Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why do I want school to start?!!!

No I'm not kidding I do. I really want to write papers (which I will be having to do weekly now according to lee [lee is in the grade ahead of me and since we go to a small school there is only one teacher per subject per grade and they teach multiple grades too] I am going to have a current events assignment every week from my history teacher)  Honestly I think I'm going crazy.

NO BLOGGING THIS WEEK END FOR THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to a camp ground in (no I'm not gonna tell you where) this week end starting tomorrow with Jinx.

When I get back on sunday I have to get ready for volleyball try outs (school team) and since I am playing up the competition is going to be tougher. How ever it is nice to hear your clubs 15s coach say "If this girl doesn't make (no I'm not gonna tell you what playing up is for me) then (nope no school ether) has more 'better' players then I thought" How ever I am not too sure that I will be the shoo in he says I will be. There are still half of last years players going out for the team and I don't know how good they are I've never seen them play (too busy with my teams games though let me tell you the school team I played on last year STUNK!) 

I still have to find out what I need for one of my classes this year. This is the first year they have offered this class to my  grade so they haven't updated the list yet. Hmmmm o well I'll probably be able to find it on my schools sight. Lol stress is really gonna set in this year as the count down to graduation is starting. My school is advanced we can be because we are so small it is not hard to pin point who needs help on what.  (the max any core teacher teaches is 160)  So I'm taking classes that I wouldn't be taking till next year. (point in case I've been able to do basic algebra problems since 4th grade I mean do algebra easily since 4th grade)  So there are somethings I just can't wait for

i.e. 2 art classes, tec, science this year (we are going to be doing a lot of dissecting and the teacher is great!), Math (all my favorite math algebra :), and that is it :D so lol but I still have a little less then a month till it starts.



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