Tuesday, May 25, 2010

School, Penn State and Life

Well in school I have 4 days 2 weeks left. I have a huge 400 word spanish packet due in 2 weeks 2 days and a final. In math we have our last big test and then we have a huge project instead of a final. In History we have a final and we have to start studying  for next year aka world wars year this year was civil and revolutionary war year.  English we have just a few tiny units left but one is a reasurch unit with our librarian (the good one not the craby desk lady) then I don't believe  we have a final our teacher hasn't mentioned one. In science there is a final and our chemistry exam coming up. * rolls eyes* I love chemistry but i really don't want to take a test on it. In art i have to finish my painting our prints and then  i have to prepare for Studio* next year.

Now Penn State. If you are unaware Penn State holds a HUGE volleyball tournament every year and it is by 
far the best and most fun one there is they have the best ice cream shop (the Creamery) and the best
sports shoe store (idk the name i forgot) Now i have to go to that turn this week end so :) I really cannot wait well mabey I'll see you people there my team will be the ones dressed in ether black or red (hahaha that is probably most of the teams colors for my local leagues XD what ever) 
And now for Life.  Well not much has been going on my friend Spaz won't hang out with her friends because of her boyfriend (stupid rusty) Sabrina's "friend"  might start playing wizards so he is a good boy. Also Sabrina's "friend"  is terified because he thinks that Michal Jackson's ghost lives in a shed by Sabrina's house and is determinant to get him *rolls eyes* Well off to another boring day at school .... well can't say that exatly but well off to take a huge math test first thing in the morning and dreading watching that video next year in science ( I DON'T WANNA WATCH SOME LADY GIVE BIRTH!!!!!!!)
see ya

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