Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Strugling to level up (YES YES! I did go on wizards)

ok so yes I did go on here is my defence.

it was down pouring and Thor was hogging the Wii! (FYI Thor is a boy)

So I've been strugling to level up on my ice wizard for some oh....4 months now. I'm considering going back and doing all the side quests but I just have one problem.


So I've been bored and honestly I love my first wizard but since I never have anytime for the Labyrinth and school is starting in a tiny bit less than 2 weeks I think I am doomed. The Labyrinth is the REASON I STOPED playing people It is too hard for someone with a extremely active life outside of wizards! I know they probably think if you are supper busy doing sports, writing, hanging out with friends, reading, playing MORE sports, music, face booking friends I never get to see, sports practice, going camping, doing research (which reminds me I need to do some on the Kengsington stone YES my  choice), making my own instruments, coming up with ideas for my book, earning money, organizing party's, texting friends, and all around cannot sit down for more then 30 minutes then you wouldn't play. Now if you want me to stand I can stand all day and have done it before I can dance for 2 hours with out a break (In a costume) and play volleyball for over 8 hours I can do that! However sitting yeah just can't do that for that long.



(I got bored of sitting here)


  1. um well evnings will never work for me... But other then that I'm not really sure about what will work I'll say as soon as I know. Thanks for offering to help me :)

  2. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday work for me any time between 8:30 am and 3:30 Pm (eastern time) do any of thouse days work for you?