Thursday, May 13, 2010


My friend has the most awsome picture of my EYE!!!!!!! i would show you but it is of me and i don't think my mom would let me .... so any how
not gonna get on wizards till sunday i am freakishly busy till then volleyball pracice in of 20 minutes then  tomarrow practice then to the dance then to the pizza shop in town to eat spaghetti (yep i still hate pizza) then to a volleyball turnament after  volleyball ends home to get changed then race to Ky-Ky's to watch Blue Lagon (idk weather to go yay or snore so) Well
I changed my title i got bored so i put that on there i wanted to do my GR t-shirt but ahhh it was kinda too big (curse me being 5foot 6 inches tall) so later i gtg eat dinner before practice
have fun playing your video game peeps i out
the storm wiz.silverheart

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