Friday, July 23, 2010


Why? Why is it a long day?

I've been cleaning my room clearing out closets and such. I'm still not done. It is not that it is THAT messy it is that I keep getting distracted with the stuff I find. Here is what distracted me today:

a magazine

3 books

2 volleyballs

1 chair

2water bottles

2 posters

1 necklace

6 blankets

2 dolls (In a closet that I use for storage I got distracted by my american girl dolls)

and I think that is it today don't  even get me STARTED 'bout yesterday!!! (well i think it was yesterday)

But I stopped cleaning my room a while ago and it has been moving much more quickly. It has been very very gray today. well back to work on my room.


P.S. LET YOUR FREAK FLAG FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  lol I like that saying i do that every day "TO THE NERD MOBILE!!!!!!!!"


  1. I like the blog change o: Is awesome. I like blogging about my life, not wizards too. It's much more fun XP well have fun writing bout life and like welcome the club XD

  2. thanks I'm glad you like it. I just all around love blogging wizards got me started but my love will keep me going.