Thursday, July 15, 2010

:( Tessa

Well I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tired today.  Last night I couldn't sleep and then I remembered Tessa then I strated crying it got so bad my mom heard me when we all had fans on and came over to comfort me (my dad is dead to the world when he sleeps) <3

♫The world is filled with the eyes of people ♫

Idk where i was going with that I was trying the remember the whole line of In Transit but what ever here is the part i like

♫ They try to deny the light you shine through when no one can save you ♫

:D quizazz is SUPPER adicting I've taken so many

here are some things i figured out

1 the GRudge follows me around

2 a gost dog follows me around

3 aperently I'm going to marry a Holister Modle (PU-LEASE! I hate Holister)

4my name if i was a vampire would be Laqueta

5 my name should be abbie ( sorry people with this name but i REALLY don't like that name)

6 I will be pretty when i grow up

Well idk about number 6 If i get to the point so if yo hit my rib cage or pelvis bones i don't make a hollow noise then sure your probably right.


P.S. Take my advise never try to type with a large band aid on you pinky because you cut the tip open it is INSAINLY hard

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