Sunday, July 25, 2010

My hair is not good at absorbing dye

I dyed my hair purple on Wednesday and it is almost out already.  That is just sad.  Anyway, I really really really really want to go see the sorcerers apprentice again. I spent all of today reading Calvin and Hobbs and have done nothing productive so today was a complete and utter summer success :)

I just tried Office Warz on facebook it is kinda borring..

It needs to be tomorrow I'm going to camp with Lee and Becca :)  then on the 12th I'm going to a camp ground with Noe lol I love summer.

....... One thing I have trouble with is that well I kinda am 50 50 about school this year I wanna start because of my high school art class and history is going to be great this year (we are learning about some interesting stuff)  and I really want to do the other art class I am taking. How ever I have to take 3 other high school courses I am going to have to takes tests for high school credit at the end of the year. ........ Oh well that cannot be avoided should not be wished about.

that is all I got to say.

Hey! I was boring today OH I had corn for lunch :) I love corn



  1. Calvin and Hobbes ROCK LIKE ROCKS!!

  2. I think my dad would kill me if I so much as even mentioned dying my hair. Any color. Not even purple.

  3. Al Fonzo: I know right!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Heather: My dad wasn't too happy at first but :) since it washed out so quick he is fine with it.