Sunday, May 16, 2010

Im not gonna go around the bush this time.

Okay people complain that they only have 50 followers. And people complain that they only get 2 or 3 comments per post. I have less than 45 followers i think the most comments i've gotten on a post in May is 2. In about a month i will have blogged for a year and do you know what i think. Sure i can't have cool headers because i don't have the programs and sure i may not play wizards more than one time a week. But here is the  thing and this is me and friends opinion. Your passion is what should drive you not what you do for publicity and popularity.  I like blogging and that is why i do it. Others to me, it seems, do this simply because they want fame. PA-THE-TICK!!!!!!!!!! I don't have a passion for wizards any more so i don't play a lot, i have passions for art, writing, and my sport so that is what i fill my life with i will show you some of my art one moment
Sry it is side ways but that is the only way i could fit it on the screen, now i drew this a few months ago when wizards mattered to me i wanted to put a different one on but my camera is being dumb. My writing go to my other blog stories of my mind. my sport. Well can't show you proof of that.  I sugest that if you blog for fame. Find what you have passion for and do that you will be happier.
the storm wiz.Silverheart