Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cilvent De-Mont

You are probably confused well i stated somewhere in this blog before that I want to be an author I am going to show you a bit of my writing I AM NOT ASKING FOR OPINIONS RUDE ANONYMOUS NO LIFE LOSERS!!!!!! even if they do comment it will not be published i hope to have my book published by this time next year. Here you go:
I looked up at him, his black hair drifted into his eyes, blown by the wind. I sit up, he looks over at me with is ice blue eyes. The sun drifting lower and lower into the sky casting a bloody red light.
"We are gonna get home soon." I reassure him he looks over at the ocean water slapping up on the sands

"I am not sure, if, if i want to go back." He pauses for just a second "I mean i know we have to, but the faking, the temptations, SOCIETY! I really like being far, far, FAR away from all that for ONCE!" He breaths in the bitter sweet sea air

"Contrific Soronso Calihtra." I whisper quietly Cilvent looks over and smiles

"Nice try but you said phones shr9nk cats." His smile widen and we both began to laugh we fall backwards into the sand laughing rolling in the wet sand. Finally we stop laughing. The trees cast looming shadows over us like gray shadow the suns light fading out letting the moon and stars begin their dance. I close my eyes and fall into the castle of dreams of the Zedas princes at the invite of Cilvent
the storm wiz.Silverheart

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