Thursday, August 19, 2010

I never relized this before!!!!!!!!!!

I am diferent I do not feel I need to say much more then that when people say they have a "style" and all their cloths are that "style" I don't I dress in cloths I like to put it this way

I have tons of black and dark gray shirts

I also have a light blue one.

I really don't get it when people want  to fit in.

then again I have so many different sides I can get along with anyone if they are willing to get along with me.

Well so lets see I'll use the book The Giver for and example:

In the Giver everyone is the same not outwardly (in their appearance) but their thought prosess
-They take a pill so they never fall in love
-They can't see color
-If someone has twins they kill the smaller one
-They kill the old
-They don't feel the sun nor wind nor rain
-They are not allowed to reproduce ohh noo! that is a job a girl can get when she turns 12. Yep 12!  as my english teacher puts it "Wow this is so wrong it is basicly saying she can push out 3 kids easily ."

So that is what I go by if someone ever tries to go over to sameness "!#@$#% $%!% @TR$ #%@$ %@#%$#%! $%$#$!%$% !%$%^! YOU!"  :) that is what I say. I don't like the idea of everyone being the same of burning books of not caring for anything.

well that is me.


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