Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hi from . . . Marlybone . . . yes still

Ya know if this was summer still I would probably be half way done with moo shu by now? I know have Counter wate west but with the home work I got yesterday to even look at a computer was a crime you see now I am limeted to 30 minutes a day but the problem with that (as moste of you know) instenses last much much longer than 1/2 an hour so I'm doomed to be in Marlybone till my obsesion with the game has subsided (a new like is comeing into just about every aspect of my life why? Because I keep mistakeing people for him and thinking about him. No joke he's even in my dreams!!!!) sigh... Any way. So I have only half an hour now every day to get through the instenses . . . ANY GRANDMASTERS WILLING TO HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but wait when I went up counter wate east with Sierra . . . there was another Grandmaster there but it still took forever. OH GEEZZ I gotta go or I'm gonna miss the bus!!!!!

The (curently late) storm wiz. Silverheart
Oh yay!! I'm going to school I hope he's there!


  1. You could always wander over to Grizzleheim for awhile.

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  3. yeah I took it down working on it.