Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Song

I really really really really really really really to the 20000000000000000000000000 power love this song. But sadly I don't have the money for it on itunes so i have to wait till we go to the store to get a gift card because my mom doesn't want to put her credit card on there not that i blame her. The song is Drops of Jupiter i really love it : D it makes me really supper happy and idk it just makes me feel good. That is My song :D I am gonna buy it and make a video of it even though i don't have the apps i don't care I love that song it is MINE.
the storm wiz.Silverheart
P.S. NO BODY is gonna make a music video for that right X holds sword tip up at bloggers X


  1. Ok, so you're going to make a music video. I recommend Fraps, it's free, makes short clips, etc. A program for editing is REQUIRED. Editing it is possibly the most important step there is. Secondly, rally up the troops. You don't have to do this alone. Another mandatory item is the lyrics, google drops of Jupiter lyrics. You need to be able to copy and paste them. Try that out. I would guess that you're using Windows Movie Maker as your software, right? It's actually really frustrating to use, but hey, it's already on your computer! (search it if you don't know what I mean) To keep the people who are watching interested, film at different locations and add special effects. Make sure you are actually saying the lyrics. After filming, open up Windows Movie Maker and upload each clip. Drag the clips on the right order onto the timeline. Upload the music and drag. Adjust the clips to make the music go with the video. Add the title and credits. Look it over 3 more times. Need to add effects? Do it. Need to adjust? Do it now. Publish it, watch it again. WATCH THE ENTIRE THING THROUGH. What happens to a video so long and complicated is that it blacks out part of the video. I've dealt with this many times, so contact me if it happens.

    Have fun!

  2. wow ty. I have worked with Movie maker before how do you get the songs of Ituns is what I need to know how to do.