Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Alyssa Dreamrider

Dear Alyssa Dreamrider
So I heard about your sister Marisa's battle with uncle malistare's minions the other day (I already wrote him a letter about it). So how are you and the rest of your family? I am fine every one is good well Timothy is a little mad because he is one of the lowest players but hey what are you gona do he never dose any of his work! I am now level 11 Erin leveled up to 9 quite nicely and Megan found a clockwork golom in the life class room. I have met some very nice other wizards I have even found my Twin Emily Swifttail I love what you did with your hair from the last time I saw you and congratz on becoming a wizard. If you see dad mom or aunt Jane say Hi for me and the rest of us Oh and tell mom that Amanda's dragon she got for her birthday died cause well it did.
from your cousin,
Alyssa Silverheart

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