Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I feel barfy. ugh no volleyball for me. :(. The best part of the day was study hall, we got to talk so me and Jack talked about four wheelers and odd video clips and why there was a danger note on one of the shades and about (don't ask) shoe sizes. If I had to match one of my wizard friends to Jack, Jack would be Ian but the reason I know it's not Jack took the wizards test he is a necromancer when he found that out this is what he told me (yes this is an exact quote) "I think I need to work on my people skills" : ) Jack rocks but the problem he is like the most crushed on dude in my grade both he and I have the same thought about one thing and to say it I will once agean quote him "EWWW!!! I would never date my friend!" well here's the rest of it "besides she is smart." I don't know about the last part but I guess I'm OK for a smart person. : ) well I gotta go
P.S. a warning to girls if you are friends with the most chrushed on dude you may have a few Nemesis people.


  1. I really threw up last night. Ewww

  2. me too so I'm not in school today!