Tuesday, March 16, 2010

To Grand Chasms Past I Go

A big thanks to Dustin Mooncatcher from Wizard101 Information for helping me with Eric's Vault Now i on grand chasms past :D
This is just a big old cool looking crafting Table not kidding go to it and craft!!!!!!!!!!
IDK i was really bored so i was following Jessica around.
Cassandra Griffendreamer's house i felt like saying something so that what i said
Amber Rosepetal yay :D i met her at Cassandra's house last night. And to people started to "make out" in game there. I gave them the VIDEO GAME VIDEO GAME NOT REAL LIFE VIDEO GAME speech.
well i have to leave
the storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. yeah it was pretty fun... when i wasn't bored

  2. It was fun! I was there through most of it. Starting with the Crafting Anvil, all the way to the "making out."

  3. totaly fun :D and alia your rude friend was just standing in my house after you left he tryed to get me to join my group i told him to get out of my house or else he was totaly MEAN!