Sunday, March 7, 2010

Um i don't know where to comment whent but..

I just found a comment from a person called Loris (I think sry if I misspell) the comment I cannot find it sorry but I remember it so i will try to restate it here not all of it just the question part (I am not going to use your words I am just gonna state everything any other readers who have simmler questions [i dought it they mostly go to friendly but thanks for coming to me : ) ] know what they need to)
i have plenty of lotuses and a card crafting table but it won't work
Okay I have a question and I need to know this before I awnser. Do you have the transmute spell? I am sorry you might have said it but as stated before the comment vanished so I am sorry. If you do
well than here is what I say double check you have EVERYTHING and ENOUGH OF EVERYTHING you need and try again if that doesn't work
well here is what I have to say then
Go see what Friendly has to say on the matter he is able to ask Professor Greyrose questions I do not have that resourse I'm not even up on their sight so. yeah
and Now
about my volleyball game today

We lost in the first round of eleminations to a team we beat the, as my coach would say, the poop out of last time in the SILVER BRACKET!!!!!!!! sigh we had a can't win week end what ever
hope that helps
the storm wiz.Silverheart

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