Monday, October 18, 2010

I like it!

Yep I like it that is the song I'm listanin' to!  Since it is a up beat song I can't be sad (the very annoying thing about having the only control of your emotion be through music) but I is annoyed 'cause I can't go to my room to play volleyball (I should be at practice but I was home sick today so couldn't go) because the wire for my iPod to connect to the compute is fried and I am still on a desk top (not for long I pray) so I'm stuck here on a computer with a busted word program (so no writing) just because I really really love this song and wanna listen to it..... stupid world (I'm too happy to say that out loud XD woot!) I can't even get my english report done, not that I need to it's due in like 2 months but hey! sue me for being able to read 3 times the average person in my grade (lazy buts the lot of 'em)


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