Monday, August 9, 2010

Lafalla means Light

no I do not think that is the correct way to spell Lafalla it is in a Celtic song  so. I've never spelled it. I've been studying Celtic music because I (sometimes) can sing to it. You see my singing voice (and normal talking voice) is kinda low for a girl (might have something to do with how my throat is shaped but idk really) so I cannot sing to a lot of songs sung by girls and I cannot sing to songs sung by guys because my voice is not low enough. So I've been trying to sing one song about flying once I get it I'll try to put up a recording now I need to go try on all my jeans before my mom gets home in two hours. (good thing I only have 10 pairs)


P.S. YES 10 IS LITTLE BMY COUSIN HAS 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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