Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cool New Shoes

well today me and my mom went out to buy more stuff for volleyball (socks, things to make your bag stop smelling like sweaty knee pads, ect.) and we stopped into a shoes store I bought new shoes for gym and volleyball (till we go to Penn state and go to the best court shoe store EVA) and in there a pare of leather High tops grabbed my eye so i tried them on Here are the only complaints I have about them
1 they are a little hard because of the fact that they are leather but that is fixable
2I don't have a second one O.o
they are gray and black with random zippers and buttons of stained silver on them :D I love them they are soooooooooo epic!!!!!!! :D
thats all
the (newly the owner of epic shoes) storm wiz.Silverheart


  1. I had these awesome black converse high tops in 5th grade. I drew all over the white part with red sharpie, and made them all flowery and cool. But then they got too small. And in 6th grade I had these awesome rainbow plaid shoes. But then they got too small. Right now I have purple converse with mismatched neon stripey laces.

  2. cool :) I think my second favorite pare of shoes I ever got where white and Orange they where fairly cool :) I like the ones I described above the best :D (my mom wants me to add for now)