Monday, July 5, 2010

On Sunday YOu are not allowed to auction off a turtle in Kansas city, Missouri

I'm reading a book filled with all true but absolutely ridiculous laws.. So remember if you go to Minnesota and you are a woman do not pretend to be Santa Claus that is illegal!

(also it is illegal to fart after 6pm in public places on Thursdays in Florida, go figure)


P.S. Don't go tadpole hunting in Pennsylvania on Sundays it's against the law.


  1. :( I don't think the one about Florida is true, I live in Florida and have never heard of THAT law lol

  2. Weird. I was screaming about brain-eating turtles in the game today. XD

  3. well not all of the laws are enforced so basicly if it is not then you would never hear about it.