Thursday, June 25, 2009

queshtons for level 50 people

I have 3 queshtons

  1. when you are done with your Wizard can your pet train to be one?
  2. Who is the final dude you have to defeat to complete Marlybone?
  3. If you had the option to change between Good and Evil which would you choose and if you could take your favorite wizard back and forth from Evil to Good would you turn Evil?


  1. I can answer those I think.

    1) Nope, you can not train your pet to pet a wizard. If that's what you're asking.

    2) The final dude you have to beat in Marlybone is Meowiarty. Wait, to get out of marlybone you have to beat Meowiarty. There plenty of side-quests you can do with it to. But you dont really have to do the side-quests,but if you want some extra XP, you should do them.

    3)Well, that depends on what kind of spells I would get. Would they be better, worse, slightly the same. The way they look kinda matters too, just to showcase 'em off lol. And I would change from Evil to good because "good" usually relates with the Life school and they have some really awesome spells. BUT.... The advantages that the evil side has ( presumably death and myth ) are some pretty powerful and good looking spells. But thats just my opinion. You can choose any kind of school you want to choose. I would probably change to evil for a while, but them swing on over back to good and stay there. :)

    ~Isaiah Spelldust
    (a.k.a Frapples)

  2. I also got 2 PS's :

    p.s - You spent "questions" wrong. lol.

    p.s. - Sry I left such a big comment! I usually like to explain things to the fullest so the reader is satisfied. I guess that's why I am a blogger! !

  3. I spent questions rong? I think you ment spell and I can't spell!

  4. why are you also known as Frapples wate WHAT!!!!! And I am a blogger because I want to be an auther so they have nothing in common!!

  5. Well, I am also known as frapples beacuse I have a blog about a cartoon called Flapjack!

    I just started it though ...

  6. GAH! my bad for spelling spell wrong! But! you spelled "wrong" wrong. And "meant" !


  7. Ahh who cares (I think the cafinator might)

  8. the cafinator was my english teacher his saying is "Defeating Decafe where ever I go" don't ask he is WACKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi this is Leah and you spelled decaf wrong, don't ask i can't help correcting you! ;-)

  10. who isaiah???

  11. Isaiah is another poster click on his name and you will go to his page than go down and click on Difenders of the Spiral