Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Did i mention

I LOVE the Civil War (learning about it). I am a FREAK about it give me a date i will know the battle give me a battle i will know something that ended on the same day. Did you know 5,000 horses total died in the civil war? Gettysburg and Vicksburg ended on the same day. General Ulysses S. Grant's plan for ending the war was Total War or Scorched Earth. Pickets charge was pretty much a suiside atempt for General Lee's men. I also am a little bit of a freak over World War II (again learning about it) but not nearly as much the Civil War. Did you know Lincoln had a confederate dollar in his pocket when he was assassinated? Well i think that is all TO SCHOOL FOR ONLY 4 MORE WEEKS AND 17 MORE DAYS!!!!


  1. The Minie Ball was a vast (and unfortunate) improvement in black powder rifle ammunition design, and changed the course of warfare for all that followed.
    If you're a history buff, you might enjoy "America:The story of us" on the History Channel. An excellent series, that one.

  2. Well if you like the Civil War... have you watched "Gone with the Wind"?

  3. i only need one and a half days left for school

  4. okay i really HATE blogger right now

  5. yay fixed i can see your comments okay so
    kestrel i just started art so i am glad i still have 4 weeks
    Autumn I have been dying to see that but it is always on at a bad time for me.
    Heather yes i have seen the civil war based part of gone with the wind but i have to say Glory is a much better Civil War movie

  6. I love the movie Glory! We watched the opening scene in Social Studies today (a kid threw up when he saw the man have his head explode)
    I actually did a WHOLE report on the Battle of Antietem

  7. OMG I WANT TO BE IN YOUR CLASS ANTIETEM IS ONE OF THE BEST BATTLES!!!! It is the bloodiest single day battle?