Friday, July 30, 2010

Boon dogle (or how ever you spell it) ring!

I have one it is blue and black and it covers more than half of my ring finger. Lee made one that is too tightly pulled so it won't unroll and so I ended up with it as a ring.

By forsive habit when I go down hill I put my hands to the side like Jack Sparrow ... I dunno why!!!!!!!!

I've had the Phineas and Ferb   song from the Tristate area unification day episode stuck in my head. :(  ALL DAY!!!!

Well camp is over :( I'm sad. In ceramics I made a tiny bug :D and a cool clock!!!!! I might show you people if I ever get a picture. I got to go on the Burma Bridge at camp today.  Lunch was good I had salad with supper fake bacon bits. The counselor pretending to be Jack Sparrow shaved his head last night which I am guessing might have something to do with his character for next week. 

Wow I'm hungry later I need food....


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