Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Look Down for the Oficial post of the Day

Okay so today i had track practice and LET ME TELL YOU it was GROSS!!!!! It is so hot today that people where pulling off their shoes and running eventually our track coach gave up and we all clapsed onto a big mat.

In other news So far it looks like my main goal of the summer will be Alyssa Silverheart to Grandmaster. My second goal is Jordan Soul catcher to be at least master. Farming i won't pay much atention too i like leaving one area of the game untouched so when i get bored i have that to explore.

Also in School news I got a 97 on a big math test i had today if you are wondering it was on the computer so i knew how many i got wrong out of how many so i figured my average then  rounded up (I have been figuring my own grades for a long time now) I also have a project due on the 10th of June. And the book fair starts tomarrow (I won 5$ for it for being caught reading a lot)

And in Friend news Sabrina is an air head and forgot that her birthday is next week. Kiwi injured her tail  bone in some way some how and can't run. Spaz is a Spaz and Lee is loving herself her pug. 
all for now

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