Friday, April 2, 2010


Well Here is how my entry way looks now.
Here is after Garrett Sabrina and Donna all ported to me in my house we had the most random conversations.
Donna jumped from the upper balcony we where trying to figure out how.
Here we are after our first oni fight.
Look how close Garrett is the the oni and he still doesn't see him that is why i said he is as blind as an oni :P
Hanging out with friends is so much more fun than questing even if next level i am going to get storm lord :P
the storm wiz.silverheart
P.S. Sabrina thinks she deleted her wizard for our duo so I now have a level 7 balance wizard with supper sweet health and is good for a life of the same level WITH A JADE ONI PET!!!!


  1. Cool... Don't you know who I am?! I am your friend in-game: MALORN WILLOWSMITH! My blog:

  2. uh yeah i know who you are... i have to do some blog list updating and your blog is on it. Trust me.

  3. I told you! I just ported to Garrett. He had moved from the time I cliked "Yes" to the time I got down there. Geez!