Friday, June 26, 2009

those spells that put a glowing dome over you

Can any one tell me what the spell behinde my wizard is called and is there one for storm? No I am not in Krokatopia I'm in the arena.


  1. It is power play. It gives ALL of the players an extra power pip percentage. And I mean all of them. Even the players your against.

  2. I'm pretty sure each school gets at least one global (dome) spell. It affects both sides of the fight equally, and stays in effect for the rest of the battle or until it's replaced by a different global spell. (There can only be one global spell up at a time, if someone casts another one it replaces the older one.)

    I don't remember the exact numbers, but here are general descriptions:

    Balance - Power Play (yellow), increases chance of power pips

    Ice - Balefrost (blue)
    Fire - Wyldfire (red/orange)
    Storm - Darkwind (purple)
    Myth - Time of Legend (?)
    These all boost damage by that type of spell. I've never seen the myth one so I don't know what color it is.

    Life - Sanctuary (green) - boosts healing
    Death - Doom & Goom (grey) - reduces healing

  3. hey! you are the person the Friendly Necroamser did a card on! Awsome!!!!

  4. oh yeah I saw that!!! Cool!!!!!!!!!!! Who was it who did the corn dog thing?

  5. It was Elija I think it was "Be amazed as I use my powers to make a corndog go thru one ear and come out the other" honestly I was scared!