutiful!!!
OOOOOOOOH how beutiful!!! wave hit to Charles : D
the (busy) storm wiz.Silverheart

not much new

well here are the updates

the awsome Charles is angry with me because he asked for my help with a solo instens : (

I am now level 43 : D (only two more till swords time : )

I am on the Village of sorrow : )

I am almost done with Moo Shu : (

I am still swordless : (

Sabrina Willowbane (her person on my account) is now in krock and has learned her Vampire and spiret armur spells. : )

Congrats to one of my friends (I forgot his name currently X smiles sheepishly X ) for reaching level 45 and entering dragonspyre : D

My stage is awsome (pic some other time)

I finally got a lord of the rings movie ( GO LEGOLAS WOOT!!!!! mehehehe he is so cool O )

I have a new story I'm writing (no not about wizards that bores me
well it does)

I am cool : P

Tomwagwa the pathetic has fallen to my mighty Triton (a 1986 hit finished him off nicely)

the (awsome) storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. I think his name is D somethin (sorry!!!!!)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

the tree of life ambush

yes me and 3 of my friends ran through and killed that oni till he was dead (don't ask) I got a ghoul pet with a ghoul card. My friends Charles Dreamwalker, Patrick Silversheald, and Garret Sunbrand ran it last night. Charles got my sword though : ( well I'm happy for Charles but I WANT MY SWORD SO BAD!!!!!!!! sigh what eves I have maybe 4 more quests than BOOM level 43!! still in Moo shu had some fun. last night Patrick and Garret where fairly animated when they where talking then Me and Charles being much more quiet we where more of the necromatic once (well he really is a necromancer)
I gotta go to school now (in a blizzard stupid ..... [ did you really think I'd tell you the name of my school?] sending us in, in this ) : (
the (sad : () storm wiz.Silverheart

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I just got back from Sabrina's sigh. bored her dog tryed to bite me like 10 times he alwas does it's his greeting I'm gonna go draw more elves (the cool lord of the rings elves not the dorky christmas elves)
the (lord of the rings crazy GO LEGOLAS YEAH KILL THAT ELEFANT!!!) storm wiz.Silverheart

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm back (no not from the dead ... that would be really cool though...)

yes I am back sorry about the week long thingy well here is what ya need to know.

I am now level 42 (and 1/2)
I have 2004 health (yay! finally in the 2000)
I am a master of storm (storm wizards become that after they learn triton)
I am now on the ancent Burial grounds ya know I once got lost in there for 10 minutes never did find my way out, I just poofed out!
I bought a 7 day rental on a broom
I have not yet been on the test
I am still (level 40) swordless
Happy dog XD dunno bored
: P my friend got a hair cut : )
lalalalala I have alot of pics to show you peoples.
the (not dead) storm wiz.Silverheart