Tuesday, November 23, 2010


I'm sorry but this school year has been very hard for me and I really don't like it. The courses aren't too hard but I've been having some friend problems and it is not a good year for family in my town (mine is fine but some of my friends have some problems like HUGE problems going on) I have had no time to write and I'm at a total rode block. But I love to blog I really do I miss wizard101 but there are a lot of complicated reasons I quit maybe over the summer I'll pick up a bit of it. if I can get help on the stupid labrynth or what ever it was I was stuck on. I love every part of my life and one just had to go but know I do miss the bloggers and they are awsome people. but for now I have to go catch a bus...... sigh Iwish it was last year.



  1. 4:30 eastern torrence the necropolis in front of the labyrinth. A legendary storm will be waiting if you want some help. Maybe I'll get Fin to help too.


  2. I wish I could have come (if you ment yesterday I missed it) but i have a huge art portfolio due in a week and I just started. I would love help and i am glad that you would like to help but like i said I probably won't get time to play agian till summer.