Friday, September 25, 2009


Well turns out level 34 is the level where you start reseving 2 pips at the start of a fight instead of 1 my fights have gone through the roof with the speed of them. Also I desided to take Sierra's advise and jump over to Grizzlehiem for a while since the monsters I'm battleing ageanst are rank 3 (all of them) the battles are too too TOO easy. I'm level 34 but I guess it's good to get the supper easy ones out of the way before I come back as a grandmaster (my plan is the just do Starvsted pass and than do the rest after I finished all of the other side quests well mabey not the sunken city) I really am haveing fun with the Grizzlehiem quests it's like questing back in Krock only it has a nicer look to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FYI do NOT exspect pics and elaborite posts daily mabey one really nice and long one about oh. . . once a week okay okay. From my advencurs yesturday I have no pics sorry.
The storm wiz. Silverheart


  1. its not by lvl that you receive two pips. it depends on your sword or staff. otherwise you will just get one pip

  2. cool thanks for the info greenpeace where do ya learn that?

  3. um it says on your wand/staff:
    it says +1 then a circle(pip).
    if yellow, you get one extra power pip for sure.
    if white, then you get one normal pip, but it can be a power pip depending on your power pip percentage. :)
    swords give you one extra "yellow" pip but staffs give you one extra "white" pip :)
    hope this helps :)