Wednesday, March 10, 2010


okay so in gym class the other day and I was talking to my friend Lydia (the one who is going out with the guy i like Caleb) and I said how my friend Taco Woman had said that Caleb's hair is epic Lydia said she loves his hair I agreed then we both start stairing at him a bit dreamly than he looks over waves to Lydia and gives me a weird look still with my head tilted I cross my eyes and stick my tongue out at him. He looks away thinking everything is back to normal :)
also in gym we where playing hard core soccer you know kicking it as hard as you can fighting to get the ball from the other teams players while in a hard lock with them yeah so we wheren't aloud to puppy gard some one when they went to get the balls from where the dumb bells where and one girl was guarding me so I kicked it as hard as I could between her legs it hit one girl in the stomach and she fell over then when she was trying to get up another ball came flying and hit her in the face sending her back down later I appoligized I feel bad about it..... o well
to school!!!!
the storm wiz.Silverheart

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