Thursday, June 25, 2009

Me... I guess

Okay so I'll just say a bit about me as a Wizard (I have 9 characters). My favorite character is Alyssa Silverheart level 11 diviner, Alyssa Dreamrider level 3, Daniel Silverheart level 9 necromancer, Amanda Silverheart level 9 conjurer, Erin Ravendreamer level 9 sorcerer, Madison Battlehuntter level 6 life (I don't know what you call them), Timothy deathmask level 6 Pryromanser, Calamity Shadowcaster level 1 Necromancer, Marissa Ledgendcrafter level 1 congjurer. I am a trial player (in about 7 days I finally will have crowns) I love marlybone I day dream about it all the time, I want a staff more than anything else (other than to get into marlybone), On my best character I have fought Lord Nightshade 4 times as a level 9,10,and 11, I tend to be really random and my character Erin Ravendreamer can get into the cage thinging in Old Town and I want to be an author so I guess that's all for this post.
see ya

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