Tuesday, May 18, 2010


4 weeks 17 days left till school is out then we take our class trip then the only time I will see thous people will be over face book OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!  Also 2 weeks and 2 more meets till track ends. I absalutly cannot wait here is  my summer must do list
1 draw more
2write more
3 finish my book
4 avoid the sun (my genetics aka blond hair fair skin make me at a higher risk for skin canser)
5 dread my cholestoral check
6 pray my right eye isn't so bad I need glasses again (i had them from when i was 3-8 so i do NOT  want them anymore)
7 play more music with flue and guitar
8 idk be me?


  1. four weeks! My summer starts in two days. I hope you get all those things done.

    -Jacob Thundersword

  2. yeah but my school starts later then most so i do get a full 3 months vacation i would rather get out late and get in late with 3 months then have to go to a school with no ac in august