Friday, September 4, 2009

A once in a life time friend

My once in a life time friend is Ian Moonwalker he is by far one of my nicest friends but the problem is I almost never see him I've seen him a total of 3 times the time we met, when he ported to me when I was in the Grand arena, and last night. Last night was probably the most fun. :)

Well the pics below are in the rong order oh well. :P Here me and Ian had a dance party in his pyramid. I would tell you about some of our conversations but I don't think I will let me just tell you he is very sweet. ;)
Here me and Ian are playing King and Queen of the worlds LOL. :P
After Ian's house we ran over to Moo shu since has been in MB for a while I thought I'd give him a taste of what his next world would be like :) He must have liked it. But sadly after a few trolls I told him "sorry I have to go" his respons was very sweet. "NO" I feeling bad said "sorry" he probably sighing be for said "ok" and I logged off. Ian is awsome! My other friends are all nice too but for only see each other 2 times before that moment and the conversations we had :) Ian is the best.


  1. Sounds like a good time...good friends are hard to find.

  2. yeah they are if you don't mind me asking whats your name?