Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jamecin Music and camp fires made of peanuts

Well I was just listaning to some of Linkin parks new stuff (their old songs are soooooo much better) and it sounded all (exscuse me if I am wrong in spelling this but that is what my editor is for) Raygey.

Yesterday in science class we where burning peanuts, cheetos, and popcorn. Now my favorite sweat shirt reeks. In english we had an enjoyable debate in which I PWNED!!!!!!!!!!  :) I love arguing.

Not much has really been happening other then one of my friends getting stoned and then telling me he likes me (the stupid puppy {NO DO NOT ASK .... I SAID NO!}) well...... that is my life this school year so far volleyball so far is meh very time consuming now I have to go get a picture of a train for a history project.


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