Saturday, July 17, 2010

So much to do!!!!!!!!

I have SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much to do this summer and only a month and a half left (well a little over that amount but you know)

1: I have to play wizards more. The reason is well.. . since I am in the same bulding as the high school my school desided "hey lets make the kids not tecnecly in high school yet take high school courses and regents exams" So next year I have 4 high school courses acording to my friends you get MOUNTINS of home work (ugh) so wizards is gonna be a bye bye when you add in chores, sports, writing, reading ,and friends.

2: i have to work on finishing my book I'm only on chapter two still!!!!!

3: Get book two of the series my mom's cousin's cousin's wife wrote.

4: Get my room clean and redone. I really need to it has been the same set up since i was 4!

5: look forward to Taco womans birthday party this year :D I am gonna be in her court so I get to wear a dark purple dress and a mask! :D

6: buy school supplise... you know i kinda enjoy that part :) i'm such a nerd : D

7: compleat my portfolio. Scratch that START my porrfolio

8: clean flash drive, get alyssa Silverheart to grandmaster, get my stuff for studio art, fix itunes and add more music, go camping with noe/spaz, blah blah blah

so yeah I'M DOOMED!


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