Sunday, May 2, 2010


K so i was in Ravenwood right infront of Bartelbe private chating to Austin when a random grandmaster storm wizard walks up and says "wow" now i think he is talking about Lord Charlie but OHH NO wanna know what he says after i say what? "You are cute for a cartoon" now you people think i am going to get all IT is a game IN GAME ROMANCES ARE POINTLESS on you right? EEEEEHHHH WRONG!!!!!  Wanna know what "for a cartoon" saved this dude from a annoyed rant from me. :) instead he got a thanks and a bye.  I had to go to a party at one of Austin's friends houses any way.
Well can't wait for the pet updates to come to the live. Me and Lord Charlie are gonna have some fun then :D
 the storm wiz.Silverheart

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