Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Pink and Black diviner

Yes I went with pink and black it really started calling to me. Black is my favorite color and Pink just goes good with it so. I refriended (for the 20th time) Megan Bluemask I'm begining to think that Ryle Stormgem and Megan Bluemask Know each other in real life too. . .go figure! LOL Sabrina was talking to umm I don't know what to call him he doesn't play wizards I'll just call him R.H.G.I.M.G. no those are not his initials they are an acronym for something any way Sabrina was talking to him and she said "you and silverheart (she of course using my real name) would make a really great couple!" R.H.G.I.M.G "How?" Sabrina "umm. . . Your both tall!" R.H.G.I.M.G looks at her oddly and walks away.

the storm wiz. Silverheart
P.S. I had the same reaction as R.H.G.I.M.G when Sabrina told me the story. : )

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