Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Try outs and Cheerleaders

Try outs on Monday where hard we had to do 2 laps around the gym like this (starting length wise) standing long jumps, gorilla drag sprint jog. Now Standing long jumps the length of a gym long enough to fit 3 volleyball courts is PAINFUL gorilla drag isn't hard for the first oh ...3 steps after that it is hard. Last night how ever I feel I did 12 times better we didn't have to do the gorilla drag how ever we did have to do step ups. The key to step ups is not falling which despite how it sounds is hard.  So the Varsity coach is also Sabrina's dad so I've known him for a while (he is kinda scary!)  He was sitting on the side of the bleachers I was doing step ups on  (2 coaches where sitting on ether end so that the bleachers didn't move in)  I tripped but caught myself my reaction "I did that on purpose" his response after "Ha yeah sure"

Now about the cheerleaders thing. So me and Noe are really big fans of Johnny Depp and when ever we watch a movie we will cheer him on. So after each movie Noe says "We are so his cheerleaders"  :) I like him as Jack Sparrow rocking the eye liner and dread locks she how ever likes him as Edward Scissor hands rocking the maskera (how ever you spell it) and all around funky hair.

So that is all the news I got. ... I probably should be cleaning my room........



And then there is who we call the 80s Johnny Depp, David Bowe my dad met him.

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