Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I have or correct me now had two cavities and now they had to shoot the left side of my mouth with so much novicane I CAN'T FEEL IT AND IT IS PUFFY THATS RIGHT IT IS PUFFY!!!!!!!! I feel like i have all that dorky baby fat back that I lost when i was little :( sigh i spent THREE HOURS THERE BECAUSE THE LEFT SIDE OF MY MOUTH WOULD NOT STOP HURTING THEY HAD TO GIVE ME A SHOT IN THE PALET OF MY MOUTH!!! When they did that i started to Bawl i couldn't help myself i was a teenager in a dentists office crying my eyes out. IT HURT LIKE HECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did i mention this is my first TWO cavities???? NO OKay fine good bye.
Oh and i forgot I HAD TO RUN A MILE NOT FUN DAY!!!!!!!!
the storm wiz.silverheart


  1. Aww - My mom surprised me a few days ago.

    "Oh yeah, and I made appointments for you and your brother to get braces in May!"

    I was like, WHAT?? My friends all have braces, and I hear it hurts a LOT when they tighten them. So I will soon feel your pain.

  2. Sorry to hear that.. I hope you get better soon...

  3. yikes, double whammy

    Hope your done for no


  4. Kestrel: Ouch i'm not going to let my mom buy me braces so.
    MWS: I am feeling better today but now it feels like the bottom of thous two teeth are made of concret
    Overachieving: I had to get 4 shots of novicane in the left side of my mouth before i couldn't feel the drill i hope i am done with on the left side at least