Monday, September 21, 2009

Oh brother

OH BROTHER!! I am having like TOO much trouble with counter wait east all the monsters are balance or life (my too pet peeves are fighting balance monsters and fighting life monsters) it's very aggravating I gave up after about 24 attempts to clime that tower and I went to farm Otomy some more. I'm battling him like crazy!! I'm trying to get his staff of dreaming I got his cowl of Vacancy about 45 times I want his staff of dreaming "OTOMY i WANT YOUR STAFF OFF DREAMING NOT YOUR COWL OF VACANCY I ALREADY HAVE THAT AND I WILL USE IT THANK YOU!!" if anyone knows otomy's email or mailing adress could you send him that please OH!! and send this to the Jade oni too please"THIS ISN'T OVER YET!" Well I've got about 23 minutes till I've gotta go to the bus than get on another bus than I've gotta go to a place with the awsomest high ropes course ever but we (very sadly) are not going on thouse we are going on the dinky low ropes wich the highest one is 1 foot off the ground. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the storm wiz. Silverheart

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  1. Maybe that's because the Otomo Quartermaster drops the staff of dreaming, and Oyotomi drops the Jadeblade...